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  1. Can't Miss Any Games This Year

    Another streaming option to toss in, Playstation Vue. Their Core plan will get you all ESPN channels, BTN, and all Fox channels. I'm in Montana, but never miss a game with that! You just have to make sure you get your local affiliates which I do through an antenna.
  2. Duval's conditioning starts Monday. UCF players share.

    That's a 675 pound squat. That's pretty impressive! Edit: Compare that to the 550 pound squat that people were excited about with Bryson Williams at Wiscy. Granted he's a frosh, but adding 125 pounds to your squat at that weight isn't easy!
  3. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/life-in-the-red/driving-for-frost-s-fight-against-mediocrity-former-vols-aide/article_522d3fce-1b31-11e8-bbdf-43db1a6d9b09.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook This might not make a big impact, but one great thing I see about the morning practices is the early Saturday games. It seems like for as long as I can remember (mid 2000s, i'm only 25) the Huskers have started slow and been lethargic in the Saturday morning game slot. Maybe morning practices having kids used to being awake and moving will help knock off some of that!
  4. The Running Back Room

    Tre Bryant makes me think of Boobie Miles (Friday Night Lights), except he made it to college, etc. Really good talent, but knee injuries keep him from being successful. Hope he can get healed up!
  5. ***2019 Recruiting***

    That's if Taggart is still at the same school next year...
  6. BTN: Early Look at B1G West in 2018

    I guess I get it with all the uncertainty. I think we could finish 3rd or 4th just based on talent and more competent coaches though. I am not sure if my heart could handle finishing below Purdue again...
  7. Name Change Request - Husker56

    Hoping for a bit less generic name. Can I change mine to "WyoHusker56" please? Thanks!
  8. History of Nebraska Offenses

    As one of those young Husker fans (born in '92) I appreciate the insight!
  9. QB Adrian Martinez [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Seems to keep his eyes downfield as he is scrambling. That's great!
  10. Challenges to a robust walk-on program in 2017

    NCAA FAQ It does only require equal scholarships, not necessarily equal number of players. However, if you look at the "Other Benefits" section you have to have equal access to "recruitment of student-athletes." Obviously walk-ons are recruited and this is open to interpretation so I imagine that is where the concern comes in. They have to make sure the walk-on program is applied equally across the board in resources spent on it.
  11. Challenges to a robust walk-on program in 2017

    The other thing to consider is the toll head injuries are taking on the sport and the amount of kids that are choosing to walk away from football. That wasn't the case back int he 90s, every kid wanted to play football in college. I think there are more and more kids saying I didn't get a big time scholarship maybe it's time to hang up the cleats instead of walking on. I know several guys who went and played NAIA and FCS levels. Almost all of them regretted it because they had next to no chance to move on, it took up almost all their time, they had opportunities for non-athletic scholarships they turned down and it took a big toll on their bodies. I think there may be more top athletes who also excel in the classroom walking away from football.
  12. Frost on Jim Rome

    Man I could listen to HCSF all day. Wish I could go play for him, he's so authentic! Jim Rome is a great listen too.
  13. Offensive Line

    I do remember Oregon having smaller faster tackles, but I think this staff offered a JUCO OT that is like 6-7, 300+ on their first night. That's a huge dude, so HCSF may have evolved the OL a bit since his Oregon days.
  14. Quarterback

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but it doesn't seem like the staff is prioritizing QBs in their offers. They did offer Martinez, but I think you offer a guy of his caliber regardless of what is on the existing roster. So far they haven't offered a JUCO QB or any other freshman, so maybe they feel good with what is on the roster already.
  15. ESPN-How Nebraska Got Scott Frost

    It's interesting reading these articles, ESPN has this one, OWH put one out, I think LJS had something similar. I also just listened this this radio bit on his last week: https://969thegame.iheart.com/featured/beat-of-sports/content/2017-12-04-the-last-week-for-scott-frost-at-ucf/. They all talk about how torn SF was, how hard of a decision, etc and I believe that he really did have a hard time leaving and really enjoyed Orlando and UCF. However, I work in the marketing/PR world and the fact that all these stories are so similar and coming out at the same time makes me think there is some PR work going on to soften the blow at UCF some. The only reason SF would do that is because he cares and wants people to know that he really was torn, but it seems to me like people are pushing this story hard.