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  1. Primeknit A1 uniforms

    I like that these uniforms are named after sh*tty steak sauce, though I can't articulate why.
  2. Vegas sets Huskers Over/Under at 5.5 wins

    I momember (??) 2002, same thing. I was shocked the media didn't think Nebraska would be very good that year and was ready to fire off a series of "Oh YEAH?" type emails, then the season came and went, half the coaching staff retired or was canned, and I learned a valuable lesson in objectivity But I feel pretty good about the long-term prospects under Frost, to be sure.
  3. Solich - couple questions

    The '99 scenario depends. If Nebraska beats Texas in the regular season, I believe A&M wins the south and Nebraska has to beat them twice instead of the horns, which, eh, not impossible, I don't think.
  4. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    I voted for 2012 Wisconsin CCG because that's probably right. I feel like 2014 Minnesota, while not the worst, deserves some mention. Going up 21-7 and then just laying a big ol' turd on the field in the second half against a team that while not super-fast or talented was just so much better in the coaching department That was when I was officially cool with firing Bo.
  5. 2018 Season Notes

    I don't know what the approach even is at this point. They're terribly inconsistent at small-ball, make the weirdest baserunning decisions, strike out a ton, then score 22 runs in a game to make people think they're capable, every other game was just a matter of "bad luck"/"thaaaaaaat's baseball for ya"
  6. 2018 Season Notes

    Not gonna solve the problem with offense. Nebraska has shown they can only "clutch hit" when they're down 8+ runs most of this season. Erstad has proven little or nothing as hitting coach in 5 years (counting 2011) and needed to take himself out of that position. I would have hardly considered that the "easy" way out.
  7. Huskers @ Illinois - May 17-19

    Gary Sharp was making the points as well. Seeing as he has been around for a few decades and called Nebraska baseball for a few years (before Jim Rose started getting people fired for some reason), I think he has some access to info.
  8. Best Win of the Pelini Era

    I'll toss a vote to Clemson in the Gator Bowl. It wasn't peak Clemson yet, but it was a good win in a transition year.
  9. Huskers @ Illinois - May 17-19

    The sad part is people are willing to overlook Erstad's recruiting failures within the state of Nebraska. They'll blame the Big 10 ("nobody wants to play in that league") when the word on the street is no effort is being made to contact some very talented players in NE :|
  10. Huskers vs. Indiana - May 11-13

    Given Erstad's postseason record since Will Bolt. . .bolted (1-6 in Big 10 tournaments, 0-4 in regionals), they ARE playing like every game is the postseason this year Oh wait
  11. Huskers vs. Maryland - May 4-6

  12. Huskers vs. Maryland - May 4-6

    Aaaand just like that Jaxon Hallmark gives Nebraska the lead. Maryland's definitely not good.
  13. Huskers vs. Maryland - May 4-6

    Nice effort for the team to climb back in this one, but still trail by a run :/
  14. Huskers vs. Maryland - May 4-6

    Nebraska beat 8th-place Purdue in the first game of last year's B1G tournament, so they had THAT goin' for 'em. Never mind Purdue jumped out to a pretty big lead in that game somehow. It'd be one thing if Nebraska were just losing games, but watching a senior second baseman spike a baseball into the dirt on what should have been a routine throw to home plate last night to open the flood gates typified this season. They're bad at baseball.
  15. Huskers vs. Maryland - May 4-6

    I think that in every game since Will Bolt left, you can count the number of runs Nebraska has scored with the bases loaded and less than 2 outs on one hand Maybe an exaggeration, but somebody on a different board posted some of Nebraska's offensive rankings nationally since 2015 when Erstad resumed hitting coach duties, and the drop-off has been UGLY, and not getting any better.