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  1. Husker Chalk Talk - Recapping NIU

    Just read the email teaser and in hell did happen to DPE? He's turned inside out.
  2. The Unfathomable

    16 years is almost an era-
  3. If your're gonna fire Riley.....

    and that's true too. LSU has money to spend, much like Nebraska, they're athletic department is self sustaining and churns a profit. Baton Rouge is an armpit, though. Knoxville is beautiful. If it's a young coach, how much does quality of life matter? Can scenery be bought and is Lincoln itself a selling point?
  4. If your're gonna fire Riley.....

    You know what would be the most embarrassing thing that could happen now? Is to fire a coach and not solidify the next one, ala LSU and Tom Herman. We can want all these big names but that doesn't mean they'll come for various reasons. That includes Scott Frost. I'm not sure that Lincoln is his goal or suits his lifestyle. To find the right coach, and it a change does happen it needs to be a big name, it will take time even until the end of this year. Just be prepared to wait.
  5. The financial implications of a failed football program

    I could not knowledgeabably recommend any coach however your reasoning is flawed about your coaching recommendations. How come you point out how rich the athletic department is and then list Mogilia as a bargain? Do you think we should care about how much the next coach will cost? Personally, i feel we can also afford better than Gill
  6. Circling the Wagons

    this- you can always go back to Lee if the backup doesn't perform.
  7. Circling the Wagons

    I think you need a new board name. Maybe El Scottoro? For Diaco
  8. Option

    I don't know about that. Callahan's west coast offense was whole heartedly and enthusiastically greeted by almost every Husker fan. Were you at that spring game when the first play from scrimmage was a pass play? The entire stadium erupted into flames of happiness.
  9. Option

    all two of them?
  10. Who should we hire

    How Naive was SE to even allow that to happen. Your a lawyer and you can't put a no contact clause into the contract? Me thinks he wasn't a very good attorney either.
  11. Schedule Softer Opponents

    Is this serious? You barely beat a SunBelt team and lose to a MAC team at home and your answer is to soften the schedule? Maybe there are some high school teams that'll get paid to come to Lincoln for a Saturday afternoon.
  12. Option

    I think it would be hard to find a couple of suitable QB's to run it. There's a quick thinking component that isn't always pretty to look at. It's not intended to be quick scoring or flashy and I don't think high school kids are remotely interested. In becoming an option QB because it doesn't translate into an NFL contract. It might be a selling point for a lineman tho.
  13. Option

    Be an option style team means you have to commit to the option- in good times and bad. The first bad game and the coach would probably be fired and we'd be back at square one.
  14. Simple: Will Riley be back for a 4th year?

    Yeah we knee jerk. We are so desperate to be viewed as an elite program that every loss becomes a call to action. I bold the word viewed because I believe the perception for this fan base is that we are a powerhouse and we're many bad decisions- in both the athletic department and coaching hires, away from being elite. As you mentioned, this ain't 97 so lets quit trying to make decision as if it were. Its time to be logical and methodical and calm from here on out.