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  1. BTN Bus tour to visit Nebraska on 8/15!

    That makes sense, right? Teams will always try to eliminate the run game, force you to throw. Now if the passing game improves quite a bit, then the crummy run game will open back up. Will be important to not abandon it. You have to be able to do both in the redzone if you want to get touchdowns.
  2. Has anyone mentioned Coors Light? I mean, it's not just used to water my lawn you know
  3. For sure, we are in the same boat. At least that's the feel during the off season. Lots of changes and yet some things the same. Hoping both teams are closer to the 10-2 side of it
  4. BTN Bus tour to visit Nebraska on 8/15!

    I like the clarification. It's encouraging because there are new coaches, players and schemes. It also helps that it was scheduled further into fall camp to check them out. I feel a little more positive about it.
  5. How to make new status update

    Ok thank you Enhance
  6. How to make new status update

    Trying to figure it out too. Just to run a quick test. So far, I'm failed.
  7. Board Announcements

    So, kinda like secretaries?
  8. Board Forum Reorginazation

    Thanks Enhance. Some of us you mentioned could be in tuned with twitter, fb, reddit, blah blah blah but choose not to. So we happily stay away from it. I am open for changes and tweaks. But I like knowing that if I want to read something specific, I just look for the thread title and it's all in there. It's clean and without clutter from my perspective. PS. Don't hate on me LOMS I agree we need more convo around the tweets!
  9. Bears @ Packers to Air on Amazon Prime

    I agree completely... SKOL VIKINGS! FIFY.... Oh, and welcome to the NORTH. LOL +1 to you both Something we can all agree on at least, is - What are Lions?
  10. Board Forum Reorginazation

    Hey, not bad. Now could you do something about the running game?
  11. Not sure, but it seems the traditional fall camp article about the OL sounds similar.
  12. At least he hasn't mentioned "technique" this year (yet)...or wanting them to be "a little nasty/mean streak" (yet). And not sure why "run blocking" and "pass protect" is not in Cav's vocabulary when talking about his offensive line. Now that would be awesome.
  13. "I really like this group," Cavanaugh said. "It's great in meetings. Attentive. Wants to learn. Loves what they're doing. Good guys. Fun. So that's awesome."