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  1. Which Wins would shock you most?

    I'm certainly not saying they werent good, just that their stats were maybe a little better than reality because they played quite a few teams that were very poor offensively. Good offenses had success against them.
  2. Which Wins would shock you most?

    Until they come up against good offenses again.
  3. Which Wins would shock you most?

    OSU is the only team I would be shocked to beat.
  4. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Minnesota (Game 8) **

    I think we are actually in year -2. The Gophers are still rowing their boat through the 2016 season.
  5. Post-Practice Presser - August 20

    Possibly true, but at the same time you have guys like Honas, Bell, and Tre Neal who we would have expected to easily separate from the crowd and they haven't.
  6. When Will the Huskers Be Ranked?

    This. Right or wrong, Nebraska is a potential cinderella story this year and that will make the sportswriters give us possibly more credit than we are due. That being said, if we start out 4-0 we will be ranked on our own merits.
  7. PreSeason AP Poll

    For as hard as our schedule is, Michigan's is harder. 5 top 12 teams, plus Nebraska and Northwestern. Sheesh. Also of note, we could legitimately face 4 top-10 teams this year.
  8. Post-Practice Presser - August 20

    The continuing theme this fall is the increase in depth all over the field, but particularly on defense. Its been about 20 years since we have had legitimate backups all across the roster to keep fresh legs in the game.
  9. BTN Bus Tour

    I would tend to lean more towards lacking quality depth across the board under Pelini than the S&C program. That goes back to recruiting, and the constant exodus of players we needed for depth during his time here.
  10. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    This. Would Keithan McCant have started in 91 if it were left to suppostion and the desires of the team? Nope. Let the best players play
  11. Frost’s QB Room

    Not only that, but he's probably a master at putting sprinkles on the ice cream and learned exactly how to run the margarita machine in the weight room.
  12. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    Wow, so you think his 7 punts for the season will be that impressive?
  13. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    We beat UM, UW, and MSU.
  14. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    I say start with Gebbia, knowing he doesnt have a redshirt left to burn, but get Martinez in the game in 2 of the first 3. If he doesnt have that spark, use him as a backup and try to limit him to the 4 game rule. If he does, play them both for the entirety of the year until someone separates and then assess things.
  15. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    There's something to be said for being a "gamer" as well, and at this point we dont know if either of them have that attribute. TG could come out and just up his game against live competition and AM could just be servicable, or vice versa. We won't really have the whole picture until we leave Ann Arbor, IMO.