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  1. LB Nick Henrich

    We’ll be fine if we get him and we’ll be fine if we don’t. He’s a really good player, but I think his teammate Hickman has the biggest upside. That being said, I do hope Mr Henrich chooses NU because he seems like an all around great kid. Just don’t freak out if he goes somewhere else. It won’t be due to a lack of effort from Ruud and Frost.
  2. Frost Interview with Rich Eisen

    One of the many reasons I’m glad Frost is our coach is how he presents himself when doing national interviews, etc. I’m thinking a lot of fans of other programs may be a bit envious. And that makes me smile.
  3. 2018 NBA Playoffs

    I don't see Houston winning without Paul. That dude makes some crazy shots.
  4. Should we be surprised?

    What exactly are you getting at? Why should we need to do this? Is the gun violence problem not obvious enough for congress to realize they need to do something? How many more dead school children is it going to take for something to happen? I guess you're asking a fair question, but I seriously doubt my GOP congressman is going to stand up against the NRA. Especially when our own governor wants the NRA to re-locate to Nebraska (are you freaking kidding me, Pete?). I reached out to Deb Fischer expressing my frustration after Sandy Hook when she voted against some sort of reasonable gun control measure and all I got was some sort of BS generic "thanks for caring" reply. Congress has failed miserably on gun control ever since they let the Crime Bill expire during the GW Bush era.
  5. Should we be surprised?

    One of the biggest mental health issues related to guns in this country is the fear and paranoia instilled by the NRA into its members and other gullible folks.
  6. Should we be surprised?

    Way to go NRA! Another school shooting Now are your brainwashed supporters will go out at stock up on even more ARs and that means more $$ for the good olé NRA. The answer to all this is clearly more guns. When are people going to finally wake up and realize that the NRA cares only about the NRA and nothing else. I find it hard to believe that there are really so many stupid people in this country.
  7. This ranking is meaningless for Husker fans now IMO. Let’s check it in 2 yrs. That being said, I think you could argue some coaches are ranked way too high for mediocre or minimal accomplishments (eg Mullen, L Riley)
  8. Husker Coaches Clinic (Power T's Recap)

    Thanks for the info Coach! Between this and reading Feldman's SI article today, I'm way more optimistic about Husker Football than I have been at any point in the past 20 years. I wouldn't trade this coaching staff for any other in the country.
  9. Who's Worse: Riley VS Callahan

    Riley is definitely the better one. He got paved the way for getting Coach Frost!
  10. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    Rhabdo, concussions, CTE, C-spine injuries, compound fractures other freak serious injuries (e.g Teddy Bridgewater’s) are ALL unacceptable, however we (football fans) seem to “accept” some more than others. If rhabdomyolysis was not a risk of high level training, then it would never occur. Ever.
  11. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    Geez a couple of you need to chill out. The staff recognized a problem and has taken the appropriate action. Calling this unacceptable is like missing the forest before the trees. Football is a rough sport. Concussions, CTE, neck spine injuries, heat stroke. Are these dangers not also “unacceptable “? Stuff like this happens. It’s part of the risk. Now if it continues to happen and a pattern develops, then we can start freaking out. Thinking Frost putting the blame on the previous staff or the players for being out of shape is just silly. He is owning up up to a “mistake “. He will do what he can to prevent this from happening again. If you are still skeptical, read everything that has been written about the man for the past six months.
  12. This is complete BS. In the absence of some already settled upon buyout reduction, NU better have their lawyers on top of this. If they don't, it means one of two things: NU screwed up big time with MR's contract OR NU has so much money that they will just let this slide because they may not want to risk any bad pub. If it's the latter, I'm going to be very disappointed and will think real hard about future donations, because they obviously don't need them.
  13. National Championship Game

    8 team playoff with a maximum of two teams from any given conference. The eyeball test assessment and Strength of schedule are way too subjective to carry as much weight as I think they do with the current playoff committee. Make it the power 5 champions, plus 3 at large. Winning any P5 conference is difficult no matter what your final record is and should be rewarded with a playoff spot. You’re fellow conference foes usually know you well and can beat you any given Saturday (e.g. Iowa pounding Ohio State). 18-22 year olds sometimes have off days and sometimes good coaches get out coached. When this happens it doesn’t mean you either are or aren’t playoff worthy. Win the conference and you’re in. We can all argue about the final three teams then. My 2 cents.
  14. JUCO WR Mike Williams [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    A recruit with 4.4 speed and a staff that can coach players up? Yes, please.
  15. National Championship Game