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  1. NCAA Looks to Adjust Transfer Rules

    This....there needs to be a very specific set of scenarios where immediate play is authorized otherwise NCAA will just be NFL lite. Some kid has snowflake response to not enough playing time (imagine Lavar Ball type scenario) and next thing you know he is spreading cancer to multiple programs. Kids need to learn about committment and hard work. This type of thing doesn't teach those principles. Bingo...well said sir
  2. Million dollar question right here folks: why has Suh's impact/production suffered in Miami? As to him meeting recruits I think it is a great idea. Much demonized by the media and idiots at ESPN. They act like he is Hardy Brown, Dick Butkus or Conrad Dobler...it's football not badminton people...Suh is a frickin legend at NU and the recruits know it. It's like having MJ meet with current players/recruits at UNC, it's always a big deal for them. Not a bad idea within the scope of NCAA regs, go for it.
  3. Peyton Newell Transferring to Kansas State?

    Scheme-wise this makes sense for the kid. Wish him the best and thank you for being N for a bit. I have no love for Snyder but I have to respect his resume. Not many do as much with so little as he has. Good luck kid...
  4. OK, where is Damian Jackson???

    Best movie scene of all time right there...+10000 sir
  5. National Championship Game

    Hate to admit it but he's right....happy offseason everyone, see you all around spring game time.
  6. BTN: Early Look at B1G West in 2018

    This...we will be either 1 or 2 in the division, take it to the bank.
  7. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    What a shame. I figured the defense would come back to haunt them. Oh well, here is to Bama most likely getting another NC.
  8. Leave the bible and Saul's baptism out of it...and for crying out loud learn how to win gracefully...next year you will most likely be back in the realm of obscurity...
  9. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    OU doing a pretty good job of exposing the SEC right now as well...
  10. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    God I hope so...if not we need him on staff
  11. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    I didn't think UCF had a chance in this game, wanted them to win but didn't believe...I like my crow well done with a side of heinz 57...can't wait until next year, congrats SF and UCF, what a game...hope we bring drumstick in as a GA that kid is a frickin legend *tips hat*
  12. Speed vs Power

    Great post...don't forget receivers who can also block downfield...
  13. Speed vs Power

    This +1000...Miami's offense has been horrible all year, any team with a defense gave them trouble or beat them. Wisconsin's defense had enough up front and in the LB to keep them low'er' scoring. What's wrong with recruiting speed AND power?? Suh, Wistrom, Peters etc... FYI Hornibrook played his rear end off tonight, congrats Wiscy