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  1. I don't think seeing a win can be over stated. These guys are on a 7 game skid and have lost 11 of their last 15. These kids need to remember how and what it feels like to win.
  2. WyoHusker56

    Purdue Week Pressers

    Mo Barry is only a junior right? He's going to be a big piece of leadership this year, in the off season and next year.
  3. WyoHusker56

    We Suck "Megathread" All things Nebraska sucks

    Ya so that still sucks.
  4. WyoHusker56

    We Suck "Megathread" All things Nebraska sucks

    Just to be a pain, technically every college team has approximately 235 days (days from NC to opening weekend) since their last win (assuming they won a bowl game) to start a season.
  5. WyoHusker56

    Day by Day

    TILL WE CAN'T BE BEAT Glad I wasn't the only one.. lol
  6. WyoHusker56

    The "Mike Riley" curse...

    Wouldn't this mean we'd have to close the UNL Dairy Store? Blasphemy!
  7. WyoHusker56

    Scott Frost Lightning

    I believe Frost called plays at Oregon the 3 years he was offense coordinator there. Oregon finished in top 5 in scoring offense all 3 years that Frost was the offensive coordinator at Oregon. And prior to this year has had a top 5 offense 4 out of the last 5 years. The only year he didn't is he's first year at UCF. While Frost called plays at Oregon they finished as runner ups in the CFP. Not to mention that Oregon suffered immediately after Frost left. So, to boil down his success to just last year ignores the success he had before that.
  8. WyoHusker56

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    I hope this thread and title can be done and never ever become a thing again!
  9. WyoHusker56

    Buy Low, Sell High

    I know people are hating the buy in or trust argument, but the carousel the sophomore, Juniors and seniors have been through is crazy. You can't tell me this isn't causing issues this year.
  10. WyoHusker56

    Buy Low, Sell High

    Let's continue this logic then, UCFs success this year and next year is more credited to Frost than it is to Heupel. So, the hot start UCF is off to already this year is mostly Frost's doing. So, seems to suggest he was what we thought at UCF.
  11. WyoHusker56

    Rough 2018 start...Impact on Recruiting

    It seems like in the past we've heard recruits talk about wanting to be of a revival. So, I think one season won't hurt, but two in a row might.
  12. WyoHusker56

    Where does Frost go from here

    The SEC has a 21-14 record vs the big 10 over the last 10 seasons. So my point is if his scheme can beat a good SEC team it can beat the B1G.
  13. WyoHusker56

    Monday after Purdue is going to be interesting

    Someone find out who they are so we can @ them on Twitter!
  14. WyoHusker56

    Support Frost

    I haven't seen anyone say fire him. The thing that irritates me is these comments. Calling him overrated, saying his scheme won't work, etc. Critizing play calling or game management is fair. Making blanket comments like overrated or time to change his scheme is short sighted and dumb.