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  1. New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    I like the message. Tunnel walk music is in my opinion about building excitement and getting the fans fired up to start the game. Maybe come together won't accomplish that as well, but if it helps in the slightest of ways to focus the players on a united purpose and leads to better outcomes that's a trade off well worth making. My 2 cents.
  2. Verduzco Breaks Down Spring Game

    Plus 100 for youth baseball players. The kids who had the strongest arms in grade school are the last ones to learn how to use their lower half in middle school. A big part of the problem is they were rewarded with compliments for so long for throwing the ball hard with just their arm. All that positive reinforcement and muscle memory is hard to correct and takes a lot of focused coaching and good reps. One thing I have noticed in the last 10 years or so is some high school coaches, probably at the demands of the QB's dad/mom, are allowing kids to throw off their back foot as a means of not putting the front leg/knee in jeopardy of getting hit during the follow through motion. That certainly is a big potential risk when throwing with proper mechanics and why you see more and more pocket passers wearing a knee brace on front leg.
  3. Athlon: Early B10 Predictions

    I agree, CU would definitely qualify as a very solid win. I actually wish we could schedule more games against similar caliber power 5 teams. I don't like playing non-power-5 fbs teams. They generally have some pretty good athletes and in some cases great coaching. The added motivation of beating a P5 opponent seems to generate extremely high efforts from them.
  4. Athlon: Early B10 Predictions

    CU lost both coordinators from the 2016 10 win season. OC is now at Oregon State and DC at Oregon where he is the highest paid DC in the country I believe, something ridiculous like 1.7 million. We should win that game easily. With all the young players who saw the field last year I expect a significant amount of growth in this team going into 2018 season. I wouldn't say that normally in a year that our system is changing, however SF's system is much simpler than our last so the learning curve is virtually eliminated as evidenced by the rapid turnaround at UCF. Thanks to MR's recruiting we have several exciting young players for SF to work with.
  5. Mike Riley’s salary at Oregon State... $50k.

    At the time it was signed it was more than all but two B1G coaches. Chryst, Fitzgerald, Ferentz, and Dantonia are all quality coaches and don't have as lucrative a contract. 7 years is a sign Moos believes it's going to take some time for a new coach to install and build his program and I agree with him. What I meant by crippling N football if this doesn't workout for whatever reason was not entirely about the money aspect. I'm certainly hoping things do work out, but if they don't the psychological blow to the program, fans, and boosters of shooting for the moon and getting the guy we wanted and then seeing it not workout will be a hard blow to overcome. You're right N could afford the buyout and a new coaches salary as things stand today, but if SF doesn't succeed I'm afraid the toll that will take on the program will be significant in more respects than can be quantified at the moment.
  6. Mike Riley’s salary at Oregon State... $50k.

    The real story here is, few are questioning, or complaining about the fact our newly hired coach was given a 7 year contract at 5 million a year which is the 3rd highest salary in the B1G. So if you're crying over a couple hundred thousand dollars a year(we may or may not be overpaying MR), and yet not infuriated that we just entered into an all or nothing deal that will cripple N football if it doesn't work out then it's obvious your true concern is NOT about the money. It's one thing to be optimistic and confident in SF, entirely another from a business standpoint to bet the farm on it.
  7. Mike Riley’s salary at Oregon State... $50k.

    This thread cracks me up. So many people fired up and demanding action without even questioning or wanting to know what all the facts of the matter are. Good lord I hope I"m never wrongly accused of a crime and end up with a jury who decides innocence and guilt before the testimony even begins. . MR doesn't use an agent, if he was trying to milk dollars from anyone he'd have an agent. He also wouldn't have stayed at OSU as long as he did when better more lucrative offers came his way if he put that high a priority on money. I'm willing to bet he's had communication with N during this process and has no problem with setting an offset for his N contract at a reasonable salary amount for his new position something like 250k even though he's getting paid 50K. That said, lets be clear here, it wasn't MR who broke the contract in the first place, it was N who broke it by not honoring the specified contractual period he was to be HC, a time period both agreed upon when signing the contract. The contract is there to protect both parties. Once Nebraska decided not to live up to their end of the contract they knew the consequences and the price tag and now need to live up to what they agreed upon.
  8. Mike Riley’s salary at Oregon State... $50k.

