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  1. How Do You Spell Expectations in Nebraska?

    Exactly. Who cares what anyone thinks about your expectations. Dream big. Learn to handle disappointment because that means you were able to be excited about something before. Its part of life if you actually let yourself live.
  2. Cameron Jefferies

    Fair enough.
  3. Cameron Jefferies

    Diaco had no choice but to play soft coverage as there was zero pass rush. You can't play tight if you can't get to the qb or you'll just give up bombs all day long. Not defending the guy in general, he was a bit touched and was not a good fit here, but the coverage decision was the only one he could make last year.
  4. Florida offer

    I think I am glad they told him he could not bring his staff. Does not matter now though! Continuity/chemistry is vastly underrated in coaching.
  5. The Big Ten’s real Quarterback Whisperer

    The scrambling for first downs is demoralizing when you get a team to 3rd down. That drives me nuts. A few of those and the defense starts to crack even if they are playing well.
  6. The Big Ten’s real Quarterback Whisperer

    Which is a 180 from the last decade. We have gone into every year afraid, and it showed in big games. It showed in barely beating lesser teams as well. As you can tell by my avatar, I have been downing kool aid since December. I am usually overly optimistic however, because life is more fun that way.
  7. Recruiting Tangent Thread - StPaulHusker Edition

    I agree because I see them taking a fair amount of low to mid three star guys they really like. That will keep the overall yearly rankings lower. It will still be the best in the west most every year.
  8. CB Trey Bly

  9. Recruiting Tangent Thread - StPaulHusker Edition

    This. I should clarify my prior statement about never having that talent. I meant we never had top 5 talent coming in. After Epley and TO were done with them, a ton were that caliber of players. But that is coaching and development, turning 2/3/4star recruits into 4/5 star players.
  10. Recruiting Tangent Thread - StPaulHusker Edition

    Had talent, but not the level you remember. Agree to disagree.
  11. Recruiting Tangent Thread - StPaulHusker Edition

    Exactly Huskers. When NU finally got that talent it created the best team ever. That was never the M.O. because that was not the normal level of talent. It was about hard work and coaching.
  12. Recruiting Tangent Thread - StPaulHusker Edition

    When I talk about scheme and culture fit, that is specifically referring to guys they think can be coached and developed. UCF had disadvantages, and so does NU compared to the population bases around all the other schools you mention. You have to take a different approach at a UCF or here. You can't simply say "imitate Urban Meyer" and expect that to happen. I read the other day that 50% of the US population lives within 500 miles of Columbus, Ohio. You think it was any coincidence Urban chose that school? Nebraska has always been about out working, and out scheming opponents. Never has it been about out talenting anyone to win titles.
  13. Recruiting Tangent Thread - StPaulHusker Edition

    I get the impression that he is after system fit, work ethic and relationships/ culture fit. These low rated offers now are to kids the staff already knows. They will go after the highly rated kids also, but will not hesitate with others if they think they have found something. Simply being high rated doesn't guarantee anything. Having multiple top 10 classes in a row doesn't either, look at Michigan. He has a system and won't deviate. I think he also might be too blunt/honest for some highly rated kids who just want attention. In my book, that is a great thing.
  14. So you are telling me the conferenece will be expanding to 16 teams by the fall?! Excellent!