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  1. Are you surprised at where we are at?

    Not surprised with anything sinc HC Solich went 7-7. The game was changing and we hired coaches that made me displeased the instant they all were announced until HC Frost. He might do well. It's the most excitement I've had for the football team's direction since TO stepped down. So in many ways, I am very happy to be surprised of this hire and Moos
  2. Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2018

    Yes for sure. Be afraid
  3. Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2018

    I am Soooo in. Thinking about it past week too
  4. The Running Back Room

    Cool. I can't say I know anything about Wash, but the speed sounds good for us (Frost's offense). I believe the lead carrier will come down to Bell and Bryant. This trio should solidify the backfield. Agree?
  5. Mikale Wilbon

    Ok well put.
  6. Mikale Wilbon

    True, he had lots of carries. But remember, Bryant is an exception to comparison of any of our backs. I do not mind being incorrect, but Tre was a legit 1500 yard kind of guy. Unfortunate he got injured. Staying healthy he would have done it before graduating. I don't think the offense ever needed Oz as the prime ball carrier. I do know the offense did not give backs a fair chance within the playbook
  7. Mikale Wilbon

    That's translated inaccurately. The offense had two more running plays than Pop Warner. Which meant 3 different ways to run towards the Center or Guard. He might be good, he might be average or less. There wasn't an opportunity to display a running back's talent.
  8. Mikale Wilbon

    Tony Dorsett ran 6000 yards at Pitt before he got hit. He got a few yards after that. Space and room helps a little in college ball. Just sayin
  9. Ooops, wrong thread
  10. Ok I'm confused by this. You are saying the Huskers have been s#!tty, and those other teams are not good. I mean, NU is just one game on their schedule, sooo..... Not good?? Didnt NW, Iowa and Wisconsin each win 10+ games in recent years without compiling 4 losses in that same year to accomplish that? When did the Huskers do that last? 10 wins with less than 4 losses at end of year? Don't knock them. Some teams just get the job done. The Huskers have been average mid tier for 15+ years. So expect the same until it gets proven differently. I'm hopeful for that soon.
  11. Helu Jr. Vs. Burkhead

    Rex because he made more positive yards out of negative plays. Ran low, hard, twisted, turned and gained extra yards that moved chains. Anyone can run in open space, yet Rex was tough and illusive within a pile of defenders. Need 2 yards? He got 3 when defenders penetrated the line somehow. All the time. Maybe it's not ESPN exciting, but die hards loved it (me included)
  12. Westerkamp vs. Swift

    Loved Swift, but we will never see a player like Westerkamp anytime soon, if ever. Great routes, breaking routes, body positioning, amazing hands, smarts and was reliable over and over. Even in big games. Didn't matter if it was 5 yards needed or 15. Just throw it to him.
  13. Jamal Lord vs Taylor Martinez

    TMart. Unless others forgot, in 40+ games he completed roughly 90 out of 100 on bubble screens. Cut it down to half of that and he was really mid 50%. He also had Helu, Rex and Ameer as co-running threats to count for. He didn't know how to get tackled when momentum ended in the open field. It was so awkward and strange, kind of like his throwing motion too. He was also one of the ncaa's best homerun threats in decades. Very exciting in space, it was speed blasting through defenses, but made it look easy. His passing was ok his JR year, and leading those comebacks were exciting and incredible. Idk Just calling it as I saw it. Very good player.
  14. Tournament Challenge ESPN

  15. Tyjon Lindsey

    Yeah, both sleeves is totally All In