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  1. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    Domestic violence is the core of this issue but it isn't the only one. This is more poor behavior that Urban probably knew about, or should have, by someone he hired to lead young men. This shows lack of leadership by all involved if true, which it is very believable with all the evidence against Smith. Smith should have been let go for each of several things over several years. Continuing to employ him if any of it is known, is enough to seriously question/fire Meyer.
  2. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    How is it not relevant? More questionable behavior, at work, that Urban most likely knew about, and he still let it happen. Sex toys shipped to work, potential sex with staffers at work, and taking pictures of his privates at the flipping white house? If people honestly believe he knew nothing about any of this, when he claims to run the tightest of ships, then he should probably be let go for incompetent management alone as he would have absolutely no clue what was happening in his own building.
  3. The Running Back Room

    Bingo. I would like to see some long runs that end in touchdowns. I feel like its been since 2014 and Ameer where that was actually a possibility.
  4. Biggest Concerns?

  5. The Running Back Room

  6. Are you surprised at where we are at?

    I agree, Penn State will be the least likely game we lose this year.
  7. DB Quinton Newsome [Nebraska Commit]

    Fixed that for you.
  8. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    It is possible of course, but I think she gets more of the benefit of the doubt than Zach, as he was already arrested for domestic abuse in 2009. She also got a restraining order against him, and he was caught stalking her. Still possible she is embellishing of course, but past events lean towards Zach being the liar and OSU helping him because he is Earl Bruce's grandson. I agree they should be thorough in the investigation before deciding. As far as firing him legally...they can fire him at any moment for any reason. It is just a matter of with or without cause and in turn whether or not they have to pay a buyout. What changed your mind? From all the information I have, I still don't see a way they can keep him, and possibly the AD/staff, and not have a PR nightmare on their hands.
  9. Huskers to Have Area Codes on Helmets?

    I can see you from up here in the 970
  10. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    This seems to be a trend here, only from Powell, OH PD: https://www.cleveland.com/osu/2018/08/records_show_history_of_domest.html This is all after the 2009 incident in Florida where Smith was actually taken into custody which Meyer already mentioned knowing about. It was only after McMurphy's first report in July did they actually fire Smith. They had issued a statement before that stating something like "We will not discuss this internal peronal matter", but kept him employed. You ask if he should fire Zach Smith for one alleged incident, maybe not. But there is a long history here leading up to that incident. For a man that tells anyone who will listen how much integrity he has, I can't understand why he didn't fire Smith sooner if he actually had some integrity like he claims. Or why he even hired him at Ohio State after what the guy did in Florida.
  11. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    I fixed it for you.
  12. LB Ge'Mon Eaford [Oregon Commit]

    Is it the 25th already? Man that was fast.