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  1. Nebraska number 4 in Athlon's 2018 B1G roster rankings

    Big East hasn't had football since 2013. How far back are you going? I bet you meant the Big Ten East
  2. Spring Game Part Deux

    Now that the Jim Harbaugh rule is in effect, there can't be any off campus practices anymore. UCF-UM 2016 highlight
  3. Tanner Lee Declares for NFL Draft

    I had to laugh... From Lee has uneven performance in Senior Bowl on 247 in the tweet Mavric posted:
  4. Tanner Lee Declares for NFL Draft

    Anyone want to take a stab at blaming it on poor offensive line play?
  5. Bob Devaney left Michigan State.
  6. National Championship Game

    It's interesting how many people refuse to call the best team in college football the national champion.
  7. Frost, Harbaugh or Urban Meyer

    Harbaugh isn't even the best coach in Michigan.
  8. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    UCF won 31 games the prior 3 years but couldn't win a game the following year. - UCF was 10-4 in 2012, lost C-USA conference championship game, won bowl game - UCF was 12-1 in 2013, outright conference champ with an 8-0 record first year in AAC, Fiesta Bowl win over B12C Baylor - UCF was 9-4 in 2014, co-conference champion with a 7-1 record second year in AAC, bowl lost - UCF was 0-12 in 2015 Just about as unbelievable if you really think about it.
  9. I've enjoyed ATS Knights' posts for most part. I gotta disagree here. UCF played a great game and beat Auburn. UCF isn't a play-off caliber team, they wouldn't beat any of the four. You'd have be pretty persuasive to get me to rank UCF ahead of Ohio State, Wisky, and Penn State.
  10. Tanner Lee Declares for NFL Draft

    But! In 2011, the pride of North Platte, Nathan Enderle was drafted by the Bears. Here's their completion percentages, TDs, INTs, and their TD:INT ratio. Nathan Enderle 54.6% 74 60 1.23 Tanner Lee 55.2% 46 37 1.24
  11. Tanner Lee Declares for NFL Draft

    I don't think Lee gets drafted. The last 6 NFL drafts had 68 QBs picked. All 68 QBs have a better completion percentage and only two (Gilbert and Siemian) have a worse TD:int ratio.
  12. Troy Walters: ‘No Block, No Rock’

    So we should follow a similar recipe to the one tOSU uses, which isn't ground and pound at all. I agree. OSU leads the B1G in rushing yards per game and is 17th in the nation. How's that not ground and pound?
  13. Passing offense under Frost

    I wonder how many of those were under 15 yards but the yards after the catch made them 20+ yarders.
  14. Challenges to a robust walk-on program in 2017

    Who has the best walk-on program right now? What schools are having high success with walk-on program? What's a good comparative program or a program to aspire to be like?
  15. Erik Chinander

    This is after the Northwestern loss, listen until about 13:45, it's bizarre. Diaco also mentioned the stain after the Iowa game I believe.