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  1. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    Brett McMurphy was asked today if he thinks UM will be fired or kept. He said he has “no idea.” The only thing, he said, that would surprise him is if UM receives no punishment, but it wouldn’t if UM was either fired or kept. So the bottom line is we don’t know.
  2. Fall Camp

    According to this writer in the article, AM’s arm is strong enough if not great. I think we all rather have a more accurate thrower with just enough arm strength versus someone with a cannon that isn’t quite as on the mark. It just happens that Gebbia can apparently do both extremely well. I think it will come down to the guy who makes the least mistakes, makes the best decisions, and has the higher QB IQ. I can only guess with N’s conditioning program that AM’s straight-ahead speed and quickness has gotten even better. We know he’s gotten stronger at 220 pounds, which is a little bigger than TF was in his NC years. I can see him getting the tough yardage needed to get first downs. This is another area in the running department that AM has an advantage over TG.
  3. The Running Back Room

    Interesting. I was under the impression that Bryant was 100 percent. I guess he still has a little ways to go. Miles Jones is not mentioned bring in the rotation in Sipple’s article. Perhaps he is now spending more time in the receiver rotation? As for breaking blitzes, teams will try to with our inexperienced QBs, but what a big risk that will be with all the speed with our skilled players.
  4. Good article except Missouri won that 1962 game 16-7, not Nebraska.
  5. Biggest Concerns?

    First thing, we of course won’t really know until games are played in order to determine the abilities of our RBs. With that said, everything I’m hearing is both Greg Bell and Devine Ozigbo are better than serviceable. DO has apparently really improved his quickness and speed — and is now considered a home-run threat, as is GB and MW. I’m a bit surprised that TB is not considered a breakaway threat. Isn’t Miles Jones supposed to be? Anyway, I feel real good about the talent we have at RB.
  6. The Running Back Room

    One of the guys on the 5 to 6 slot on 1620 is predicting that Washington will start against Akron. His co-host is saying he will start sometime during the season. I don’t know about that, but the talent level between GB, TB, and MW could be such that there could be little difference no matter who is on the field. However some backs claim to get better during a game by receiving a number of carries. Frost I don’t see having one featured back like Wisky. He wants to do his share of rotating. Could that affect a back or two — hope not? All I know is I am not seeing a Frost team having a 1,500- to 2,000-yard rusher like a Jonathon Taylor.
  7. The Running Back Room

    That is what I’m thinking. While he will never be a great back, he apparently is looking really solid — he has gotten quicker and faster.
  8. The Running Back Room

    “Potentially,” this could be the best set of backs since 1995. Not saying it will turn out that way — no guarantee. We have seen what TB can do when healthy. And we have heard great things about GB and MW, but we won’t know of course until we see them in games. Haven’t heard much about MJ. Not trying to drink Kool Aid.
  9. RB Thomas Grayson [Nebraska Commit]

    I was wondering if one back may have cold feet with the stack of backs we have who may be elite or close to being elite (GB, TB and MW). With MW and assuming TB stays healthy and gets the hardship rule that pushes him back to being a sophomore, as long as the other two backs sign, we will be in good shape in the near future at RB. If there would be one decommitment, losing someone like Grayson wouldn’t hurt as much as another position. If he does chose to take other visits, then the coaches should go fishing for another prospect, even at a different position. It would be okay for the coaching staff to inform Grayson that they cannot guarantee his spot if he is still looking. If he is not fully committed, N shouldn’t be either.
  10. The Running Back Room

    It doesn’t matter one way or another. Washington has so far been very impressive. This could be the most talented stack of backs at N since 1995. I’m referring mostly to GB, TB and MW, but apparently DO has looked better than he ever has speed wise and in his conditioning. So there may be a use for Ozigbo in short-yardage situations or even as a blocker because of his size — he still most likely wouldn’t be as good in space as the other three. And what do they do with Bradley? Edit: I forgot Miles Jones, another potentially explosive back.
  11. Higher Rankings?

    I think you guys are right. If we beat the predictions this year and go, for example, 8 and 4 — the opposite of last season — that could increase our recruiting rankings, in addition to these commitments having as good or better of a season. I am seeing the talent level and the conditioning good enough to win eight games in the regular season this year. But if N goes 6 and 6 and we are competitive, I am okay with that, as the learning curve in the transition could understandably slow things down.
  12. Higher Rankings?

    I like to think, like many of us, that we have a class so far of under-rated commitments. Here’s hoping the coaching staff is finding prospects who are better than their stars. If all these commitments stick, along with the future ones, it will be interesting to see if N recruiting rankings go up significantly by these players performing to a higher level as Frost expects them to. Of course it could go the opposite direction. Either way, it still comes down to developement. Of course what the future signees do in two to three years will be most telling.
  13. I expect N to be a lot more competitive against WI this year, perhaps losing in a four-quarter game. I can see us having the type of offense with speed guys giving WI problems with their D. WI still needs to be little faster on the edge, and the Corn could expose that. I also expect N not to have nearly as much of a physical disadvantage with them. Still I see WI having the better team this year and beat us by a TD. And outside of playing us, I hope they do make it to the CFP.