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  1. MLB Expansion?

    Doubt they would build a stadium without a roof. Maybe a Sand dune?
  2. Husker Dream Team ... On a Budget

    Can you imagine Martinez with the 83 OL and the 95 DL? He’s the only QB on this list to not have a represenitive OL also on the list.
  3. Extra Colorado ticket question.

    but there's lots of them clumped in the same area. Is the visitor's section still in the SW endzone?
  4. Extra Colorado ticket question.

    I'm looking at the Akron game on StubHub and there are lots of lower sideline and some upper sideline tickets available. Who's tickets are these? Sorry to hijack, but thought I'd condense discussion space.
  5. BTN Looking into Oklahoma's Tier 3 Rights?

    I'm sure we wouldn't go to a new conference would we? Not sure about our deal with the B1G but the world was a better place when we were in the same conference as OU.
  6. Anyone doing the Amazon deal day thing today?  I don’t really understand how it works. I just keep checking for deals on an hourly basis or what? I am a prime member 

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    2. Dilly Dilly

      Dilly Dilly

      No deals for me, in fact, just canceled membership yesterday altogether.   We are trying to slim down both in material things, and financially (as we want to move out of state sometime this year)

    3. krc1995


      I wish I had the guts to cut it off. Didn’t buy anything 

    4. Toe


      I didn't buy anything this year, either. Like 95% is basically just AliExpress with faster shipping.

  7. When’s the best time to purchase tickets for you the Akron game on either stub hub or tickethippo? I want to purchase 2 for a birthday gift and want them to be nice seats. Prices seem kind of jacked right now 

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    2. krc1995


      Daughter’s a nurse with a rotating schedule and the only game that works is Akron.  Throw in trying to arrange babysitting for two under three years and this gift is getting to be more work than buying a gift card. Kind of wish stub hub sold gift cards 

    3. teachercd


      Wait wait wait...trust me this is how it goes all the time.  There will be a lot of people selling.  s#!t happens, people have to go out of town, or a wedding or a family thing comes up.  You will get tickets, that won't be a problem.

    4. krc1995


      I have NEVER underpaid for tickets.  That's going on my tomb

  8. this sucks. Seems strange that every candidate has transcript issues. Better get your resume out there.
  9. When your new boss replied ”everyone’s frustrated” what is she frustrated about? Is it possible that the HR manager is on vacation or on a business trip? I know that when you are eager and maybe even desperate to start a new job, a day or two can feel like a month but in my experience most of these things work out just not as fast as we would like.
  10. Happy triple crown day. Can’t believe I was the first to mention. There will be another soon as they come in groups of three

    1. ladyhawke


      This is great!  I was hoping Justify would win!  Well done! 


    2. huskered17


      Had him on all 3 tickets, just the others I put with him didn't :lol:



  11. Husker Gameday Food

    If you look at their website you might finding pricing and other shipping information. We thought about a few years ago and it was pricey and I think you had to find your own shipper. Maybe it’s changed, but it seemed like a lot of hassle and a lot of dough.
  12. Can’t believe we’re already making reservations for a ski trip over next Mardi Gras. So much for living in the moment 

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    2. krc1995


      Actually never been so I should reserve judgement. Noticeable cheaper then our usual

      so I’m assuming it’s not as nice. I just can’t believe that I’ve come to place in my life where I make plans for March the May before. Adulting is sad 

    3. darkhorse85


      Where is your usual?  And where are you staying at Steamboat?  Steamboat is expensive from my experiences.  Not Vail expensive but it's not like you're going to Loveland or Granby or something.

    4. krc1995


      Lol. We usually go to Vail/Beaver Creek-for the last six years skipped 2 in there. Can’t remember the name of the place we’re staying at, but it has West in it. 

  13. The Danger of Hype

    Dangerous for whom? I think Tanner Lee probably looks awesome in practice and working on QB stuff in isolation which probably fooled Riley and his staff. I wonder how Riley even knew Lee wanted out Tulane? There must be a middleman, kind of like an agent, but of course college kids don’t have agents. Right?
  14. If you follow baseball this Ronald Acuna, Jr. kid is exciting. Only twenty. Incredibly fast bat speed 

    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Dude is already setting records. :thumbs

    2. krc1995


      I know he’s got a long way to go but it’s fun watching. And I’m not even a Braves fan 

  15. New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    What about the orchestral overture? Is that the half notes on the brass?