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  1. ATH Talanoa Hufanga

    Agree with Matty completely on post above. There has to be some "warmth" for !
  2. ATH Talanoa Hufanga

    Matty, you posted the article and then said, "He shall be N." I read the article. I connected the two and it appeared you were saying because of the article that he will be a Husker. I did not see much of any mention of him in the article other then a OV being mentioned. You then went on in your rebuttal post to share more, "Hell even Schaefer put lots of optimism towards it happening this summer." This all known ... and is true. I'm just a fan following recruiting. I'm not trying to make any news or help others form any opinions or post any official news. You seem to post the article like it had recruiting news for us and then said, "He shall be N." I call BS on that. That doesn't state any opinion about what might happen in regards to his recruiting ... but for those of us who are following to really find recruiting information ... your post leaves me rather empty. It's nothing new ... you looking for a +1?
  3. ATH Talanoa Hufanga

    Ya, that article pretty much locks him up as :bigredn: ... sarcasm ... but I always like Matty's bold confidence regardless of how wrong it is. :-)
  4. DE Micah Parsons

    Early playing time is an obvious factor now. Later on, it will be OSU undefeated or with one loss verses the Big Red N with perhaps 4-5 losses. My experience in recruiting has usually led to the frustration of those close losses or bad defeats that let a recruit slip to other teams. At first I thought this was me just being negative ... 15 years later on following recruiting I've come to have to prepare for it.
  5. WR Jalen Hall

    Wow, that is quite a statement. I'd be happy with just two of these guys. Heck, I'd be happy with just Parsons. Personally, I have many other words that I would use if we got all six of these guys.
  6. DB Houston Griffith

    Wonder what's changed in the last 7 days to now get two predictions for FSU?
  7. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Crazy ... we would still by 3rd in B1G if we got everyone we wanted.
  8. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    Additionally, Adam has had so many injuries ... that changed everything.
  9. Will Nebraska have a top 25 scoring defense?

    I voted no. Our recruiting classes match nothing really seen at Notre Dame for those four years before he got there. Additionally, overall, I see this as a transition year and the attrition of the season taking it's tool due to a lack of depth at defensive line spots.
  10. Northwestern? Beating them will get them into the Top 20.
  11. DE Micah Parsons

    Well ... come join the !!
  12. OT Trey Stratford [UCLA Commit]

    "Toward the top"? Meow. I was hoping for more.
  13. CB Mario Goodrich [Nebraska Commit]

    Awesome news! Welcome to the !
  14. OT Michael Thompson

    The staff obviously sees DT Masry Mapieu [Nebraska Commit] as a three year starter/stud who will be the #1 DT drafted in the NFL in the first round after starting as a Freshman and going pro after his Junior year. I'm guessing they also don't even see him needing a red shirt year.