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  1. Husker in WI

    Against the Run in "Big" B1G Games

    Bootle actually took the blame for this play, said he needed to crack replace and didn't. But yeah, it's like Young is just watching a completely different play. Maybe his key is the fullback since 42 does go to the backside, but I don't know why one ILB would read the fullback and the other read something else. Maybe that's his man if it's a pass and he's trying to follow, but the playside ILB can't run away from the play, and definitely can't run into the backside ILB.
  2. Husker in WI

    Purdue Week Pressers

    Good points, and I should clarify I was talking about our defense and did not specify that in my post. Our offense was thoroughly outclassed by their defense in every way,but I don't think the defense was as bad as it seemed. As St Paul pointed out, the numbers really don't back me up so I understand disagreeing. I will completely change my tune if it looks at all similar against Purdue.
  3. Husker in WI

    Purdue Week Pressers

    Just out of curiosity, have you re-watched any of it? I have (because I'm a masochist), and it was definitely bad but looked more like players messing up technique and assignments rather than being physically dominated. It always feels worse as it's happening, and it was definitely really bad, but I don't think they looked 46 points better overall. 21 or 28 sure, I'm not saying we could have won or anything. There's also just the fact that he has to do these interviews. He can't prove that we were close until we start winning, but he has to answer questions about it all week. It's always going to seem like it's not true because every coach is going to say they're close. Some are right, some are wrong. The reporters would go nuts if he said "it won't click until year 2," even though Frost has tried to allude to that. I think he deserves a little more time before we consider his "we're really close" to be the same as Riley saying it in year 3.
  4. Husker in WI

    What Did We Learn? Michigan

    Also, we just cannot get out of our own way! I don't think there was a way we win that game, but there were so many chances to slow the bleeding and maybe lose 42-17 instead - The initial pick was deflating, but then we miss a throw to Bell that had the potential for big yards, run into their returner when he's called for a fair catch, can't block one guy with 3 on a screen, and make a terrible decision to try and field that punt. I had to stop my second watching there.
  5. Husker in WI

    What Did We Learn? Michigan

    I think Frost's comments from 2 years ago being a factor is ridiculous. It's not like he claimed we were going to outhit them in this game, and I'm pretty sure Michigan was going to punch us in the mouth regardless of comments from 2 years ago. That's been how to beat this team for 3 years, and it hasn't changed yet. The scheme put them in tough spots, but Young overran his gap to give up a big run and one of the Davis jumped of of his on another one. Credit to the Michigan o-line, they were massive holes - but you have to fill it from the inside out. Tre Neal mentioned that in his Monday interview - not specifically Young/Davis, but the need to play the technique exactly as coached and not give the back extra room. Slightly comforting to hear Frost's comments about changes because players either can't or won't do their jobs. I think it was specifically in regards to special teams, but across the board it's one thing to do it in practice and another to do it in a game. I get using practice as the way to prove you deserve game reps, but if the earned game reps are bad that has to be taken into account. I'm not a fan of the delayed speed option. Haven't seen it work this year. I thought Jackson played more physical than the first 2 games, and Bootle less so. But predictably in coverage, Bootle was great (a little grabby, but they were letting them play) and Jackson was not.
  6. Husker in WI

    Michigan Week Pressers

    There's no way Young is faster than Barry - he's looked a little slow ever since his freshman year in my (admittedly amateur) opinion. I do agree overall though, after whiffing on the tackle and giving up the touchdown early Honas started laying the wood. Young hasn't made many splash plays that I can remember, Honas at least seems like he could.
  7. Husker in WI

    Troy Depth Chart - no changes

    On the second watching (although it's not always easy to see the corners), I thought Jackson was fine. His mistakes just seem to always show up - the complete whiff on their first offensive play looked like last year, but I'm sure he was a little too amped up and Nixon is not an easy guy to tackle in the open field. He bit hard on the flea flicker, but based on Bottle and the Safety being in position to make the play I don't know what Jackson's responsibilities were on that play. He had a holding call in the 3rd quarter, but that was pretty questionable IMO. Huard blamed him for the 3rd and 19 conversion, but I'm not sure if that was his zone or Williams'. Bootle was much more physical getting off blocks and tackling, and is without a doubt our #1 corner. But Jackson doesn't worry me nearly as much as last season, and he definitely wasn't a huge problem on Saturday.
  8. Husker in WI

    Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    I can buy the first part, but not the second - our non conference opponents for 2020/2021 (they'll have to sit out 2019) are Cincinnati, Central Michigan, SDSU, Northern Illinois, Buffalo, and Oklahoma. If it's Martinez who transfers you could add North Dakota and Georgia Southern in 2022, and there are always bowl games. I'm assuming they don't sit out the extra year to stay in the big ten, but AJ Bush did end up back at Illinois so who knows!
  9. Husker in WI

    Fall Camp

    Interesting to see Newell ahead of Daniels and Vaha, although Daniels is still a freshman and Vaha hasn't played in a while. Maybe all he needed was a coaching change, it would be great to see him put it all together and become a solid player.
  10. I've got to go with Frazier, he just had IT. Accuracy would definitely be the weakness, but it's also worth pointing out he wasn't being asked to make high percentage throws. We didn't pass to move the ball, we did a lot of deep shots so nobody was going to complete 70% in the mid 90s offense. Most of the QBs would be great fits though, and then it's just a matter of which strength (accuracy, decision making, athleticism) you like best or which weakness you dislike the most. It's totally unfair because for most of his career the decisions were great, but the OT interception Ganz threw against Texas Tech always comes to mind so I don't tend to consider his decision making a strength. He'd do well in this offense though.
  11. Husker in WI

    Husker Pro Day Today

    True, I forgot about that so not a great comparison. I just don't think 16 reps is that terrible - not an amount any OL is going to be proud of, but some successful lineman have had similar performances. Pro football reference says Russ Hochstein only did 16 reps at his combine, and he did fine. Not claiming Knevel was a great lineman but I don't think he's close to the worst OL we've had.
  12. Husker in WI

    Husker Pro Day Today

    Eh, it's not great but it's not the worst we've ever had. Marcel Jones only did 13 reps at his combine, and he was pretty solid. From other schools, Orlando Brown did 14 reps after he weighed in at 345, although it is being talked about as one of the worst recent combine performances. He was fine in college though. A couple years ago a Wisconsin lineman (Havenstein) put up 16 reps, and I didn't hear anything about Wisconsin's S&C or Havenstein's personal effort, plus he was still a second round pick. It's not a good number, but long arms are not a benefit for bench and some taller guys don't do as well as their weight would suggest. I know Knevel wasn't great, but I'd chalk that up more to playing hurt because Cav "didn't have time to prepare backups to play." I didn't tend to notice him when he was playing healthy, which is better than I can say for some other lineman.
  13. Husker in WI

    Who starts at QB?

    Where's the Bubba Starling option? Milton was the 3rd quarterback to play his freshman year, although once he played they definitely didn't look back. I'd be really surprised if it was Martinez - he's the future but it could be a long year if he starts right away. I've gotta think both Gebbia and POB are better than the non-Milton options were at UCF, so as long as they both stick I'd bet Martinez will redshirt. Wouldn't be shocking if the number 2 guy transferred though, and if that's the case he would definitely play.
  14. Husker in WI

    Jordan and the Argonauts

    Soo... White? He's nowhere near as quick as Edelman, and I love Westerkamp but Hogan is a much better athlete. Hogan had 28 bench press reps at the combine and ran a 4.50 at his pro day, Westy did 12 and ran 4.73 both times on his pro day. I agree in the right system Westerkamp could play (and probably play well), but Canada might be a better fit. Reminds me of Nate Swift - great college receiver, just not quite quick enough to stick in the NFL. Hope he gets a chance to prove me wrong and does, but I do think he can be really good in the CFL.
  15. Husker in WI

    Huskers in the 2018 NFL Draft

    I think Lee, Brown, Jones, and maybe Gates and Kalu are draftable, all in the late rounds though. Somebody will try to fix Lee, and a few kickers usually get selected late. Jones/Gates/Kalu all have questions they'll have to answer, but they have talent. Jones and Kalu need to run well, and Gates needs to explain his effort level and regression - I don't know how much you can pin on having a terrible coach, but he does have that excuse.