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  1. Great linemen= great success

    ... and in the wrong area!
  2. Hmmm ... what an amazing concept. Reeeeaaaaallly! Of course, this isn't a new revelation at all. I was alive during all those championship years and at the games. Trust me I get it. You don't need to educate me on the goal of what this staff wants to accomplish. Just adding a bit of realism to the board. Setting high and lofting goals by the staff is all good and necessary. For the FANS to put out what they think should be achieved ... MEOW! Frost is the right guy ... let him put in the work ... rebuild the program from the ground up ... and restore the order. I believe everyone will like the product ... both in what is displayed on the field in year one ... AND THE RESULTS over the life of his tenure. Curious to ask if you were bantering for Frost 3 years on this board like I was? Oh wait ... you weren't here. Ya ... a bit of sarcasm.
  3. You used the wrong word. I did not say "expectation". I said what is "realistic" for the first year with all the changes and the schedule. 8-4 sounds dreamy. That just isn't realistic, in my opinion. It is certainty the staff wants to accomplish.
  4. This might sound depressing ... agreed. I believe that has lost her way. It will take more time to clear out the foundational issues in the program. For me, 6-6 is realistic, especially given the more difficult schedule. No one believe that standard of 6-6 is the goal or ever should be the goal. It's far better for the program, for Husker fans, for recruiting and overall perception in this transition if we set realistic goals and then meet and/or surpass them. It is apparent that Scott & Company are the right folks. It's all good here for me.
  5. LB Laiatu Latu

    Hope he shows a lil' Latu - tude!
  6. DT Otito Ogbonnia [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    I hate UCLA. They seem to beat us out too many times. Fudge.
  7. Would explain why Frost was pissed. Also makes me feel a lot better we don't have him now. You don't want that kind of poison on the team. Move on. We lost the recruiting batte ... and now can build a team with those that are here.
  8. For me, winning this battle against OSU was bigger then winning the battle for Tannor against $EC schools. So, this one hurts. Still, we got a good player. The rebuild would have been quicker with this guy. Dude had a weird recruitment and in the end waffles on Frost & Company. Moving on with Tannor. Thankful.
  9. LB Caleb Tannor [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    This guy does have two 's in his name. Makes me more confident!
  10. QB Matthew Tago [Oregon State - Signed LOI]

    Still, just a pure waste of a player to me. Plenty of other schools as far better options. I realize MR isn't the coach, but OSU, really? I noticed all those formerl Nebraska commits followed him their also. :-) I wanted this kid. Hope it turns out better for us.
  11. Athlon: Grading CFB Head Coach Hires

    I have learned one thing in addiction that I believe applies to Herm. One side of his brain is selling bulls#!t and the other side of his brain is buying it. How long before it is discovered? Soon.
  12. DT Masry Mapieu [Iowa Western - Signed LOI]

    I've posted about all this multiple times on all the amazing available options that were even within the 500 mile radius. I'm comfy with my statement. I realize I know only a little.
  13. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    Perhaps I'm not grateful ... but I was expecting a higher % ... hell, I was wanting 100% and an commit tag.
  14. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    Watched his documentary today. Pretty amazing. Makes me wonder why he didn't blow up any earlier. To land this kid would really be epic. He's gonna be a good one. He made me cry when he stopped while talking about his Dad. Those tears were so big, so genuine. His Mom is a real rock for him. What a lady. Sure would be a treat and a treasure to have them a part of the Husker family.
  15. DT Masry Mapieu [Iowa Western - Signed LOI]

    This is the perfect fail of the MR era!