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  1. Decker is the epitome of what the last staff did wrong. He was by far the best lineman we fielded last year and he could only get on the field due to injuries. Even if Austin stinks as a coach, (he doesnt) the line will be vastly improved just because Decker will be on the field more.
  2. Chicago Tribune Article on Santino Panico

    2004, to this day, stands as the most bizarre season in the last 50 years. Between Callahans "just another game, just another season" comment, Joe Dailey stepping out of bounds to seal our defeat, panico being the only viable option to return punts, Jordan Adams spleen going postal, and our secondary going from leading the word in interceptions to being almost non existent we saw things I never thought possible in Lincoln.
  3. It goes against reason based on the fact that he was pretty good last year, but I think Speilman will be the guy every body is in awe of next year due to his productivity, so he could be the most "improved " player. I just see him blowing up next season.
  4. The Running Back Room

    Well, he had a surgery last year and only played in a couple of ganes so I would assume that alone would qualify him for a hardship year.
  5. The Running Back Room

    The thing we have to consider is that the running back who gets the most carries could have a lot to do with how much improvement we see out of the line. If they are able to pick up the new blocking schemes quickly and can get stronger and faster as a group, it's very possible that Washington is the guy because he seems to look the part of frosts ideal running back. If not, the bigger ozigbo could be relied on more to help pound down opposing linebackers. If it's somewhere in the middle then it could be more of a group effort or Tre could be the guy because he has the most diverse skillset. My guess is that earlier in the year we will probably get a lot more Ozigbo than we do later in the season. Beyond that I have no idea what to expect.
  6. The Running Back Room

    Tremendous is an understatement. I still don't understand how our running back recruiting was as good as it was for about a decade and then all of a sudden we don't have depth or any seriously talented players on the roster at all. Stevenson looked to be the part but that ended up being a crapshow. Hopefully what we have moving forward is more reminiscent of 2007-2012 and less like 2013-2017.
  7. The Running Back Room

    Burkhead was rated #9 in the country by 24/7. Braylon was caught in a series of unfortunate decisions and circumstances that led to him being a non contributor at any level, but he was probably as talented or moreso than green and Ameer. Green was homesick so he went back to Texas. I'm not diminishing the potential of the current roster but outside of Washington I don't think any if these guys should be considered anywhere near the level of ameer or burkhead. Bryant has had 1 good game, Wilbon and ozigbo had complete seasons that included highlight reels that would be a combined 45 seconds long. The remaining guys have zero carries as huskers and could just as easily be another generation of braylon heard type guys. Again, they look good on paper but putting them above ameer and rex is a stretch.
  8. The Running Back Room

    It's reminiscent of going from Derek Brown to Calvin Jones to Lawrence Phillips to ahman green, or hipp-redwine-Craig-Rozier-dubose-Jones-clark in the late 70s into the 80s. Helu was so vastly underrated when he was here it's a shame, and it's not even a matter of him getting no respect, I just think he's in the same conversation as green, Phillips, and rozier when it comes to the best in our history.
  9. The Running Back Room

    That's quite the statement about talent. In 2011 we had burkhead, ameer, braylon heard, and Aaron green. That's 4 top ten rated high school backs and Ameer all at the same time.
  10. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    I only brought it up because there are people who say that since Notre dame was courted then Oklahoma gets the same consideration.
  11. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    Also, AAU status wouldn't be a deal breaker for a school like Notre dame who is a top 20 university nationally. They don't do research but there's no question that it's a highly regarded university as far as academics go. Comparing Oklahoma to Notre dame is a rough day for the sooners in any area outside of football.
  12. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    Fair enough. So why was Rutgers added and not UCONN? UCONN made their desire to join the B1G public and would have brought essentially the same media market and better athletics across the board. The only meaningful difference is Rutgers is AAU accredited and UCONN isn't.
  13. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    In 2014, Delaney said that AAU membership was a requirement for admission into the big 10 in a public statement. Was he mistaken ot just lying?