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  1. Week 7 Bold Predictions Thread

    Ozigbo keeps his streak of 100+ yard games. I think he breaks a couple decent runs, and even with Wilbon back he's the guy right now. Nebraska covers, but I just can't see a path to us winning. Closer than people think, but even at my most optimistic I can't see a W here. We find out who our 4th string (I think?) safety is. Sounds like we might be starting Kalu/Dismuke with Kieron as the backup - I'm gonna say one injury and one (probably bogus) targeting penalty, and I have no idea who we send out there. If Aaron can play this probably doesn't happen, but seems like he's been beat up all year.
  2. Tre Bryant

    That's super helpful - I there might be some debate about whether it's truly incapacitating since he's already getting close to back, I don't know how picky they are about that. I'm not sure the NCAA will buy "knee issues" as a season-ending injury, but I'm sure they get more details than we do. If 'season-ending' just means he doesn't play again that year, barring a setback sounds like it's up to him and the coaches. It would really suck if they denied it because it shouldn't have stopped him from coming back though.
  3. Tre Bryant

    They're talking about a medical redshirt - I think you have to apply for it or in some way get approval from the NCAA, but if you only played a few games they usually don't care. I think the cap is 4 games played, but I might be making that up.
  4. Ohio State Week Pressers

    Not excited to watch Young trying to make tackles with a club on his hand. We're going to struggle enough with their speed, if Barry's ready I hope he rotates in a lot. This is the type of game where athleticism is important, and we don't have sideline to sideline linebackers. A big nickel package with Reed would've been nice, but that's not happening either.
  5. Walk on program is failing?

    I agree he seems out of touch - we offer a ton of preferred walk-on spots, and have as many walk-ons as anyone. The in-state guys we don't get here either A) have a scholarship offer to other FBS schools, or B) prefer to take a lower level scholarship. I don't follow it incredibly closely, but who are the guys we're missing that would be walk-ons if offered the chance? I think he started off saying something about walk-ons being important which is true, and now he's just stuck talking about it. We pretty much do have a whole team of walk-ons, 50 is a lot. More walk-ons won't make this team better - we might get another starter or two, but there's a point of diminishing returns. It kind of sucks that some of the walk-ons don't get much or any time with coaches outside their position group, but it's a big team. The HC/OC/DC aren't going to be super focused on specific players until they've shown they can make an impact. It's a harder route to being a difference maker - the coaches are already invested in scholarship guys, as a walk-on you have to make them invested in you. Maybe TO was better about making the walk-ons feel important, but I doubt the overall view was different. The coordinators/head coach will notice when your position coach tells them you should be contributing. Walk-ons as a group are important. A single walk-on isn't until he proves it, as harsh as that sounds.
  6. Possible Coaches

    I really can't see us going for either of the triple option coaches - and can you imagine that transition? You're definitely looking at a true freshman/JUCO qb, if they got hired with enough time to find one. Lee, POB, and Gebbia would be gone in an instant (plus some receivers probably), and with DPE graduating I don't think we'd have even a high-school QB on roster. Maybe you convince a decent option qb to come here because he'd have no competition for the job. Besides that, I agree with the people saying teams with that offense have a ceiling. We obviously ran a lot of option but it was I-backs not wing backs, and not so much of the motion/deception. That being said, Spielman/Lindsey as wing backs would be pretty fun. Frost seems almost inevitable whether Riley gets another year or not. I don't think he goes anywhere else this year because he's talked about wanting to build a program, but being able to rebuild your alma mater and get paid more has to be pretty tempting. But he can win at UCF, and there's a lot less pressure.
  7. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    You never know, but I feel like there would be a different vibe from his interviews (like the one below) if that was the case. "Joking" about needing to tell the coaches he's not coming just sounds like they don't think he should come here, not that he doesn't want to. If Riley stays I'd be shocked if Bookie signed elsewhere, and I think we still have a shot if Riley's gone. There was some article on Tyjon recently where he talked about coming here to be a player who can help turn the program around, and I get the same vibe from Bookie. As long as they click with whoever we would hire, a lot of the good things (fans, facilities, academics, early playing time, etc) are still here. That being said, nothing is certain in recruiting. I just don't necessarily trust the uncle of another recruit saying he's not solid - I'm sure Hightower isn't coming here, but I'm optimistic with Bookie.
  8. Does MR need to reshuffle the coaching staff or keep it the same?

