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  2. Thanks for bringing up the game that should never be remembered....

    Which plant? A nuclear plant? A coal plant? A chrysanthimum?

    For all his faults JP's heart is in the right place. That 95 defense was something we may never see on any football team in college ever. Guys like the Peters brothers, Wistrom, Suh...yea they are not perfect humans. Who is. Go figure. They play defense where youre supposed to basically destroy people. This isn't badminton people. Swagger and attitude, within reason, is something we have not had since those teams in the 90s, with a briefe repreive during Suh's playing years. Accountbility and leadership on the team is nowhere to be found it seems. Imagine having to deal with those guys in practice. I agree with what he is saying and his record as a player speaks for itself.
  5. We Fall From Grace - Together

    I have zero sympathy for Texas. They have the best recruiting state in the nation. Some Texas high school teams could compete in FCS (just kidding, but not by much). They have one of the highest ranked universities for academics. Austin is a great town. Mickey Mouse could show up and coach UT to a bowl game. How so many coaches blew it there is baffling. Maybe they are just bad coaches. Herman is a good coach. Honestly, I would rather have him at the helm than MR. I don't think we deserve comparison. But I will concede and agree with those on this thread who state UT is in better shape than we are at the moment because they are. We are in the s***house. Time to clean house from the AD on down.
  6. If your're gonna fire Riley.....

    too bad, B Stoops is 9-2 against Nebraska and the B10 in the last 18 years....better than any coach we have had since TO...I would go for Frost/Venables, or both...preferrably both, that would be a formidable core to our coaching staff
  7. I want the 95 defense to show up like the undead army in Lord of the Rings and destroy NIU...
  8. Who should we hire

    Bingo, yea I'm no coach either and going from 4-3 to 3-4 is probably going to take some time to get dialed. I always hope for the best, more will be revealed. 2nd half against Oregon was an improvement. Hope we continue to improve as the year goes on, we are going to need it.
  9. Who should we hire

    M Stoops got canned at Arizona that year and was soon back at OU with big brother. I'm pretty sure that was the main reason Venables was shopping and I bet Stoops was instrumental in him getting a solid DC job elsewhere. The 2000 NC OU defense was pretty damn stout. Venables is a legit coach and has two NC's to prove it now. Honestly, we would kill to have him as DC, reminds me of a young Charlie McBride.
  10. OU and the other Riley

    Yea, too bad we didnt catch Barrett while he is finding his downfield identity. Although the way our secondary is playing even if we played them week 1 our D would have made him look like the 2nd coming of John Elway....time to put C McBride and Monte Kiffin on life support and give them the D.
  11. OU and the other Riley

    Hence my comment that Stoops did not leaving the cupboards bare: that covers coaching staff as well. I agree with your points, very valid. That being said, even when tOSU is only semi-world-beaters winning in Columbus is no small task. Stoked our true rivals got the job done. Over the years I've come to respect OU and I cheer for them to stomp UT every year and everyone else in the BIg 12. Just my 0.02. Perhaps we can coax Stoops out of retirement....haha
  12. ***Official Nothern Illinois Look-a-Like Thread***

  13. OU and the other Riley

    If we can't get it done at least OU can, the other Riley and the Sooners smashing tOSU at home...Stoops def did not leave the cupboards bare but I tip my hat to the Sooners and their new coach on their win at the 'Shoe, no easy task...baffling we can't do the same #myhowfarwehavefallen