    I think Corey Hall was their interim HC after Gary Anderson quit mid season so 200k for an interim HC seems pretty low. Bottom line though, as already pointed out, we don't have all the details and are jumping to conclusions. It could very well be that MR and N have agreed to an offset that is higher than the 50K he's accepted from OSU. Until we find that out it's all hot air, but that's what we do on message boards, take a fraction of the story an run with it : )
  9. Mike Riley’s salary at Oregon State... $50k.

    tOSU's athletic revenue is nearly $100,000,000 more than OSU's. The latest figures I can find from USA Today show only one Power 5 conference school with lower revenue than Oregon State and that would be the program our AD came from. So if you're going to look at average salaries, realize Oregon State's revenue is closer to Central Florida's than Marylands'.
  10. 3-5 yrs

    In Frost's intro press conference he made some telling comments I thought. Said TO had been advising him that the pieces to win were not in place until after Moos and some other changes had been made. SF said that N now had the right pieces in place to succeed and the timing was right. If TO was telling him the time wasn't right prior to Moos's hire, just how bad were things behind the scenes? How hamstrung was MR from doing his job the way he wanted to? Will we ever know if Diaco was forced on MR after a 9 win season. Yes we played a lot of youngsters this year on D, but would the D have performed at a much higher level had their been continuity in the system? In any event timing is everything. It remains to be seen how the players respond, but from the administration to the fans, SF will have a lot more support from day 1 than his predecessor and that should make a difficult job easier. The one thing I think gets overlooked though is the level of coaching in the B1G compared to the AAC. All it takes is for one coaching staff to figure out a way to stop you, or expose your weaknesses and others will copy it. Your flaws are much more likely to be exploited. Going up against a much higher level of coaching week in and week out with good players at their disposal is a much tougher road than what he had in the AAC. .
  11. Extremely impressed with the new staff on the recruiting trail

    Great idea, I hope they do a few of these around the state for the kids who can't get to Lincoln with short notice on a Wednesday night.
  12. Extremely impressed with the new staff on the recruiting trail

    That doesn't jive at all with the fact so many players in MR's last two classes had multiple BIG offers? Tyjon Lindsey's shuttle time in the sparq challenge would have been the 2nd fastest in the nfl combines. Seems we do have speed and since he was also originally committed to Ohio State, we have B1G players as well. The last two classes were full of them based on the number of other B1G offers.
  13. Honest Expectations (Frost and Co)

    This thread got me thinking about what SF's incoming strategy should be. Maybe this would be better as the start of a new topic. Should he do everything he can to win next year by adapting his system to the players on the roster even if that means delaying the longer term development of his system/program? Or should he keep an eye on the longer range goal of winning the division and conference and with that in mind not waste a season holding back on the full implementation of his system even if the players he has don't fit it right now. Should he put all other considerations aside and get it off the ground and running right off the bat so when he does bring in his guys, everything is already in place and set to blast off. Personally I think this was MR's biggest mistakes. I think he tried to bridge the gap with the older players and limiting the full implementation of his system. When he could have thrown a bunch of the young guys out on the field instead right from the get go, taken a lot of heat for it, but then in year three had a veteran group of players in his system who likely would have had a lot of success and going into the 4th year the buildup and excitement would completely override all the criticism he would have received gutting it out the first two.
  14. Honest Expectations (Frost and Co)

    UCF conference Rank / N's conference rank 1st in passing offense / 2nd in passing offense 6th in rushing offense / 13th in rushing offense 4th in rushing defense / 13th in rushing D 6th in passing defense / 11th in passing D Installing entirely new systems on both sides of the ball with players who were not recruited to fit those systems is not an ideal formula for winning a lot of games. I expect our run game to be a focus and our rank to improve and be among the top 8, passing to hold steady in top 3. Rushing D improve to top 7, passing D to stay same. I will trade wins next year for building a strong running game and rushing D foundation if that's what it takes.
  15. Extremely impressed with the new staff on the recruiting trail

    If you've ever topped a ball badly in front of a lot of people on the tee, you know how I feel right now. I misread sorry.