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  1. melscott62


    Lol if you say so. Feel free to back that opinion up
  2. melscott62


    He never had a situation like this year. Or even close. He also annually got blown out by teams that were inferior to vastly inferior to last years auburn team.
  3. melscott62

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    Peaple need to calm down. This season has started absolutely as poorly as could have imagined. Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong has. Our margin of error was already extremely thin so it didn't take much to tip the scales against us. Imagine in July of you would have been told troy was our second game and our walk on was starting. At QB. Also Troy beat LSU last year and almost beat Clemson (who i believe was pretty good in 2016).
  4. melscott62

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    The ortho surgeon i was with in my ortho rotation in med school basically said that means next to nothing until they get the imaging.
  5. melscott62

    Possible Sunday reschedule

    Extremely foolish if true
  6. This has been covered. He is a special is still a special assistant through the end of the year.
  7. If he's nfl talent he will work his way to the top
  8. Pretty horrible news. Also very short sighted if he chooses to leave. AM could get hurt or just not be good in games.
  9. melscott62

    Frost’s QB Room

    How much of that was him not being good vs the guy that beat him out was incredible
  10. melscott62

    BTN Bus Tour

    I would broaden that. The guy wouldn't adjust, and you just can't do that as a coach. TO had to make large adjustments several times throughout his career.
  11. melscott62

    Biggest Concerns?

    I think people are missing my point here a tad. I literally think that's the only thing to worry about. As long as people are being reasonable I think we are in good hands. And let's not kid ourselves that there won't be numerous fans complaining.
  12. melscott62

    Biggest Concerns?

    I agree to a degree. I think we have learned a lot as a fan base. But honestly that's all I'm worried about. I am going to enjoy the process year one and 2 and look forward to being relevant in the conference and maybe nationally after that.
  13. melscott62

    Biggest Concerns?

    My only concern is fans having unrealistic expectations.
  14. melscott62

    Greg Austin Makes ESPN's Top 40 Under 40

    I doubt cav would have stayed with Riley as long as he did if there was such a disagreement.