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  1. Give credit to Moos

    It's just amazing to finally see positive outcomes from the Athletic Department that is uniting most of the fanbase. If Moos is a key to what's happened he needs to go sit on an iron throne.
  2. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    You already got a reply noting the official press release, but I wanted to add that the fact that they're hitting recruits literally tonight tells me there's a fire in Scott and his staff that will take this state by storm. From what we've seen so far since the game today, it sure doesn't feel like the outcome of a guy with cold feet or remorse. HCSF and the staff that he's bringing with him have been doing planning well before this day on levers they needed to pull instantly. I'm wondering if these inside source leaks about cold feet and remorse are some sort of planned lip service from SF to sort of soften the blow to UCF so they wouldn't be as offended with the almost instant gear shifting he's doing. I mean c'mon...he wore a red/white shirt on the way to the game
  3. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I agree with you regarding Frost's actual answer. That guy's "source" is close to Athletic Department (so who knows if it's even true). But I wouldn't be surprised if FSU's Athletic Department is feeding that line to key people with a little spin----as in it's a "let them down easy" no. Heck that could've legitimitaly been how Frost's agents responded even though Scott say no way Jose.
  4. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Interesting post on Reddit about FSU: link
  5. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Anybody who has been around HB pre-Riley care to offer their opinion on any similarlities of the "smoke" we're seeing for SF as compared to the Tressel stuff? Similar?...or not even a comparison? I'm hoping for the latter.
  6. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    At this rate we NU might as well create a SF reality TV show if we end up getting him. Not that I wouldn't watch it.....
  7. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    BTW, I found the forum where you got this rumor from, and there is some comedy gold in that thread as they play out the statements between SF and his wife.
  8. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Family first of course, but with the salaries these coaches pull I can't imagine things like this are major influential factors.
  9. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Would you be willing to bet on that? I live in WDSM so I can definitely pay you when I lose the bet.
  10. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Is this where the whole "where there's smoke" thing starts maybe?
  11. What do you think about these shows?

    Hahahah...you made it to Unsportsmanlike Conduct's message post of the day with this. I can post a link if you want to listen to it.
  12. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    There was a joke many pages ago that jessica0 is actually SF himself.
  13. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I just hope that SF has been vetted out as really the best realistic coach we can get at this point in time. I realize some are starting to say Moos is playing 3dimensional chess and maybe all this SF is a cloudy front as he works for someone better potentially, but I have a hard time believing the UN administration is willing to drop down tremendously huge bucks to steal a big fish household name that will appease the fanbase after experiencing the HCMR chapter we're just about done with. I can always hope that there really is something magical in store for us even if it's not SF, but my gut tells me it wouldn't be the splash that a lot hope for. For all we know SF may not have been target #1 at the start and potentially now we're "settling" in with him.
  14. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Look at this amazing dedication from UF fans...will Nebraska be doing the same?