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    Going through "The Process." Not bringing ball carriers all the way down during tackling drills/games. Swindling the people of Nebraska for 1.7 million dollars.

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  1. El Straino

    Questions to Ponder

    Thats odd. I don't remember logging on to huskermassiveoverreactionboard.com...and yet here I am.
  2. El Straino

    We have a serious quarterback depth problem

    I reeeally don't think anyone is arguing that our qb depth situation is good or ideal here. If AM is down for any period of time we're going to be throwing together some patchwork backups...and that most likely will suck as much as the patchwork deck my brother-in-law threw up behind his house.
  3. El Straino

    Akron Game Weather

    Can cheekygeek be declared the official Huskerboard meteorologist? If, in fact such a title exists?
  4. El Straino

    No Smoking on UNL campus

    I've always got a big ole chaw of cabbage and beef going in my lower lip. I literally spit Husker Power.
  5. El Straino

    Pelini to OSU

    Yeeaaah. Ummm. No.
  6. * Me, at home this morning. Going to make breakfast.* * Power goes out * "Awww, man! How am I gonna fry these eggs now???" (All electric stove) *Deep thinking intensifies* *Whip out phone, bring up Ron Brown thread on Huskerboard. Place pan on phone* *Sizzling commences*
  7. The coaching in this league has gone from "meh" to "wowsers" since the time that we joined the B1G. Dolla Dolla bill, y'all!
  8. El Straino

    We're Number 2

    OMG, so many +1's here. Had many a frustrating gameday experience because of old fogeys, and I am nothing even remotely resembling rowdy.
  9. El Straino

    Best Win of the Riley Era

    I'll second this motion. I'd also go for something along the lines of the narrator of a children's show, like Thomas and Friends.
  10. El Straino

    Best Win of the Riley Era

    DoNU fan after upsetting Sparty in 2015: Man, this is awesome! Maybe we're gonna start pulling our heads out of our butts and get things rolling! Things are gonna be ok! Narrator: But things were not ok, and heads were not pulled out of butts...
  11. El Straino

    Huskers vs. Maryland - May 4-6

    No doubt...not even getting to play the Beavs in that regional was like tripping on the last hurdle and painfully face planting. Worthy of a Bob Saget voice over and a canned laugh track.
  12. El Straino

    Huskers vs. Maryland - May 4-6

    Give us some credit, we're garbage- but not burning garbage. Although something might be smoldering now. Hard to foresee a season quite like this after last year's B1G title.