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  1. ECisGod

    2019 SG Zach Harvey

    Apparently he's reclassifying to the 2020 class. Never mind that the OWH is calling him a "Creighton recruit" as if no other school is looking at him. https://www.omaha.com/creighton/blog/creighton-basketball-recruit-zach-harvey-reportedly-reclassifies-to-class/article_50e028ec-02f2-5f07-a234-20e12fc0c732.html?utm_source=latest
  2. ECisGod

    2018-19 Schedule

    Normal is not usually a word used to describe me. I agree that the AAC & Mo Valley are not equal, but that doesn't mean that the AAC is "major" either. If UConn, Memphis and Houston become consistently good teams, then maybe. Right now it's basically Cincinnati, Wichita State & 10 other teams.
  3. ECisGod

    2018-19 Schedule

    I'm still not including the AAC as a "major" conference. Wichita State didn't make the Mo Valley "major" so adding them to the AAC doesn't make it one either.
  4. ECisGod

    2018-19 Schedule

    I'm sure the game was scheduled before the NCAA's announcement. There are a lot of Power 6 teams that scheduled a D2. Probably won't be any in the future. Creighton is playing Coe College on 12/20 & they're D3.
  5. ECisGod

    2018-2019 Season Notes

    They will be playing an exhibition game against Wayne State 11/1 and two games against unnamed opponents on 12/22 & 12/29.
  6. ECisGod

    2019 F Yavuz Gultekin

    Also taking an unofficial to Georgetown. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/yavuz-gultekin-cuts-list-to-five-sets-visits
  7. ECisGod

    2019 F Akol Arop

    You would think so based on his other offers/visits.
  8. ECisGod

    2019 F Akol Arop

    Official visit at the end of September. https://www.omaha.com/neprepzone/recruiting/boys-basketball/huskers-land-one-of-omaha-creighton-prep-forward-akol-arop/article_3344c735-1290-5241-9916-880ee2f2cedb.html
  9. ECisGod

    2020 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    We could definitely take both. Williams is a 2/combo guard & Wade is a point.
  10. ECisGod

    2018-19 Schedule

    You would think the non-con schedule would come out Today or Monday then. I don't remember the non-con schedule ever coming out after the conference schedule.
  11. ECisGod

    2018-19 Schedule

    They don't want to interrupt the non stop Scott Frost coverage.
  12. ECisGod

    2018-19 Schedule

    Unfortunately nothing we can do about that. The tournament organizers assign those games. 99 days until the season starts and only 1 or 2 games still completely unknown. Lots of dates/times unknown but for the most part we know who.
  13. ECisGod

    Jordy Leaving Nebraska

    I'm guessing that one of the things that the NBA people told Roby is that he needs to be more aggressive. If you looked at "usage" I'm sure Roby would be the better player & I know that Roby's ceiling is higher than Palmer's.
  14. ECisGod


    Iceland finishes the tournament with a win. Thor had 19 points on 11 shots 3 rebounds & 7 assists.
  15. ECisGod


    He had 18 points today on only 7 shots, with 3 boards & 2 assists. Had NINE turnovers though. And of course Iceland lost. Will play Romania for 15th tomorrow (out of 16).