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  1. Bolt VanderHuge

    A new low?

    And then a newer new lower low the week after... and then .....
  2. Bolt VanderHuge

    Bob Diaco after Northwestern loss

    Don't strain - just need to re-adjust and breathe through it. https://www.amazon.com/Squatty-Potty-Original-Bathroom-Toilet/dp/B007BISCT0
  3. Bolt VanderHuge

    Let’s not be nasty these for these final 3 games

    I agree - The players are young student athletes and from what I've seen, they (and the opposing student athletes) have been cheered. As they should be. Where I disagree - Some coaches are being paid more in a year than I will make in my entire career. (Oh, and I don't have a golden parachute either. Just 90 days notice.) SO - If I'm dropping a few thousand dollars for my family to sit in north stadium and I complain, I feel entitled. Or maybe we will stop coming. You can buy my tickets.
  4. Bolt VanderHuge

    Why am I a Husker fan?

    I'm just old enough to remember the 'almost-but-not-quite' era of the late 80s, although this was mostly though watching my parents and grandparents frustration. My first real emotional memory is the crushing defeat to FSU at the end of the 1993 season. Which made crossing the "un" off of the "unfinished business" on my homemade shirt that much better the next year. Later, I remember getting more drunk than I care to admit in college after the OU game with the Stuntz-Crouch pass. I remember listening on the radio, while on a family trip, to the Independence Bowl loss to Ole Miss. I remember being really, really surprised (and hurt?) at a 7-7 finish. Now my experience as an adult if it were a book title would be, "And Then It Got Worse" I have season tickets, because I always wanted them, but now it feels like an obligation. I have to pay to watch some bad football. I'm sure some people will say I'm a bad fan for saying that. Or for me leaving early. But after putting in 2 hours road time, the cost for parking, food, and then a "donation" for tickets I don't think it's much to ask for some quality product on the field. My son still likes going to games, mostly because of the pageantry. But very very soon even he is going to be able to see what is being put out there on the field, and he doesn't have the championship memories to fall back on. That reply is too long. Why am I a fan? Because I'm from Nebraska, I expect Nebraska to win, and I expect them to win because Nebraskans should be able to do more with less rather than less with more.
  5. Bolt VanderHuge

    We won.

  6. Bolt VanderHuge

    ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Tennessee? UCLA? Arkansas? Missouri? I hope NU doesn't try to low-ball him.
  7. Bolt VanderHuge

    The debate is over... right?

    Well you're in luck. We only need one win to get to 4. And that's probably where the needle will stop.
  8. Bolt VanderHuge

    Ticket prices falling?

    This. I'm going, but it feels like how Church feels sometimes) ... an obligation...and I'm probably going to leave after communion (sorry Father). Last weekend it took 90 min to get out of our lot. I didn't get home until close to 2 am. I actually had thoughts of "Why am I doing this?" - which would be inconceivable to 15 year old me, who always wanted season tickets. And that's the big worry, I think. I'm a mid 30s young-ish professional, Nebraska native, who is fortunate enough to have some disposable income, that also has multiple little impressionable kids who for now love going to games with dad. I know I'm not unique. The very real risk is if they lose my generation, they will lose the next as well. Or maybe I'm just being dramatic, because winning will fix about anything.
  9. Bolt VanderHuge


    I think WSU and Clemson losing hurts our chances. You know Urban is showing that to his kids saying "See. It happens. Do you want that to be you?"
  10. Bolt VanderHuge

    Ticket prices falling?

    Yes, but for the LOW LOW price of ONLY $400* YOU! can say YOU! were there for the Riley turnaround! Be a TRUE fan! GIVE MONEY UNQUESTIONABLY!! *Per seat, per year. Not including required "donation", food, lodging, travel, or time. Expected date of maturity 2022. All investments involve risk. Not responsible for loss of hair, marriage, or health.