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  1. We're Number 2

    When LSU played Wisconsin I had some friends go to the game. They have a bunch of embarrassing pictures of piss drunk Wisconsin fans. Said they were all over the place passed out or stumbling.
  2. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    Ya, Joe Alleva is dumbass. Who hires the guy behind the Duke Lacrosse scandal? F King Alexander does. I know a bunch of LSU fans aren't happy with O. I'm just happy that we don't suck, the tides can turn almost instantly in college football, you can become irrelevant in like one season. F King and Joe Alleva need to go. As far as getting and developing a QB. Miles had a great plan that went to crap with Ryan Perrilloux. 5 star #1 dual threat qb looked to be the next great one in his limited time. Miles kicked him off the team because he was an idiot. Ever since then it seemed our QB development was always playing catch up having to play young guys before they were ready.
  3. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    Burrows is visiting LSU this weekend. One of the QBs had some Twitter comments.
  4. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    Thanks, yes we are a ways away. At least this group is positive. The LSU forum is not very optimistic about our coach, athletic director, and University president. I could put some harsh words on place of optimistic.
  5. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    Nope. Unless it offends you, then sure thing.
  6. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    And to actually add to the thread. Right now it looks like it's only Cinncinatti and LSU that are allowed to talk to him. Twitte
  7. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    I'm with you, was just trying to say that you can't really say it's a place where QBs go to die of they are still getting drafted. And I get that y'all don't care about the NFL and the draft, but if you want to recruit with the best you better start caring. Anyway, won't respond to anyone else. Wasn't trying to junk up the thread with LSU talk. Both my parents went to Nebraska and pretty much all my family is still there so I'm pretty much watching every weekend and cheering except of they play LSU.
  8. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    More looking at overall after 2000. The thing about 1992 was just going back that far. Push it to 2000 or whatever and it still doesn't look good for nebraska quarterbacks. Nebraska had 4 season of 3000 yards passing between 2001-2017. LSU has 3. These are the overall passing records. Nothing stands out after 2000 or so. LSU Nebraska
  9. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    What's funny is the passing statistics are about equal, especially in the time frames you call out(LSU vs Nebraska). It's all good though, just funny to hear people talk about QBs going to LSU and Florida to die. Adrian Martinez looks legit. Would be nice if Nebraska could land Burrow and let Martinez sit for a year and have his shoulder heal 100%.
  10. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    I get the QB situation at LSU hasn't been great, but at least we've had a few drafted in the past few years. According to google before Tanner lee, 1992 was the last time a Nebraska quarterback was actually drafted to play quarterback. FWIW, I'd rather Burrow come to Nebraska. We have enough drama queens that need to play down here.
  11. Moos Restructures Athletic Department

    What is a "Senior Woman Administrator"?