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  1. The Bright Side

    It's a precarious situation, and I don't advocate just throwing money around but. . .if we play our cards right, IMO we can right the ship quicker than some think. No reason to be this bad in a coach's third year, unless you hire a coach with an average w/l record.
  2. The Bright Side

    Which is why more changes are necessary, probably from the top on down, good thing we have that $$$$ rolling in.
  3. The Bright Side

    Unfortunately, not much to hold on to at the moment Just that sweet, sweet B1G revenue that will be coming in and hopefully allowing us to make more necessary moves.
  4. Fire Cavanaugh

    Year 3 of recruiting/development should not see this kind of inconsistency up front. Defense is one thing, with the changes made. Offensively, they should be showing signs of improvement, not regressing like they just did.
  5. What does MR need to do to earn back your TRUST?

    3 years was a reasonable amount of time to have a decent o-line put in place to run your system. They've gotten worse
  6. What did we learn-Game 1 Arky State

    A player can remove his own helmet in order to stop the clock and buy 3 points that his team didn't earn
  7. Countdown to kickoff...

    But it is Aaron Graham. Dominic Railoa never played Oklahoma in Lincoln (redshirted in 1997).
  8. Holy hell, George

    Am I to believe that was an actual serious call and not some bit? Cause I find it hard to imagine anyone not knowing what AD actually stands for (then again, some people do say ATM machine I guess.)
  9. How does this team improve in 2018?

    I think Kirby is a good assistant, but not the one Nebraska needed when Bolt left. Fullerton was never an offensive juggernaut. Erstad said we'd have guys flying all over the baespaths, "chaos", to be specific, and we've had very little of that, at least in the positive sense (DPs and that one triple play being fairly chaotic in their own way, I guess).
  10. Fightin' Erstads at the Corvallis Regional

    Yeah when commentators on ESPN 3 are pointing out bad tactics, that's not good. It's almost like the team, from top to bottom, quit. :-| i thought this about the team last year after their poor performance in the regional and was thinking they would do the same this year after their early exit from the Big 10 tournament. I can see how this can happen considering school's out, some of them have the draft to think about, and the younger ones have summer teams to get to. not really much keeping them around. What I don't understand is how do these other teams stay focused? Nebraska isn't the only ones that are out of school and might have some players drafted. Experienced head coaches, probably. Erstad should not have been promoted immediately. Maybe he'll learn some day, but we probably could have hired an actual, experienced coach, let Erstad hang around in some capacity (volunteer outfielders coach, or something) and maybe let him take over down the line somewhere if the head coach pulled a Van Horn
  11. Fightin' Erstads at the Corvallis Regional

  12. Fightin' Erstads at the Corvallis Regional

    Hey, Alvarado executes a bunt. Good job.
  13. Fightin' Erstads at the Corvallis Regional

    He probably would have popped it up anyway, this team doesn't execute in regionals
  14. Fightin' Erstads at the Corvallis Regional

    Our conference championship looks a little less impressive with each Big 10 team that gets its ass kicked today.
  15. 2017 Road To Omaha

    There were a few too many bad losses in the regular season again, as well: Western Carolina (2), Bakersfield (1), Cal Poly (1), Ohio State (1), PSU (1). Obviously winning ALL of those games is probably not realistic, but need to flip two or three of them.