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  1. best QB to ever run the option at NU

    A little too young to remember Holieway, but Hagen's late pitches were a thing of beauty. Almost was a husker according to the McCartney 30 for 30.
  2. Best Win of the Pelini Era

    You're right about most of these. For me, that Michigan game stands out because we were up, then lost the lead late in the game on the road. After the Westerkamp fumble, i remember thinking we were done. Good point about most of these other games though, especially Michigan State 2012.
  3. Best Win of the Pelini Era

    2009 Oklahoma was one of the best and loudest games I've been to. Honorable mention to 2013 win at the big house. One of the few times in Pelini's latter years where Nebraska overcame adversity, and didn't melt down.
  4. Under the Radar Things You're Still Salty About

    Folsom Field, Colorado fans, and snowballs being thrown as Byron Bennett lines up for a game winner. Texas 4th and 1 in '96 right up there too, even though it was a great call on their part. The start to so much Texas misery.
  5. Bracketology

    I see. Thanks for clarifying....i didnt realize they didnt play a conference tournament.
  6. Bracketology

    I think the Ivy League used to give their automatic bid to the regular season champ if I remember correctly.
  7. Bracketology

    Thanks for posting this. Great information. It was a nice little Wednesday night for Nebraska's tournament hopes. I personnally think a win over Michigan would be enough (maybe I'm wrong) as long as there are no major surprises in other conference tournaments.
  8. OT Carter Colquitt [Mississippi Commit]

    If so, please add Tennessee.
  9. Ryan Held Makes Rivals' Top 25 Recruiters

    Thanks for posting Mav. In all seriousness, Held and Frost did an impressive job of rounding out the class the last month and a half or so. It's great he was recognized as a top 25 recruiter and I'm excited to watch him and the rest of the staff recruit for 2019. On a lighter note, we are pretty much going to need a separate thread for all of the pointer gifs that are to come. An "APB" thread perhaps.
  10. Ryan Held Makes Rivals' Top 25 Recruiters

    Good Point.
  11. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    Agreed. I truly believe we will win the games we "should win", and be competitive in most of the others right away. Right off the top of my head, I can't think of a game in the last 3 years where we were in control going into halftime.
  12. DE Tate Wildeman [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Rivals bumped him to a 4 star. I can only assume a decommitment is inevitable.
  13. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Oklahoma - Signed LOI]

    Rivals gave him a fifth star today. Didnt see it mentioned yet.
  14. Matt Davison Now Associate AD for Football

    Good find Toe. I wanted to listen to the 4th quarter again. Like you said, starting at around 2 hours 58 minutes, Davison just lets it all out. You can hear the passion Matt has for the program. If he's not going to be involved in the radio broadcasts, hopefully he is involved in the football program to some degree. At 3 hours 27 minutes...."It is unbelievable for me to watch this crap". I respect Matt's brutal honesty.