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  1. New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    Tradition? it's a short one as it wasn't a thing before the 90s. And I dislike the song so I was all for changing it. Guess I'll have to hit the mute button when the tunnel *snore* walk is shown.
  2. Most intriguing bowl matchup

    Oregon State
  3. New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    It needs to be a polka.
  4. Huskers vs. Creighton - April 24

    watching it now on BTN.. maybe 100 people in the stands? but then they could all be hiding under some cover. I never did go to a baseball game when at UNL, even had a pitcher as a roommate who got injured off field.
  5. New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    Please, nearly anything* besides Sirius. I like Alan Parsons Project, but I hate that song for the tunnel walk. It makes my skin crawl every time I hear the song and watch the tunnel walk. * okay, there's lots of songs I'd hate worse.
  6. National Championship Game

    sigh. now I have to put ESPN back on my list of favorite channels, and set the DVR to record the pregame. And here I thought I was done with football for 8 months.
  7. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    Will this game be more exciting than any of the playoff games? Only time will tell.
  8. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    That's unimportant, it's all about the tainted playoffs.
  9. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I can breathe now)
  10. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    Where's that turnover chain?
  11. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    sigh.. after 2015 season, 2 TD lead ain't enough... Go Knights!
  12. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    SEC needs to sacrifice another goat pronto.
  13. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    How did you know? (or maybe I don't want to know) Pick 6!
  14. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    sigh.. I get.. uh... emotional with the Chick-fil-a commercials about rivals getting together. Is that the Nebraska nice in me?