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  1. irafreak

    Where does Frost go from here

    Agree with Ulty. The "ah-ha" moment is coming. One concern I do have though is the offensive line. If they improve over the course of the year, then it's fine but I have a hard time believing we got man-handled by michigan simply because our line is inferior in talent by a large scale. I can't imagine the line at UCF was so much better than our because that line did fine against Auburn.
  2. irafreak

    We Suck "Megathread" All things Nebraska sucks

    This is a silly thread. I mean we're young and looking to improve. Why focus so hard on the negative? It's one thing to discuss things that we need to work on and areas of weakness but damn people...relax.
  3. irafreak

    Purdue Week Pressers

    I don't think we are outmatched against Purdue. Purdue isn't a bad team but I don't believe we are either. We are a young team going through transition. This team held it's own fine with Colorado and Troy. I know people scoff but those are decent teams...on the level of Purdue. I'll be extremely disappointed if this team doesn't bounce back and look more like Colorado with AM back. Not saying they'll win, but it should be a good 4 quarter game. Right now that's all we can ask.
  4. irafreak

    Purdue Week Pressers

    He did LOL!
  5. irafreak

    Nebraska line opens against Purdue

    Valid point.
  6. irafreak

    there's no reason to lose to purdue...

    But we should be able to compete with them. That's enough to have a shot. It all depends how the players respond.
  7. irafreak

    First Win of Scott Frost Era

    I'd like to see the team beat purdue. If they come out and play like the Colorado game but without the bad turnovers to start, I think we should win that game. The players need to come out with something to prove. I think Frost can get them ready for that. It will be interesting to see what they do this week in practice. It all depends on how the team responds. We have the talent to beat purdue.
  8. irafreak

    Player sideline demeanor was disappointing

    Sigh...is it possible that some people deal with disappoinment with humor? Hell maybe they were talking about how much this sucked and then something was said in the stands that made them chuckle. Those two players didn't look like they gave up on the field.
  9. irafreak

    Big 10 West

    Yeah watching them slug it out makes me feel like we'll be demolished by both. Lot can happen before that iowa game though.
  10. irafreak

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    Wow with this kind of logic you must never complain about anything (except people that complain). Phone company double bills you....well I've never worked in billing so... Dentist extracts the wrong tooth...I really have no idea how hard his job is. Mechanic misdiagnoses your engine issues and your car breaks down leaving you stranded...I've never been a mechanic Shall I go on or do we need to constantly push this flawed line of thinking that one must possess exact experience or they are to be censored.
  11. How about this quote from safety Josh Metellus “After the first series, when we went back out there, we just knew they wanted to give up,” he said. “You could just see it in their eyes. It's not anything I can really put into words (but) you could tell by the way a receiver is running his route, or the way you get blocked or the type of passion they're playing with. We just sensed they didn't have it, so we used it to our advantage.”
  12. irafreak

    Where does Frost go from here

    You know to an extent, you could alter your scheme. Unfortunately I'm not sure what you would do. The defense is the strength of the team but they don't create turnovers like Pelini's Defenses so you can't play clock control. Without an oline...you're just limited.
  13. irafreak

    Offensive Playcalling Thoughts?

    Oh we could be much worse. We could get pushed around by Bethune cookman. This line should be able to play with those guys.
  14. irafreak

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    I guess focus on starting strong. Lol
  15. irafreak

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    Your antagonizing him isn't going to help you know.