    True, but Gilmore hasn't done anything to make me wish he was back here. I don't know how much of it you can attribute to coaching, but it seems like their receivers are always good for a couple drops. The exceptions are the walk-ons that turn into really good players like Abbrederis/Alex Erickson, but for the most part it seems like they have athletic guys who are really inconsistent. It's not a problem for them if they run for 300+ though.
  9. Does MR need to reshuffle the coaching staff or keep it the same?

    Anyone know who Wisky's O-line coach is? Does he want to be an offensive coordinator?
  10. Does MR need to reshuffle the coaching staff or keep it the same?

    I think Riley really doomed himself by bringing basically the entire OSU staff with him. He's a pretty good recruiter and I like the idea of letting the assistants do their job without micro managing, but you need good assistants to do that. I'm not convinced we'd still be talking about his replacements if he chose a new staff coming here - Banker and the special teams coach (already forgot his name) cost him a lot of time, and Langsdorf may end up costing him the job. I don't believe he could have done it, but to be successful here he needed to build the staff from scratch.
  11. Trending down in the Trenches?

    A lot of the second half issues had to do with the playcalling. I'd have to re-watch it to make sure I'm remembering right (and I don't really want to do that), but it seemed like if we got stopped once on a run we wouldn't try again that drive. You're not going to get 4 yards every carry against Wisconsin, but we did show that we could break off some decent runs. Our line didn't really have a chance to try and assert their dominance in the second half, but I'm not sure they would've been able to anyway. Size is definitely a factor but they just all get where they're supposed to be, and we were either too tired or too athletically limited to get off the blocks. Block destruction only works if you can actually disrupt the block, we just ran right into them and got driven back. Kind of reminds me of the B1G championship where they regretted redshirting Valentine - Stoltenberg couldn't hold up all game, and in his defense most NTs don't play every snap. It would not have been a game-changing difference, but Daniels might've helped. Deontre played a little bit, but they have him playing a weird technique way off the ball. Probably helps him use his quickness to avoid double teams, but it doesn't fly against a team like Wisconsin and I don't remember seeing him out there a lot.
  12. Trending down in the Trenches?

    Yeah, Cav seems to care more about how much time they've been here than how good they are. I understand wanting to lean on the older guys, but you just can't do that if they're not the best players. All in all I thought the line played a pretty solid game against a tough defense, but they're still inconsistent and I think if Cav had a choice it would still be Conrad and Knevel starting. They have improved, but I think Langs/Riley should be the ones to decide who plays on the line. Cav either can't or won't figure out who should be starting.
  13. What did we learn? (Game 6 - Wisconsin)

    We desperately need d-line depth, and athleticism at linebacker. It's embarrassing how many times in a row they were able to run it. Lee was a lot better, although the stats aren't incredible. The line did a pretty good job protecting him. Completely different ball game if Ozigbo doesn't let it bounce off his helmet and DPE catches the touchdown. I think we would've still worn down and probably lost, but a lot closer. To everyone talking about needing to go back to power football - that's all playcalling, we were running the same plays they were. They were just committed to the run and have a better line and backs. You can attribute that to coaching or recruiting, but our playbook is almost the same.
  14. Troy Fumigalli Jason Pierre-Paul Frodo Baggins
  15. Wisconsin Week Pressers

    I thought Bradley was always in the depth chart, but didn't actually play until Northern Illinois. Didn't the coaches make some comment on adding him to special teams once Bryant went down? I suppose we could check the participation reports, but I'm lazy.