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  1. Disappointed nothing changes till end of year

    I promise you that Hank Bounds and Ronnie Green and anyone in the room/ on the call when they interviewed Moos ran several hypothetical situations past Moos to see what his response and answers were. Moos is a smart man who has the track record to show major growth at both Oregon and Wash St. He is well aware of the situation he stepped into. So him saying he's not making changes mid-season is his way of saying "Okay, Riley.. You have the rest of the season to impress me and sell me your 'vision'. Let's see what ya got." No brand new AD wants to make a fire/hire situation the first week on the job. So, Moos is really buying himself time to wrap his head around the situation and to fully prepare for the biggest coaching decision he will ever have to make. Moos understands Nebraska and us as fans so let's give him more than 24 hours before getting mad that we don't have a new head coach...
  2. ATH Talanoa Hufanga

    There's a Rivals $ article saying Hufanga has set his visit. I know rumor was for Ohio St. Anyone know if this article confirmed Ohio St? Or is he maybe surprising us this weekend?!
  3. Who's worth keeping?

    I think you have to keep most of, if not all, the defensive side of the ball. Giving Diaco 1 season to change an entire defense isn't easy and we've already started to see some positive results. Plus, we have strong coaching and recruiting from Parrella, Bray and Donte. I really like what is happening on that side of the ball. Offensively, I say we have to keep Keith Williams. Great recruiter and one of the best WR coaches in football. Anytime you have NFL players coming to train with you in the off-season you are clearly doing something right. I know that's probably unrealistic to keep that many people if MR is fired but that's why I'm in the opinion of keep MR one more year as long as he kicks out Langsdorf, Cav and Reggie Davis. Bet it all on next year. One slip up and he's gone. And that gives our new AD some time to truly assess our football program and the "MR vision" before making the biggest coaching change of his/ her life.
  4. That's why everyone should give Riley 1 more year. Let him fire Langs, Reggie and Cav. MR fired friends and brought in Diaco, Parrella and Donte which is really starting to pay off and hopefully that only continues. I'd be more than willing to wait 1 more year to see what happens when he fires more friends, and brings in a real OC, Line coach and RB coach. Plus that'll give our AD a year to get things going before making what will be the biggest potential fire/hire of his life. Talk about pressure for a new AD.. I am all about winning and winning now but anyone that thinks firing MR now/ at the end of the season and is expecting next year to be great is nuts. We have arguably the toughest schedule in college football in 2018. (As long as we go 7-5 or better this year) We might as well have a team with stability and that has had a full season to play in a new D and new offensive scheme vs a new coach with new systems again and possibly losing more recruits.
  5. (Sorry this is long and rambling but lots in my head) I think we have to give MR another year.. HAVE to... as long as he fires Langsdorf and most likely Reggie Davis and maybe Cav. And trust me, all 3 would understand why.. Think about this.. All our recruits and current players seem to love Diaco, Donte, Bray, Parella and company. Not to mention we have coach dub taking care of our WR's and he is one of the best WR coaches in the nation.. If we fire MR, most likely they clean house. That means killing off all the progress we've made on the defensive side of the ball. I know, I know, we lost to No. Ill and gave up 42 to Oregon in the first half but this defense and defensive staff is good and making strides in the right direction. These kids have had less than a year to learn how to play the 3-4 so I have a hard time just throwing that out the window.. I do have a really good feeling about that side of the ball as we get deeper into B1G play. (I do smell an upset or 2) The other reason to keep MR, injuries... Just having Chris Jones on D the first few games I almost guarantee we are 3-1 if not 4-0 right now. Not to mention the WR, O-line, and RB issues. I know Lee hasn't been the savior at QB but all more the reason to give MR 1 more year so we can see what Lee, Gebbia or POB can really do in this system. As mentioned above, there is a ton of football to play... MR needs to have a top 20-25 recruiting class and go at least 6-6 but compete with the top programs (or go 7-5) and win a bowl game to even have a chance at keeping his job.. The new AD will be a big part of this as well.. (side note: I truly hope it's not Trev but that's just me.. I want someone that understands our traditions but doesn't want to live in the past. This isn't the 90's and we need to look toward the future.) I'm not giving up on MR just yet but he needs to get JAY CUTLER, I mean Tanner Lee, under control and teach him how to read a damn defense. Trust the Process and Trust MR.. at least for 1 more year
  6. CB Christian Tutt

    Nate Clouse was on TBL and said he is very confident this kid is N. Is probably already committed but waiting to make the announcement. Tutt wanted to get his family up to see Lincoln since they couldn't make it up for FNL this summer. Sounds promising! Can never hurt to add quality depth at a position of need. -- Side note, in the same interview, Clouse mentioned Ronnie Green has made it a point to be involved in recruiting. Primarily with Tutt, Parsons and Bookie. Not sure if that means anything but can't hurt for these recruits to have a good relationship with the Chancellor, especially with so much tension around Riley and the hunt for a new AD.
  7. Pierson-El and Lindsey's Potential

    Riley mentioned that Pierson-El should play but Tyjon has had a great week getting reps in his place. Either way, I think we have a dynamic play maker ready to go come game-time. I'm more worried about Knevel's ankle.