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  1. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    Fair weather fan...
  2. DE Ty Robinson

  3. RB John Bivens

    I see no reason to not even consider him. Do they need to do their due diligence and maybe hold off on accepting a commitment until he meets some milestones they set for him? Of course, but to just avoid him is assuring that they'll miss on a potentially great recruit.
  4. DE Ty Robinson

    Yeah this is not unlike the Henrich situation for Nebraska. I think Sumlin is going to do fine recruiting at Arizona. Herm Edwards, who knows
  5. LB Nick Henrich

    As stated before, he's not a traditional Nebraska kid, so he has no in-state bias. There is also no player that is a "must get" because none are bigger than the program. There are other talented players out there.
  6. Tim Miles receives one-year contract extension

    It's all about public perception. To the average fan, firing a coach after a 22 win season is insane, and they don't see a one year extension as a negative for Miles. He'll either get the boot or get a long extension after next year.
  7. Eric Crouch vs Ryker Fyfe

    One ate a ham sandwich, one didn't. Easy choice.
  8. LB Nick Henrich

    He has yet to coach a game here and you're ready to start looking for a new coach based on what an 18-year-old might do? Relax...
  9. Where Is It OK to Start Walk-Ons?

    Walk-ons typically don't have scholarships for a reason, typically because their measurables aren't as good coming out of high school. At some positions, hard work and coaching can overcome those deficiencies. A walk-on OL can get to be a starter by living in the weight room and having the right mentality. A walk-on WR can do the same, but he's likely going to be limited in some area (height, speed, elusiveness) so he has to develop a niche. If he does, he can still help the offense because we need a variety of receivers. A walk-on QB has the hardest battle because not only is he dealing with the same physical limitations that many walk-ons have, he is also competing for just 1 spot. If he ends up starting that usually means he overcame many of those limitations, the services missed him, or the scholarship guys were busts/hurt.
  10. 2018 Spring Game Visitors

    I think the only way they cancel is if there's lightning like a few years ago. Some fans might not show up with weather like that, but most still will.
  11. Pro-Style QB

    I agree with the other posters about designations being dumb. If you watch some film of the QB's listed as pro-style, they are all good runners. (Gunnel maybe not as much, but he was offered by the last staff and as far as I know is not connected to this staff in any way) The main thing that gets them designated as pro-style is the offense they run, not really their abilities, and even that is questionable. Frost is not going to bring in a QB that he thinks will limit his offense.
  12. LB Owen Pappoe

    Agree he's not coming here, but he did come to Friday night lights last year on his own dime so I have to think he had legit interest at one time.
  13. Post-Practice Presser - April 14

    Not sure how relevant those are because they practice early mornings. It was about 42 degrees at 6 am.
  14. QB Luke McCaffrey

    Masker is another one if we're counting walk-ons.