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  1. (2018) SF Edward Chang

    I agree that Arop needed a year in prep school (and that's where he is now). I never said that he didn't. It just seemed like about the time it came out that Miles wanted him to go to a prep school, Chang eliminated NU from his list of schools. It may have been coincidence, but since I don't know either kid I have no idea. That's why I said "I think". What I do know is that I'm tired of NU basically never getting any of the good Nebraska HS players.
  2. (2018) SF Edward Chang

    I think he got upset when Miles wanted the kid from Omaha South (forget his name) to go to a prep school for a year. He felt like Miles was saying that Omaha players weren't good enough to play in the B1G right out of HS.
  3. 2018 G Xavier Johnson

    Still not technically released according to OWH. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/mens-basketball/touted-signee-xavier-johnson-reconsidering-future-with-nebraska-basketball-after/article_f6f21f9c-1c2e-5599-b495-4c153032eb74.html
  4. 2018 G Xavier Johnson

    According to his profile on 24/7 sports he has decommitted. https://247sports.com/Player/Xavier-Johnson-45573253
  5. The Tyronn Lue Thread

    They did & the Raleigh paper thinks it one of two coaches and he's one of them. http://www.heraldsun.com/sports/college/acc/nc-state/article208585254.html
  6. The Tyronn Lue Thread

    There is one NBA team not in the USA. The Toronto Raptors are in Canada. The use of the word "world" is not overstated and not because all the teams are in two countries. There is a reason the best players in the world want to play in the NBA and it's not all about the amount of money they can make. The best players in any sport want to challenge themselves against the best and for basketball, that is the NBA. I have no idea if Lue would make a good college coach, but if Cleveland decides they want him and NU decides they don't want Miles there's no reason to at least talk to him. The worst thing that happens is he says "no" and they move on to another target. I doubt NU could lure him away from Cleveland, but if he's looking and NU's looking, why not?
  7. Spring signing period starts today, so if he's not signed by the end of the week it could mean he's not coming.
  8. Eligible Transfers 2018

    Not immediately eligible, but this would be interesting. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/former-five-star-recruit-sacha-killeya-jones-announces-hes-transferring-from-Kentucky/
  9. Kenya Hunter to UConn

    I agree, but I'm still hopeful.
  10. Kenya Hunter to UConn

    Hopefully Miles can find a great recruiter to replace Hunter.
  11. Bracketology

    Huskers are a 9 seed in the Midwest playing Xavier in Des Moines. Of course this is his "I have to justify my job when it's not February or March" bracket so take it with a huge grain of salt.
  12. 2017-2018 Season Notes

    Make it 2
  13. 2017-2018 Season Notes

    One down
  14. So, who is going to leave?

    I didn't forget him, it's just really hard to guess what you will get from freshmen unless they are one & done type freshmen. I thought Allen would get more playing time as the season progressed, but the short leash seemed to kill his confidence.
  15. So, who is going to leave?

    Until I hear otherwise I will assume that JPJ & Cope both come back. I will also hope that Roby realizes he's the best player on the team, Allen gains confidence since his leash shouldn't be as long as Barbie's waist is big and shoots 40% (or more) from 3, Nana & Thor figure out the defensive side of the game and we get to see what they can offer & Jordy figures out that he doesn't have to dribble every time he touches the ball & keeps the ball high after offensive rebounds. I might be overly optimistic, but I'd rather be that than bitch & moan. I'll bitch & moan IF they fall back to the bottom of the B1G.