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  1. I cant take it anymore

    I should throw in the volleyball NCs too. John Cooke is such a good couch. Even better than Terri Petite.
  2. I cant take it anymore

    People should of learned to spell those names correctly.
  3. only way riley stays is this

    I expect the next thread with this title to read "if every other person on Earth is dead." And even then it would be false.
  4. Coordinator Hate

    I said largely, not entirely. The OU game that year started pretty rough, too. But that defense flipped a switch down the stretch and were pretty tough by the time they faced Clemson in Jacksonville.
  5. Coordinator Hate

    I think Carl Pelini went largely unscathed, outside of the allegations of his off-field adventures, of course.
  6. ***Official Rutgers Game Discussion Thread***

    That was a long, distracting week. Lots of injuries to key players. Williams gets ejected early on. Congratulations to the team for pulling it together especially in the second half.
  7. The Bright Side

    It's a precarious situation, and I don't advocate just throwing money around but. . .if we play our cards right, IMO we can right the ship quicker than some think. No reason to be this bad in a coach's third year, unless you hire a coach with an average w/l record.
  8. The Bright Side

    Which is why more changes are necessary, probably from the top on down, good thing we have that $$$$ rolling in.
  9. The Bright Side

    Unfortunately, not much to hold on to at the moment Just that sweet, sweet B1G revenue that will be coming in and hopefully allowing us to make more necessary moves.
  10. Fire Cavanaugh

    Year 3 of recruiting/development should not see this kind of inconsistency up front. Defense is one thing, with the changes made. Offensively, they should be showing signs of improvement, not regressing like they just did.
  11. What does MR need to do to earn back your TRUST?

    3 years was a reasonable amount of time to have a decent o-line put in place to run your system. They've gotten worse
  12. What did we learn-Game 1 Arky State

    A player can remove his own helmet in order to stop the clock and buy 3 points that his team didn't earn
  13. Countdown to kickoff...

    But it is Aaron Graham. Dominic Railoa never played Oklahoma in Lincoln (redshirted in 1997).
  14. Holy hell, George

    Am I to believe that was an actual serious call and not some bit? Cause I find it hard to imagine anyone not knowing what AD actually stands for (then again, some people do say ATM machine I guess.)