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  1. Frost does not pay attention to these rankings — at least not very much. As long as he gets the players he wants that fit his system, I will be satisfied that he has gotten great classes. One year it may be ranked #19, and another year it may be ranked #4. Take, for example, of the DBs Frost had gotten in the 2018 class. He sees them as four or five stars. He has said he had gotten one of the best group of dbs in the country. I will take Frost’s word more than the recruiting services. Of course the best determination will be how they do in two or three years.
  2. Talent Vs. Developement

    I brought up this question because some fans believe to get back into the NC race, we consistently will have to have top 10 or top five recruiting classes. TO in his later years proved that he could develop three and four stars into fours and fives. Frost certainly will go after overlooked players who are under the radar and who he feels can be potentially just as good and fits his system, in addition to the ones who are rated high by the services. Thus we may end up with great classes — hopefully — that are rated anywhere from 20th to 5th. I’m not seeing us getting consistent top 10 classes simply because of Frost finding diamonds in the rough. Let’s hope he is that good in finding talent.
  3. Talent Vs. Developement

    Good point. Saban, because of the great talent he has, doesn’t have to do as much development perhaps as Frost. Thus it wouldn’t surprise me if Saban is not as good at developing players as some others. Wisconsin is an example of what you are talking about. Osborne’s early teams in the ‘70s and some in the ‘80s didn’t have great talent. He did quite well with it, except mainly Oklahoma exposed it. But that all changed from 1993-97 when we had tremendous talent. Osborne’s coaching generally didn’t change — except he did some minor tweeks and changed the defense — but his recruiting certainly did change.
  4. Talent Vs. Developement

    I don’t expect Frost to have consistent top 10 classes. I put my trust in his evaluation of talent and what fits his system. Some of his recruits will be four or five stars in his eyes, while they are actually rated three stars by the services. Yes some recruits will be rated four stars with the occasional five. But if Frost finds a few players under the radar that he thinks could be great players and there is little competition for them, he will go after them. This will lower the rankings some — thus a top 15 or even a top 20 with an occasional top 10. It all depends if the recruiting services agree his picks are rated as high as he thinks they are. I believe in the next five years if our classes average around 15, along with some really good walkons, we will be in great shape talent wise.
  5. Hey folks, what are your thoughts on this? Frost appears to be recruiting players from HS and JC who not only fit his system but who potentially could be really good players — of course some won’t pan out. Do you agree or disageee with me that the difference between the number one class and the 22nd is developement more than pure talent? Can you see where Georgia has recruited talent that is more developed than the Corn’s class? Could this be the big difference between a three star and a four and five? If Frost continues to recruit well and develops these players as he says, will the Corn in four years or so close the gap in talent to an OSU?