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  1. 2018-19 B1G Opponents Announced

    There’s a pretty easy path too 9 or 10 wins there if 2 of our 3 early entries come back. Ohio state lost lost by far their two best players, northwestern has 2 of their 4 best players back plus a good recruiting class, Murphy is gonna be back for Minnesota, Iowa should be a 20 win team if they find another gaurd
  2. Eligible Transfers 2018

    Idk about light us up as his role would be alil different than it was at USD but the kid can ball that’s for sure.
  3. Eligible Transfers 2018

    Hope Edwards leaves or Purdue is gonna be awful good next year again
  4. So, who is going to leave?

    Roby would replace Copeland to the point of by January everyone would forget Copeland even left. The key is Watson has to get back to atleast average play. One of Allen, Thor, nana have to make a big jump with the other two atleast proving to be reliable bench guys. If nebraskball was ever gonna catch a break it would be palmer coming back for his senior year to work on his defense and off ball offense too. center is the real issue here, jordy needs to improve by leaps n bounds or the open scholarship of mcveigh has to turn into a 6’9” guy who can play some ball. A front court of roby, jordy, borchardt is not gonna cut it
  5. Post Play Issues

    Your very negative on this kid with all your posts. I’ve never seen him play in person but I’d rather take a chance on a “project kid” an hour from Lincoln rather then some of the kids we have taken in the past
  6. Post Play Issues

    Well that makes it alil more interesting that we couldn’t offer him a scholarship if we had seen him against high competition. I guess wingett averaged similar number against better competition and we didn’t offer him either. Grades may have factored in that decision though
  7. Post Play Issues

    Daum probably didn’t play AAU ball where as I believe Heiman has so that definitely affects recruiting as far as offers and exposure
  8. So, who is going to leave?

    I don’t hate the idea of roby n Jordy as seniors with nana,Thor,Allen, Xavier,Karrington rounding out the guards positions. Hopefully would see some development outta Heiman as a big off the bench. Now I admit the chances of those 8 being here to start the 19 season are extremely slim
  9. Big Ten Teams: 2018-2019

    Was a total waste, their decisions made no sense at all at the time to not redshirt with 2 seniors and a high rated prospect in Allen ahead of them. I may be wrong but couldn’t they still have practiced and been at games if they redshirted? Turns out at the end of the year it makes even less sense n looks more foolish on their parts. Only way it ends up bein good for them is if they were to transfer so they could then redshirt without loosing eligibility but again how many power 5 schools have 35 mins of 2 gaurd play open next year?
  10. Big Ten Teams: 2018-2019

    Antun Maricevic he’s from Croatia and is currently playing for Casper as a JUCO. Would have a few years of eligibility left. Saw on another recruiting page he is waiting till after the JUCO season is over to deal w recruiting. He’s 6’10” ish n looks like a bully in the post, a lot to like about his game
  11. Big Ten Teams: 2018-2019

    Bates Diop is leaving they honored him at senior night. Carr probably should leave as it’s unlikely he gets much better at penn st but he might wanna come back to try and get them in the tournament. I don’t really see Wagner leaving, he probably can’t raise his stock much by coming back but he’s probably a second round pick right now at best anyways.
  12. Big Ten Teams: 2018-2019

    I don’t see palmer or cope leaving, they might test the waters w that new nba rule but they will be back. Really hope that nana doesn’t leave, all the minutes he could want are right in front of him here. I do think if Watson is able to be a grad transfer that he might leave which even with his struggles would be a huge bummer since we rarely have 4 year players it seems. Mcveigh seems to be a real good character and glue guy but ya I’d love to use that scholarship elsewhere presumably for a transfer of our own. If Jordy leaves it will be a letdown after all the time they put into him and for the fact that we just don’t have anyone to replace that size. All n all tho we should probably be picked to contend for the big ten title next year w the likes of Michigan and Maryland and Wisconsin
  13. 2018 C Brady Heiman [Signed LOI- Nebraska]

    Most who watch his highlight tapes would agree with you, however it was gonna be us or Creighton it sounded like and as long as he takes the redshirt year it’s hard to beat having 4 years of a 6’10” guy that grew up 45 mins from Lincoln
  14. Looks like a pretty solid prospect. Willing defender, moves well w out the ball n fairly crafty off the bounce. We could definitely use that catch n shoot three point ability right now too. Anyone know if those highlights are from his junior or senior year?
  15. 2018 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    I would agree hopefully he can go somewhere to get some playing time, seems like a heck of a dude it’s just not meant to be here. hopefully they don’t use Jordy just because it’s hard to find bigs this late in the recruiting cycle my hope is they find a development guy in the roby mode who can someday play the 3 or 4( would like to see them offer wingett but don’t see it happening ) then ya pluck the best transfer we can so he will be ready to go for 19-20 season.