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  1. WR Joshua Moore [Nebraska Commit]

    Well, I'm expecting defections ... never wanted them however. I do think that if we get the right coach that some can be salvaged. Keeping certain position coaches can help as well. In any event, the MR experience is over and just like all failures ... there will be casualties all the way around and that's all normal. Just hope we get it correct this time so we don't have to continue the addiction cycle.
  2. Hello, Mike Riley

    Hmmm, someone just +1 this post today and thus I'm re-reading it. Hey, I've actually rooted for MR this whole time ... so I guess I didn't go into hibernation. But hey, perhaps the Force has awakened and we do have the Last Jedi coming out very soon. Maybe that Jedi is Scott Frost, maybe not ... in any event ... I don't care who the Jedi is ... I just want him to be a Jedi Master and for him to understand the ways of the Force and have no knowledge of the dark side of the force (losing) unless it serves the greater good. :-)
  3. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Ya, I don't think I'd take a step down at this point if I was Frosty. He's got nothing but upside where he is at and better programs will come after him. Why settle for a team that isn't even in the Top 3 of their half of the conference?
  4. Hey, we didn't beat ourselves tonight ... we just got beat up.
  5. Ya, Iowa State would always have 1-2 players that might play for . Now, it looks like 1-2 of our players might start for OSU. :-(
  6. This game reminds me of against Iowa State in the old Big 8. We would score a TD on every drive and win something like 63 to something. Gone are the glory days. Now we are on the receiving end.
  7. Back in this thing. Tied it up!! Yes!
  8. Would have never have thought that ... and I had in my mind 70-17. Pretty bold but I get it as the season has progressed ... and this game.
  9. WELL, I didn't expect it to be tied at half. Thought it would help us to get spotted 35 points. Hmmm.
  10. What an effort by Fuller.
  11. HEY, we are still up 7. I am a bit concerned going into the second half ... considering the adjustments that Meyer will make. MR is as calm as a cucumber. No worries for him.
  12. Meyer looks like he is down 2 TD's. MR looks like he is up by 2 TD's.
  13. Bootle is really good at doing that. Geez.
  14. Hey, we got a first down that drive ... some progress. Too bad on the bad call on Gates block.