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  1. Purdue is a night game....

  2. Time to announce Frost

    Tennessee? UCLA? Arkansas? Missouri? I hope NU doesn't try to low-ball him.
  3. The debate is over... right?

    Well you're in luck. We only need one win to get to 4. And that's probably where the needle will stop.
  4. Ticket prices falling?

    This. I'm going, but it feels like how Church feels sometimes) ... an obligation...and I'm probably going to leave after communion (sorry Father). Last weekend it took 90 min to get out of our lot. I didn't get home until close to 2 am. I actually had thoughts of "Why am I doing this?" - which would be inconceivable to 15 year old me, who always wanted season tickets. And that's the big worry, I think. I'm a mid 30s young-ish professional, Nebraska native, who is fortunate enough to have some disposable income, that also has multiple little impressionable kids who for now love going to games with dad. I know I'm not unique. The very real risk is if they lose my generation, they will lose the next as well. Or maybe I'm just being dramatic, because winning will fix about anything.

    I think WSU and Clemson losing hurts our chances. You know Urban is showing that to his kids saying "See. It happens. Do you want that to be you?"
  6. Ticket prices falling?

    Yes, but for the LOW LOW price of ONLY $400* YOU! can say YOU! were there for the Riley turnaround! Be a TRUE fan! GIVE MONEY UNQUESTIONABLY!! *Per seat, per year. Not including required "donation", food, lodging, travel, or time. Expected date of maturity 2022. All investments involve risk. Not responsible for loss of hair, marriage, or health.
  7. Possible 2018 Nebraska Football Payroll

    Shhhhh Coach. Quiet. It could be YOUR money. Just saying.
  8. If we beat Ohio State

    I figure it would look something like this?
  9. bo's last season

  10. Stop

    Year 3 has us asking "...can we beat Minn., Northwestern, and Purdue to reach bowl eligibility?". Or maybe more accurately, acknowledging that beating Minn., Northwestern, and Purdue to reach bowl eligibility would be seen as a stretch and a success at this point. While some fans may have their ceiling expectations too high, what worries me is that Nebraska is now far below where the floor should be for this program.