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  1. Decoy73

    This is for the fans

    Good perspective. I agree about cringing at the “greatest fans in college football “ BS. I also sometimes cringe at the word “fan” itself. It’s a general, all encompassing term for the jerk who boo’s his team and always looks for something to complain about to the ultra positive happy-go-lucky person that claps when we run for 2 yards on 3rd-and 5, and then the rest of us somewhere in-between.
  2. Decoy73

    What happened to Washington?

    So while he was absent from practice Monday from an apparent illness, he hopefully checked out HB to learn that he’s supposed to be pissed at the Oline.
  3. Decoy73

    Buy Low, Sell High

    This is the most intelligent post in this thread. Think long term folks. There’s no quick fix to what we’ve gotten ourselves into. T.O. said as much himself.
  4. Decoy73

    Where does Frost go from here

    I chugged the koolaid as well. When will I ever learn.
  5. Decoy73

    Offensive Line

    Position by position, I can’t think of any where NU player > UM player. Hard to overcome that.
  6. Decoy73

    What Did We Learn? Michigan

    Getting clobbered doesn’t mean you don’t want to be there. We have other reasons for the outcome.
  7. Decoy73

    What Did We Learn? Michigan

    Winovich is FOS.
  8. Decoy73

    Where does Frost go from here

    I’d be going to the bar. Frost however, is probably disappointed, but not going to deviate from the course. He believes in the process. If he was freaking out after the game I would be concerned. But he is confident in what he’s doing. He didn’t suddenly forget how to coach.
  9. Decoy73

    Were we better last year?

    No. We are marginally better this year now. I think we’ll show slow, but steady improvement by the end of the season and beat Iowa. We won’t give up like we did last year. Frost won’t allow it. I promise you that.
  10. Decoy73

    Player sideline demeanor was disappointing

    Maybe one qb said to the other “someday, we won’t be running for our lives on every freaking play, that’s going to be awesome “ and this hope happened to draw a smile. Seriously, though. What else can we find to complain about?
  11. Decoy73

    Support Frost

    I wish I knew the answers too. Nothing is wrong with those questions. I never said there is. I was offering my interpretation of what I thought the OP meant by “throwing under the bus “.
  12. Decoy73

    Support Frost

    Throwing under the bus as in get rid of him? Nobody is saying that, but I've been reading a lot of criticism on this board today. "overrated", "lost his team?", "poor play calling?", "why is ___ player playing?", and basically a lot of why do we suck? comments. I think that is what the OP is getting at.
  13. Decoy73

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    Frost is a different animal. Straight shooter. Not going to sugar coat. Maybe he needs a little of a bit of a filter sometimes, maybe not. His frankness is appreciated, but yes, tough to hear sometimes. We just can't dissect everything he says (not saying you are).
  14. Decoy73

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    I get what you're saying, but I think it's a little early to be calling the coaches overrated. This was ugly today. Coaches, players, everything. I still believe in this staff, but its going to take a while for sure. Longer than I originally thought.
  15. Decoy73

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    Bad, but not this bad. Michigan >>Wisconsin.