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  1. Friday Night Lights 2018

    "A good crowd on a hot night: The Memorial Stadium crowd on Friday wasn’t like last year’s 6,000-plus, but an estimated 2,200 or so braved the heat to see the new staff in action." A bit surprised for 2,200 as an attendance turnout. It would be nice to see 10,000+ at these events. I'm curious if there is more done to help increase participation by the fans.
  2. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    Oh it gets even better ... they just did this to get back into Pappoe's head. :-)
  3. LB Nick Henrich

    Frost & Co. were late to the party in terms of when this kid became a commodity. Thus, we could miss on him. But you just gotta love that we have Frost to sell and we have a LB coach that was a stud and successful in the NFL. If he passes on us it won't be our fault ... it's just what was inherited and the timing. In 2-3 years I think this situations will work into our favor for sure. I'll give Wisky credit for their own accomplishments. Additionally, they have produced some fine LB's. I hate Wisky ... that is all.
  4. QB Logan Smothers

    Here is a video from his Freshman year where he ran 11:55 in the 100 yard dash.
  5. ^^^ Hey, that's a good point. However, from what I recall, we pursued Chryst and he passed on us. So, my guess is that he's better then the 8th best coach in the B1G.
  6. I found this post very interesting. I hate Wisky ... but they have copied the Husker model and over the past few years under Chryst have gone 10-3, 11-3 and 13-1, winning every bowl game ... AND THEY HAVE THE 8TH BEST COACH IN THE B1G ... now that would offend me if I was a Wisky fan. :-)
  7. Consider Chi Running

    Jason Karp has wrote some good books on running, like The Inner Runner. I follow him on Facebook. He post videos of running and helpful fitness stuff that is not BS. I've found him to be a reliable, trusted source with many good things to say. Here's a video he recently did on how do you become a faster runner? He has around 6 lessons from physiology to make you a better runner. Here's lesson 1.
  8. Consider Chi Running

    @ZRod, some thoughts on hills. Uphill, you will have more "fall forward" and trust me, smaller steps and grind up that bad boy. Here is the amazing tip ... the down hill ... this is where you can really get injured and most do. You do not want to pound down that hill left leg, right leg, left leg right leg ... pound, pound, pound. NOPE! Most get their stride even longer and faster and it just kills the body. The down hill is where you fall forward a bit less because the hill and gravity are helping you. You will increase with more steps and a smaller footprint. Instead of around 180 steps per minute it might increase to 200. You don't have to use a down hill area to run faster ... use it as a time to recover. Let the momentum of the hill take you into the run and conserve your energy. Just take smaller steps and allow your body to move down the hill without injury to your legs muscles, hips and joints. I wish I could be with you to show you this but if you can catch the concept take a tenth of a mile in each run or in a few hills and try to practice the concept. Don't be a Mike Riley ... be a Scott Frost. Fundamentals and drills are important and we always take time to review and apply as needed. I do this in every mile of every run and it has given me great benefit.
  9. Consider Chi Running

    @ZRod, yes, you can take really small steps in chi running which increases your steps per minute which is good and healthy. It keeps you more balanced and that extra weight from pounding on your knees and hips. Most folks have to wide and long of a stride and then get a pounding on every step. If you didn't balance a brand new tire it would become worn out and defective very, very quickly. This is the same concept in chi running. I also love how by falling forward you can created great momentum. Again, it revolutionized my running. I have not had a person I have taught these principles to not begin to enjoy running. We just don't realize how bad our technique is and how important it is. Thus, the body gives us great kickback and we stop before we really get started as the pain is greater than the will. I love this topic of conversation so if I can help anyone with this concept please PM and I'm even willing to have a call on this. I've been running 5+ years now with 4 marathons and lots of half marathons. Trust me, I was not a running, always hated it. Now I enjoy running and also employ the Run/Walk/Run method, which for those of us 50+ is a great technique and way to go. FYI, I have a friend who used the Run/Walk/Run method to complete his marathons. He completes them between 4 hours and 3.5. You can still run fast using this method if you like but it gives your body the rest and recovery during a run to get in the miles. I did this this past weekend for a 10 mile run/walk/run at a nice 12:30 pace. I started slow at around a 14:30 pace and got faster throughout the run finishing at 10:50 pace. Here is a link to that run. Check out the splits. This is how you want to start off in training to break your muscles and system into getting in shape. I did this run before golfing in the final round of a three day golf tournament. I was so relaxed when golfing and all stretched out. The high from the run carried me through to a 2nd place finish in the tournament. :-) https://runkeeper.com/user/HeyBakerMark/activity/1178842479?&llsignup=false
  10. LB Nick Henrich

    ^^^ Yes on footwork. The other aspects that are so missed are the strength of legs and the core. The best kids I've coached have a very strong mental aspect to their game similar to a low handicap golfer.
  11. Consider Chi Running

    @knapplc, thought I'd revive this post as something to consider in your running. I've taught quite a few folks who hated running how to properly run and usually there are form issues that aggrevate the body. Yes, you need good shoes and I could certainly lead you to some Brooks or Asics that are great shoes ... but I could get you into some good Goodyear tires as well and unless they are balanced and used properly they will wear out and not save you from injury. All the best.
  12. LB Jahmar Brown [South Carolina Commit]

    This kid was a 4* OLB recruit. Yes, we care. We care more when they show interest in us. :-) Welcome to the board by the way. You are just 60 posts in so far that you have made ... hang around a bit and you will get the flow. Recruiting is about the only thing I follow in here. I've found I can't go into many other forums or I discover so many tangent issues that divide the fan base.
  13. Huskers After Graduate Transfer Cornerback

    Makes sense that from a "business decision" he wanted to play next to a Top 10 draft pick in the secondary and hope for better exposure to himself.
  14. WR David Bell

    Ouch ... a Top 5 with three schools from the West ahead of us. Hmmm, I'll hope he chooses Indiana.