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  1. The Republican Utopia

    http://www.marieclaire.com/politics/features/a28947/trump-legacy-is-not-temporary/ I agree with this. This isn't some fluke of a nightmare that we'll wake up from one day once a few election results swing the other way. We have to reckon with the fact that we got here. They will lead. Will we (continue to) follow?
  2. Wow, the post-Bannon era has been such a fresh start and pivot to decency.

    1. VectorVictor


      Hey, at least the crowds were decent, right?



    2. zoogs


      Such big crowds and so many sports jerseys

    3. VectorVictor


      Well, Cleveland Phoenix is a sports town, after all. 

  3. Trump's America

    (Emphasis mine). There are many sides; only one of them is correct. This is the fight before us: whether America means the outright rejection of white supremacy or whether everything America ostensibly stands for is compatible only with the prevalence of the white supremacy narrative. The "neutral" ground is not neutral at all. It's the "Freedom! But hey, this country was built by 'white' people and 'white' culture" ground.
  4. Trump's cabinet

    Trump science envoy and Berkeley professor Dan Kammen resigns: The first letter of each paragraph combine to spell "IMPEACH".
  5. Did his supporters...cheer that? People
  6. NBA Off-season Moves

    This seems like a really good deal for the Cavs and a shaky one for the Celtics. IT4 is no slouch, that pick is going to be a primo one, and the Celts lose two other players all to get marginally better timing out of their point guard. The Cavs can keep Thomas, draft another star #1 and then how will the Celtics catch up to them in the East?
  7. Trump and the Press

    ~24hr Going to show, by the way, just how depraved is that bipartisan national sickness which equates "waging war" with "substance" and "gravitas".
  8. Trump and the Press

    I haven't followed closely. It sounds like a dumpster fire. Get the sense that this is sarcastic.
  9. Trump and the Press

    "No Fascist USA" no longer sounds like an unreasonable rally cry to be making right now. If it ever did.
  10. ***Arkansas State Prediction Contest***

    Nebraska 38 ASU 17 Air 255 Ground 165
  11. Happy birthday, Tony! Hope 'twas a good one!
  12. Well hello, Kyrie.

  13. Dems Rebuild

    I'm all for splitting off; then the Democrats can become the party of pro-business centrists which is not all that far (if any different) from what it has been. Maybe then they'll draw off enough Republicans so as to reduce the present day GOP to the margins of the racist, anti-science, and xenophobic. But this is a fantasy, because those motivated (or at least swayed by) by racial resentment and white nationalism, they aren't some dismissable minority. Not yet.
  14. @hskrfan4life yeah I hope it's the case that Wisky has kicked it up a notch, but so does Nebraska en route to a Husker win Wisconsin vaulting up like Michigan State ... that's good for the division, good for the conference, good for us.
  15. Board Forum Reorginazation

    It's got to be the Twitter. As for not ending up in the right place, my guess is that would be from scrolling as the jumping around is still going. I don't know that there's a way to fix that. Designers who weren't designing for pages with 30 embedded tweets all finishing loading at different times.