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  1. Moos and Black Friday

    What? No Bill...bits of broken chair...the one true rival trophy we have, should be Black Friday
  2. Best Win of the Pelini Era

    I also have to go with the monsoon in missouri. Sure it wasn't a huge national deal but for me it was the beginning of the upswing for pelini. A game they looked offensively inept for 3 quarters and then explode. Plus suh really started to get national love in that game. I know they were missing the weapons of the team that blasted us the year before, but it felt like such a positive step in the right direction and gave us an early lead to the championship game...if only our kickoff specialist hadn't choked....
  3. What is your favorite Husker Video

    If I could categorize them by coaches... Not alive for Devaney TO: Frazier's Run, Fleakicker, schlesinger rumbling, the tipped pass td 93 orange bowl, beating ksu with turman in 94, frost's Washington statement, his #1 speech, and the tamu helmet spike Solich: crouch trucking the Iowa safety, crouch's two heisman moments, heisman announcement, bo's blackshirts shutting down the osu three headed monster in the opener, Lord doubling back to score Callahan: uh...hanging 70 on ksucks...TO becoming AD Pelini: the monsuhn in missouri, roy's record breaking day, ragdoll colt, the kick and pick, bausserman osu comeback, taylor's attempt to beat Wisconsin single handed, Taylor stunning ksu fan, Taylor blowing up washington, that one time we beat wisconsin, Bo unleashed in college station, Kellogg's 15 minutes of fame Riley: I did see the Oregon 2 point fiasco win... Frost: announcement
  4. Worst Loss of the Riley Era

    Byu. After the blowout Bo losses and headscratching hire of Riley, I was done. The hail mary sealed it for me. I just spent Saturdays enjoying other things. In my mind, Bo wouldn't have gotten beat like that. So if Riley couldn't at least be respectable out of the gate then what hope was there? I didn't buy the excuses of needing his players or Bo leaving the cupboard bare. I didn't root against them or anything, I just stopped following.
  5. Memorial Stadium announcer arrested

    "You're obviously a Republican." Tha fuq?
  6. New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    Let's just take every track suggested here and play them all at the same time. Nobody else will have our new theme song. Plus it solves the problems of style and explicit lyrics since nobody will be able to tell what's going on. We'll simply title it "Lil Red"
  7. I gotta go with Frost. Think how much faster the offense could move without having to look to the sideline for the next play.
  8. Here's my problem with the call and it doesn't just apply to this game...it's kind of a tangent but still bugs me...there's a different set of clock rules at the end of each half. That play happens in the middle of the 3rd quarter for example and 2 maybe even 3 seconds tick off before the clock stops. Again, I just don't like the inconsistenciesof game clock management in sports.
  9. Spring Practice Notes

    I'm out
  10. Nah...there were some good times. The skinny assassin's 57 yarder. Suh breaking gabbert in the rain. The colt ragdoll. The kstate fan's holy s*** Martinez is fast face. Actually a lot of good times...
  11. Herm's a pretty charismatic guy. Players love him. Nfl background...I could see a kid wanting to play for him.
  12. So you chose the most impressive season of Saban's to compare with an average season of Osborne's.
  13. How many NT did Osborne get with losses on the resume? This can't be ignored. Back then, a single loss was the end of the line for that season. Place asterisks beside many Saban titles. Yet the only one you could argue of Osborne's was the split with michigan but they were still undefeated. My issue with Saban is that his teams have been given preferential treatment. It's not as though the debate has been "should Saban's team be awarded the championship," it was "should his team even be competing for it?"
  14. All Pelini Team

    Gotta go with Ganz as well. Martinez was a highlight reel but the good teams could slow him down. Ganz was steadier and would compliment a Bo defense better.
  15. National Championship Game

    By looking at teams on paper, you invite the human element. Set up hard rules that have no exceptions. Don't say this team would beat these other teams more often then not because then you may as well just dismiss actually on field results...I mean yeah team x beat Alabama but we all know if they played 4 more times, Bama wins all 4...you see the issue with that line of thinking?