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  1. Why is there no time? Are you on your death bed? Did you bet your house that Nebraska would win a championship by 2018? Did a girl promise to go on a date with you when Nebraska won a title? I have very high expectations for these coaches and this team, but they start in year 2.
  2. Bracketology

    Making it to the Big Ten championship game might get them to about a 50% chance of getting in the tournament. Winning it is obviously the only sure way to get in now. They had been able to point to zero bad losses to counter no good wins, now that's gone. Played not to lose today and it showed with how tight they were all game. Watson need a leader out there, he needs to step up his decision making
  3. This is a major choke game, everyone is playing tight and Miles is overthinking everything
  4. Might need to work on boxing out, can't give teams second chances...
  5. Looking like a solid NIT team today.
  6. ESPN stats show 7/9. Either way, many teams couldn't shoot that well without any defense.
  7. They need to drive and not try to get it all back in a couple shots. Miles is good at stressing this at halftime, I just hope the team can deliver. Win 4 minutes at a time.
  8. All this talk lately about how good Nebraska has been at 3 point defense this year... Illinois is shooting 78% after going 7/9 in the first half...
  9. Bracketology

    Tough call, we need a tier one win, so it'd be nice if Michigan looked better. On the other hand, I'd rather face OSU in the conference semis than Purdue or Michigan State so the buckeyes need to keep winning. I see Michigan already won. Really Nebraska just needs to keep winning or none of this matters.
  10. Huskers @ Husker Classic - Tempe, Arizona

    I realize that, it's just going to be interesting because of how injuries have already affected the bullpen for this season.
  11. Huskers @ Husker Classic - Tempe, Arizona

    Need some more relief pitchers to step up if this team is going to take the next step this year.
  12. Bracketology

    Probably, but Providence beat Villanova the other night, which helped their resume a lot. I think both of these teams end up making it.