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  1. Disappointed nothing changes till end of year

    Loser mentality + entitled players = losing. this team doesn't play for anyone but themselves.
  2. Disappointed nothing changes till end of year

    this isn't funny, you think losing is fun? you think getting destroyed on a national stage is funny? I don;t find any humor in any of this, Mike Riley can GTFO, he is a loser, and a dud.
  3. Disappointed nothing changes till end of year

    lol I mean if you are not winning, GTFO
  4. Disappointed nothing changes till end of year

    I just do not see that happening man, Three main reasons why. 1) Mike's former boss has been fired, No AD wants to live and die with a coach they did not hire 2) fans have shown that if he sticks around, the sellout streak will end, and it will. 3) It is year three and this team has regressed. that is a red flag. Even Billy C played for a conference championship in year 3.
  5. Disappointed nothing changes till end of year

    It is more than $$$ it is about winning. and if you are winning than gtfo
  6. Disappointed nothing changes till end of year

    OK, I think we have spoken, Shoot half of memorial stadium cleared out before the end of the second quarter last Saturday. Believe me, this chump is gone
  7. Hello, Mike Riley

    Hello Mike Riley... and you're fired. good luck at BINGO and eating at golden corral, or cracker barrel.
  8. People are crazy, jeebus, Wash State was a freaking disaster before Moos came in... HAve you seen where they are now? Hiring Leach took balls, and vision. Moos clearly understands what a coach looks like. Paulwoof went 9-40 at WSU. Leach has this team in the top 10 to 15 range. Beating USC. This Moos guy was an AD at Oregon, this guy knows a helluva lot more to being an AD than Eichorst ever dreamed of... Rejoice husker fans.
  9. Bill Moos named AD

    The dude hired Chip Kelly and Mike Leach. I approve
  10. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    BRO!!! our offensive line is dog doo. I am not saying that our RB are elite, because they are not!, but that is on coaching, we have not focused on recruiting backs, it is mind boggling, but it is truth. R. Davis does not recruit good backs, and our O line exacerbates the problem.
  11. The debate is over... right?

    Why? Riley is already toast bro, who cares, lets make the next AD's job a little easier for him and fire Riley for him. Let the guy focus on finding the right coach. Not helping Grandpa pack his suitcase for his Alaskan cruise...
  12. sunday morning

    He brought in his coaches, this is on him.
  13. Think back to when Riley was hired...

    I heard Riley, googled him, I saw a guy who looked like Peter North. Just a menacing look, the kind of look that says " im going to long di** the Shi* out this program" I knew it was you Riley, you broke my heart, you broke my heart.
  14. Fit, the dude hired a coach who took over a team that won zero games, and is now leading offense in the nation, I think i trust this AD over the dude who hired, callahan, and the dude who hired SE.
  15. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    The first thing that needs to happen is to get the liabilities off the field cough cough, lamar jackson.. Next you put players where they fit, Kalu was not a safety, he should hae been playing in L.Jackson's cb spot. Marcus Newby, and Young way too slow, Put some weight on Dismuke, put him at backer. These coaches don't have a vision..