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  1. OT Jaelin Humphries

    What are we recruiting him for , anyone know for sure ?
  2. OT Turner Corcoran

    Hope we can get this guy. Frost is doing great work .
  3. JUCO LB Jermaine Johnson

    What areas is Georgia even weak at ? I think they hit all there needs and even more with the past class. They got a few 5 star kids. I just don't think they really need a juco player when they got all them stud players they got. Just me though .
  4. JUCO LB Jermaine Johnson

    Wouldn't surprise me if they did that. Look at all the studs Georgia got in this past class. It don't make sense at all to offer a juco with all the talent they have right now. Looks like Georgia will have a top class again this year.
  5. QB Michael Johnson, Jr.

    Hope he takes that Nebraska visit. I really would love to have him in our class this year. Him and Johnson would be great to have together .
  6. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    Well this sucks. I really wanted to see him play this year.
  7. OT Matthew Anderson

    He has talent .
  8. OT Matthew Anderson

    I'm ok with this offer. A 6-7 tackle ,i'll take that.
  9. WR Jameson Williams

    I think when frost gets that offense up and going he's gonna change that .
  10. WR Kyren Williams

    This Kid is so underrated. Would love to see frost get this guy. I think he would fit the running back/ receiver hybrid perfectly
  11. QB Michael Johnson, Jr.

    Would be nice if he's visiting.
  12. JUCO LB Jermaine Johnson

    Ain't we stacked at defensive end right now ?
  13. RB Garrison Johnson [North Texas Commit]

    If nebraska Takes 3 backs its prolly gonna be Bivens . Kid is a stud.
  14. RB Rahmir Johnson [Nebraska Commit]

    Will we see Johnson Jr committing soon ?
  15. WR Cameron Coleman

    He looks pretty good. I hope frost can get 2 stud wide outs in this class.