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      *NEW* Husker Football Commits - DE Casey Rogers, RB Miles Jones, WR Dominick Watt   01/16/2018

      Huskers get a commitments from   Avon, Connecticut Defensive End Casey Rogers Fort Lauderdale, Florida Running Back/Wide Receiver Miles Jones Hollywood, Florida Wide Receiver Dominick Watt   See the 2018 Class   Who's Next?
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      The 2018 HuskerBoard Starting Lineup   01/17/2018

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  1. 2018 G Xavier Johnson [Signed LOI- Nebraska]

    Nice to see most of his stat lines include 8+ assists n 5+ boards, two things we are in desperate need of
  2. 2018 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    Does Nebraska have much of a history of walk ons contributing in basketball?
  3. Next Year Starting Five Predictions

    Where is that blogger who had inside info on JPJ being “very bad” haven’t seen him post since I got involved w this site. taylor is just tough, tough tough tough. I didn’t like him as a starter so much but gotta give it to Miles he is money off the bench n he brings that swag. Him n duby are the kinda guys teams need to give you alil “juice”, just scrappy hard nosed players
  4. we actually match up fairly well w Michigan, as someone stated above they space you out and hit threes, Nebraska defends well in space and inless its the last minute of the game has guarded the three point line pretty good this year. We also match up fairly well w Ohio state as we can throw Copeland or roby at bates-diop then palmer or Taylor at Tate. we Have a shot vs Michigan but it would be nice to see the skers come out good for once. Last night if anyone caught the Purdue game they were the much better team but they hit those couple early threes n the crowd roared the rest of the first half. Our crowd doesn’t get that chance because most games we shoot like 2-10 in the first five minutes of the game. It would be an excellent time to turn that around
  5. 2018 G Xavier Johnson [Signed LOI- Nebraska]

    He didn’t make the McDonald’s squad but he’s having a heck of a year. Seems to get to the rim at will n does a good job getting teammates involved. Would love to see him n palmer on the floor together next year especially since Xavier has the size to play some 2 gaurd
  6. 2018 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    Ya totally agree, I think coming out of high school grades were the main issue as I believe he’s at a prep school in Oklahoma now? But he’s 6”7ish with good wing span and big hops, and can hit the three ball. Doesn’t look like he currently has many offers but he’s been putting up good numbers. If miles is gonna be retained I’d rather see him take a chance on a guy like wingett then another transfer. I think he played some 1 3 1 in high school to boot
  7. 2018 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    Be real interesting to see what they do since hunter previously said they are focusing on ‘19. I’m sure we take atleast 1 transfer since that’s our MO. Would be real nice to find a lower rated guy w robys build n get him in the fray as a developmental player
  8. 2018 JUCO PF Antun Maricevic

    Thanks, it appears his other current bigger program offers are from the likes of BYU and Wichita ST. Just from watching a few YouTube clips of him it looks like he could bring some much needed physical play to the skers, and fill the hole left by Thamba choosing Baylor
  9. Jordy Leaving

    Walk ons leave all the time, starters who play 20+ mins every game just deciding before the plane leaves that they need a mental break is a huge distraction, I don’t have a problem w miles letting him back on the team if the team supports that decision, I would however boo Jordy like no other if I was in attendance for the game he comes back.
  10. 2018 C Florent Thamba [Baylor Commit]

    Let’s hope Kenya hunter gets us another one, hard to see him passing up a chance to play at Baylor with there track record of developing bigs tho. I’ll be anxious to see what the back up plan is If we don’t get him, atleast 2 available scholarships left I think
  11. That first one on duby looked to be a terrible call. I wonder why they don’t make that reviewable like they do if a toe is on the line for three pointers. Then wasn’t there another one where a penn state guy flat out grabbed the rim when the ball was up there to pop it out?
  12. 2018 JUCO PF Antun Maricevic

    Anyone know anything more on this guy? Seems to have a pretty legit post game being able to use both hands and a nice baby hook shot in his game. Looks like he uses his body well when getting position too. Would be great to get Thamba on Monday but this guy would have several years of eligibility left and would bring something that the husker probably haven’t had since Ubel was a senior