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  1. QB Logan Smothers

    I love his running ability
  2. CB Tiawan Mullen

    I would really like us to get mullen and Newsome. Them two would be great players I think together .
  3. TE Chris Hickman

    Well I really hope we get both, I was reading today that we lost 2 tight ends. So it looks like frost may take 2 tight ends in this class.
  4. CB Lorando Johnson

    I really hope nebraska can get him.
  5. WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba

    This Kid is a great player. Ranked 35th on rivals right now. He will go up in the rankings .
  6. RB Rahmir Johnson [Nebraska Commit]

    Johnson or Tompkins would be a great change of pace back to bell and Washington . Hope Washington makes it. Frost ain't playing around at getting running backs.
  7. OT Grant Treiber

    This also, but it kinda hurts any kind of recruiting you are trying to do when you always have a new coach on defense. The D wasn't all that bad. The problem for me was his play calling on offense.
  8. OT Grant Treiber

    I really believe frost will get us back pretty quick. We just need more players at tackle and in the secondary . I think that's what Riley failed at .
  9. OT Grant Treiber

    Oregon ain't the Oregon it was a few years ago. They got whooped pretty bad against Boise state in that bowl game.
  10. LB Nick Henrich

    I like our chances more now than a few months ago.
  11. WR Rakim Jarrett

    I think betts is better .
  12. WR Elijah Higgins

    Yup. I just hope frost can land one of the top wide outs in this class. If frost has a good season and can win 8 games I think that is key to next year's class .
  13. WR Elijah Higgins

    No way he leaves the state of texas
  14. LB Nick Henrich

    Good news
  15. OT Bryce Benhart

    I think nebraska has a better chance here. I seen that Wisconsin has 2 tackles already.