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  1. Wow, is Moos doing things differently or what?. Someone tell him that’s if you want to can someone, first you extend their contract and give them a raise. Erases the guilt
  2. The weather that you northerners are passing on to the south is very inconvenient for our travel ball team. We had to sit through 40-50 degree weather, in April, the last two weekends and we’re in south Louisiana. We should be getting a tan not putting on ski gear. Please stop it. 

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    2. krc1995


      I’m just kidding (a little) and rubbing it in to the northern folk about how bad we have it, but it is mid April. It must be pretty dreary if you’re north of the mason Dixon 

    3. Red Five

      Red Five

      Our average high right now is 57.  Obviously we have been no where close to that.  I believe last year we set some record highs in April, including multiple days in the 80s.  This April we have been lucky to hit 50.

    4. Comfortably Numb

      Comfortably Numb

      It was beautiful here today. Low 70's and sunny. Aereated, mowed, fired up the sprinklers....wearing shorts. Supposed to be 76 tomorrow. :P 


      But another round of crap coming starting on Friday. We got lucky this last time. The bad stuff started just east of us and then moved across Nebraska/Kansas. Prob won't luck out two times in a row.

  3. POB...still in the QB room?

    I quoted the wrong post.
  4. Font used in weight training facility

    My God. Were you born or created in a lab? Very impressive
  5. POB...still in the QB room?

    Chasing Riley will not help him any. If Riley thought he was capable, he would have pulled his RS in 2016 and he only played in 2 games in 2017.
  6. POB...still in the QB room?

    Is it unusual to quit mid way through spring practice? Maybe the writing was on the wall, but what made him not show up today?
  7. 1000x % the dentist. I don’t think you can be knocked out for any eye surgery. I I am a perfect candidate for Lasix. I have the money. I cannot do it. I cannot even entertain the tought of doing it.
  8. I just have my eyes dilated.
  9. Still looking for a fantasy name that works Shoshei Ohtani, or Yu, or Mookie Betts My other team is JOSEcanYUsee. 

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    2. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      "Over Dwayne Bowe" is still the GOAT fantasy sport name.

    3. krc1995


      Haha B.B.  


      Xmas32, might have a winner 

    4. krc1995


      Just saw Knapp’s and Nuances. 

  10. Need to prepare for my MLB drafts stat! Any recommendations for tv shows, podcast, websites would be appreciated. I must do better this year. Any opinions on what positions to draft first? 

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    2. krc1995


      Sometimes Too much info. Trying to figure the best metrics to compare pitching. So, so much analytics. I think I need to identity my top 3 pitching metrics. K’s obviously, maybe innings pitched? Velocity stability? Ground ball/fly out ratio? 

    3. Clifford Franklin

      Clifford Franklin

      I prefer ERA vs. FIP/xFIP/SIERA, SwStr%, K% - BB%.


      You can find all of those over on Fangraphs if you familiarize yourself with how to make a custom Leaders graph. They should have norms for how to interpret each of those stats on Fangraphs if you search for them. Obviously FIP/xFIP/SIERA are interpreted on the same scale as ERA.



    4. krc1995


      Do you have a printed spreadsheet prepared for the draft?  If so, do you do it by position or do you just rank players in total? 

  11. Must try places to eat in Lincoln

    is this the one with the z-plate? Oh the late night food memories. Leadbelly's is the real deal except their menu is way too large. Everything looks/sounds awesome and the portions are huge.
  12. We finally found something the B10 West can win! Were in the Drinking Division
  13. Maybe we should start a conference with some of these states. Lol. We fit right into the big
  14. What’s going on with Masry Mapieu? Local reports have him signing with The Ragin Cajun’s today. 

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    2. krc1995


      Lol. I can’t wait to share this with my bragging ULL friends. 

    3. RedDenver


      @knapplc, I don't think we'll know if Mapieu has passed or failed the necessary classes until May.

    4. HS_Coach_C


      It's possible that he hasn't qualified for either school, but ULL has an open scholarship right now and took a chance on him.


      Nebraska didn't want to risk wasting a scholarship if he fails to qualify, as they would have had to tell one of the recent recruits that they didn't have room for them in order to take his LOI.