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  1. S Brendan Gant

    This is obviously reading into a tweet but he has go big red a couple times in there. Any clue if that for us or his current hs or what? Cuz I’d love to have this kid
  2. OT Grant Treiber

    Normally I’d agree with you but I have a feeling we’re not going to take an additional OL to make up for Canty. We’ll still take 2 (maybe 3 if it’s someone we can’t pass on) Instead, we’ll be pushing hard for the guys in 2020. Lots of top OL in the 500 mile radius already interested in us.
  3. Spring Practice Notes

    You know how we need to cut our scholarship number.. I think he’ll carve out a nice role at another school
  4. *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    Well he's already rated by 247 at the #5 overall prospect for the 2020 class... Sounds like he has that star potential
  5. QB Isaiah Williams [Illinois Commit]

    Well that explains it.. smart move by Lovie. Hire a HS coach that came from a school with a TON of talent. Not good for us IMO. Maybe they'll go 4-8 and all those talented 4 and 5* players will decommit.. sound familiar?
  6. QB Isaiah Williams [Illinois Commit]

    So Illinois has had quite a few CB's come in for this kid, including Wilt.. Could be over reaction to him unofficially visiting there and attending Jr day last month but timing seems like there might be something to this. I know most people, myself included, think Beason's commitment won't stick but with Williams strongly considering Illinois do we need to start worrying about Lovie Smith?
  7. DT Faatui Tuitele

    I haven't seen all of this kids' scholarship reactions but I have to imagine he holds us in high regard. Hopefully he OV's here.
  8. P Aidan Swanson [Clemson Commit]

    Dang, we must REALLY want this guy if we've offered him 3 times! Must be one heck of a punter!
  9. Plus, he definitely isn't the reason the Browns were terrible and completely dysfunctional at drafting, developing, coaching and managing players.. In fact I bet he had excellent scouting reports and when he handed those reports to the GM, he said "they're already in order of highest to lowest graded prospects". *Browns GM flips the stack of reports over* "This guy! Brandon Weeden! That's our QB for the next 17 years!" Let's give this guy a chance. We have all of our coaching staff in place right now and if things don't work out we can always let him go.. It's not like we hired Mike Riley to be our next head coach........
  10. LB Khris Bogle

    Well I doubt he's coming here.. I know some one has the statistics on how many recruits that have put "Huskies" or messed up our school name and actually end up coming to Nebraska...
  11. Your “Super Six” 2018 Class Edition

    1. Adrian Martinez 2a. Maurice Washington 2b. Miles Jones 4a. Tate Wildeman 4b. Will Honas 6. Cam Jones HM: Jurgens and CJ Smith Sleepers: CASEY ROGERS and Mike Williams
  12. LB Javontae Jean-Baptiste [Ohio State - Signed LOI]

    They're off topic.. Someone said we need a Corner Back (CB) in this class then someone else said Cam Taylor is a CB. STAY ON TOPIC PEOPLE!!! IMPORTANT DAY!!!
  13. DE Keyon Ware-Hudson [Oregon Commit]

    This is a 2019 kid so we have a year and a day to get this kid on board
  14. DE Keyon Ware-Hudson [Oregon Commit]

    he was offered by the previous staff so the new staff re-offered to let this kid know we are still interested
  15. DT Otito Ogbonnia [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    If I had to guess... If you want a choice removed, I would suggest not voting for the choices that you want removed.... just a thought Thanks RedDenver, can't believe I missed that thread. Much appreciated!