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  1. krc1995

    What happened to Washington?

    Maybe he doesn't practice well
  2. krc1995

    What happened to Washington?

    That would be a great anecdote to this week's debacle. It's just too bad it made it to the media. Maybe it happens after every loss? Don't know
  3. krc1995

    Where does Frost go from here

    Wow. Then we are really terrible. Hes stated that how guys practice is very important to him and that details matter. Like showing up dressed appropriately to meetings and other things. And that’s nice. Might as well nitpick the losers some more.
  4. krc1995

    Where does Frost go from here

    Great analogy, and I really mean that- but what gives you the indication that a light has switched? everyone knows someone that didn’t do homework yet aced their tests. It’s not fair but sometimes things are more intuitive to one and others have practice it a little more.
  5. krc1995

    Where does Frost go from here

    And life isn’t fair. Play the best players whomever they may be. Frost has been talking about installing a culture and maybe he has-a perpetual losing one. I don’t see any improvements or grains of confidence. In no no means do I mean giving anything to seniors except maybe backing the eff off of them. Expecting them to automatically be leaders because the man who sittith to the right of the man who sittith to the right of God is now their coach, is a bit much. BUT if they are the most athletic guy at their respective position and if they put the team in the best position to win/ then they should play. Bottom line. Winning cures all
  6. krc1995

    Where does Frost go from here

    You have no idea who practices well and who doesn't-nor do I. I suspect- pure assumption on my part- that if given a choice between a guy that practices great but doesn't have the best physical skills for his position and guys that may loaf but are gamers- Frost will take the guy that practices well-am I'm not sure in our current position that this is best course of action. This is only based on his interviewers and media assumptions so it's not fact but its my best opinion on the obvious talent gap and terrible game performance. Although Damon Benning irritates me, I appreciate his opinion as a former player. In a podcast last week he was asked if there were guys when he played that didn't practice well but saw a lot of playing time- he didn't hesitate and said absolutely and then quickly named Terrell Farley and several others. That was interesting to me. It's also probably unusual, but it does happen. I don't think a coach can be rigid. We're not cutting cookies here. And I disagree- Frost and us fans-do owe the older players something. Their years here appear to have been mismanaged- although I can't necessary confirm this either. If nothing else, the environment has been extremely unstable and no one has had their potential fully developed. The program has done them a disservice and their eligibility years are being wasted. I'm sure they would rather be a part of a winning team than a third rebuild one. I wonder how many regret coming to Nebraska? The thought makes me sad. I'm not a psychologist, but I expect this team to win next Saturday and every Saturday after. Frost is learning. I don't think he or his staff could possibly predicted this start and their young also, but I still expect them to make the necessary adjustments to win this year.
  7. I've very literal. Also, I've been trying to force the idea into any posts about not being ok with losing. Maybe I didn't use it appropriately in this one.
  8. It's not, but I also would shy away from saying that we have a roster full of sh**h***s.
  9. krc1995

    Were we better last year?

    That doesn't work at all. Football, for Nebraska, wasn't invented this year. We've played for awhile now.
  10. krc1995

    Were we better last year?

    It absolutely does work that way. You can say process as long as you're getting better. We're not.
  11. krc1995

    Were we better last year?

    we're 0-3. How is it working? Don't spill some righteous gotta change the culture crap. It's time to do whatever it takes to win some games.
  12. krc1995

    Where does Frost go from here

    I think we owe something to the seniors that may have had three different HC's. They've suffered as much as anyone. Frost owes it to them to play the best guys, regardless if they practice well or not. He's got enough information now to see how guys act in real time and I'm sure its obvious to him who the playmakers are. Just because we're 0-3 doesn't mean we should quit trying to enforce some moral code.
  13. krc1995


    Yup. Yesterday was a beat down at the hands of one of the best programs out there. If our guys believed that they could make one or two bonehead mistakes like they’ve been doing-and I’m not talking the Amart interception- and still be in a position the win it in the end then they need a lesson in Big Ten football we can’t get different guys or turn the ones that we have into better athletes, but at the very least we can teach them to become more resilient and less self destructive.
  14. krc1995

    Offensive Line

    I don't know that he has the absolute best athletes out there at every position. He's mentioned that guys better play well Monday thru Friday if they want to play Saturday. Some guys are gamers and don't really show up until game time and if we have guys like this, and I think we do, it's feasible to think we have guys sitting that might be better then the ones playing. Damon Benning had a segment on it, Friday I think. He said when he played, there were quite a few guys that showed up big in games but loafed it for practice. He mentioned some specific guys and the big example was Terrell Farley-although he mentioned several others. Not saying every position is hardworking backup guys, but I think some might be. Part of the culture that he's trying to build