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  1. WR Joshua Moore

    Idk if this has been said but let me point out the obvious here... despite the coaching change and losing the relationships with the staff he was leaving anyways. We were just a victim of circumstances here.. top 3.. NU, FL St and a&m NU staff gets ripped apart, fl st head coach and staff go to a&m.. oh and did we forget that josh and his twin Jordan want to play at the same school. Sometimes the pieces all fall in place and this time it wasn’t in our favor.. but hey, we have a great staff, with great players and a very bright future. We good without him
  2. WR Joshua Moore

    Nice edit
  3. Changes to the Nebraska brand

    I would love to see, for just one game, have all black uni’s with red numbers. Then have a red helmet with the skull and crossbones logo. Even have our mid field logo be the bones. I think repping our alternate logo like that would be super dope!
  4. Tenn fires coach and we still have our giant failure

    It is most definitely a Currie problem.. He should've done a little better job vetting his coach to be and he would've avoided the backlash and probably still have a job... Yeah the fans at Tennessee are an issue too but you gotta know your fan base.. Moos knows his fan base and he's trying to keep us happy by saying the right things and going after a coach that is a genuine fit for Nebraska. Currie clearly didn't
  5. Tenn fires coach and we still have our giant failure

    If the Tennessee fans got Schiano out in a matter of days, I'm sure they can do the same with AD Currie. At this point the fans shouldn't have to protest for this, his a$$ should be gone for the bang up job he's done lately.
  6. F**K Herbstreit

    Touche Cdog. Thanks for bringing me back to earth
  7. F**K Herbstreit

    I've been trolled! Dilly Dilly! But for real.. “First, we’re all assuming he’s going to take the job, but then I hear rumors that he’s going to take the Florida State job,” said Herbstreit I mean if he's just openly talking to Land of 10 on an open media tour I don't know why he would bring that up. I don't know if there's any truth to the FL State possibility but that has to be a little concerning.. Or maybe it truly is just media trying to make noise right now.
  8. F**K Herbstreit

    https://www.landof10.com/nebraska/nebraska-football-scott-frost-kirk-herbstreit-espn So Herbie here has been king of flip flop and back tracking. Just in the past 2-3 weeks, when the Florida job was still open Herbstreit was saying there is NO WAY Frost leaves the state of Florida for the Nebraska job with the Florida job being a much better place to coach and an easier place to recruit. He thought that Frost was a lock to Florida. *Insert Dan Mullen as the Florida HC* He then says what a story it would be to have Frost back in Lincoln. He would be really good at NU and could bring Nebraska back to the national spotlight. He would go on to say how he would hope that happens and he believes Frost's with his connections to recruit FL would get the speed he needs. Now, the second there is a possibility of another big time job opening he starts saying Frost to Florida State.. Doubting the ability to recruit to Nebraska, doubting Frosts plan at NU, doubting the current roster and the ability to get the players Frost needs... Is it me or does ole D-bag Herbstreit have something against Nebraska? Does he not want to see another Big 10 school competing with his Buckeyes? Or is he just trying to make something out of nothing since everything has been relatively quiet on the Frost front? Any thoughts or ideas on this rumor as well?
  9. I cant take it anymore

    You're welcomes, unl1234.. Maybe Scott Frosts will bring Davidson on board his new staff at Nebraskas
  10. How bad?

    Hahaha the ladies have slightly different rules than the guys and yes we've played this game every weekend (we start at halftime of the early games since we're on Pacific time)! There are like 10-15 more and all of the one's that have "shot" next to them we change to "drink" after a while because we definitely wouldn't survive. But hey, what my brain can't remember means it didn't really happen. I'm just trying to flirt with that fine line of completely hammered and passing out for the next 11-12 days so I can forget the MR era ever happened..
  11. How bad?

    To make this Husker season a little more interesting, my family and I have come up with a drinking game! At least the booze sooth some of the pain.. or people pass out by half time and forget what happened. Feel free to join in and post some of your super sh!t faced pic on this thread! Here's the rules: Any play of 20+ yards, Drink! Any play of 20+ yards and a TD, Shot! Any Special Teams TD, Shot! Any Pick 6 or fumble returned for TD, Shot! Anytime the other team scores, Drink! Any First Down for the other team, Drink! Anytime Nebraska gets stopped in the redzone, Drink! Anytime we run with the FB on 4th and 1, Shot! Anytime we fail to convert on 3rd down, Drink! Anytime we screw up a screen pass, Shot! Anytime we drop a catch-able ball, Drink! Anytime we miss a block, miss a tackle, miss an assignment, miss a FG... Anytime we miss anything... Drink! I can send the rest to you all upon request but this should help you make it through the weekend! Oh and final score.... 56-12
  12. CB Christian Tutt [Auburn Commit]

    Well it's officially down to Ohio St and Auburn.. Our lovely coaching situation scared him away. Can we remove Nebraska from the poll? lol
  13. DE Micah Parsons

    It's as dead as Riley's deal at the end of the year! I think we will have a hat on the table when he decides on Dec 20th but in my opinion it's really a Penn St and Oklahoma race now.
  14. Chip Kelly to UCLA

    While no one would turn that record or winning away there’s no promise that’ll happen at Nebraska. Google Rich Rodriguez... similar offenses, not identical but similar styles. Rich Rod did big things at WVU and even at Arizona but that trip to Michigan was a rough ride. Its all about the fit of the coach for a program and the conference. What works in the pac12 or big12 may not work here.
  15. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    lol yeah yeah I know.. as I mentioned earlier, I want his defensive mind out there.. He had superb defenses at LSU not so much on offense.. So I'm hiring him to shut up about offense and coach me a mean a$$ defense that allows 10 points a game and puts 4-5 players in the draft each year Yeah for this rant of a thread.. clearly.. I'd say 71 pages of this thread are made up bs about Frost becoming our HC or what if this, what if that... So yes my comments about me becoming head coach then hiring Miles and Moorhead as coordinators and saying that it's possible for me to do that because if Mike Riley can coach Nebraska then hell why not me too... Yup all made up fun and games and sorry you don't find me funny. I can be quite the hoot