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  1. Is does the major. I went a small state school that wasn't known for it's academics but had one of the best business schools in the miswest....when i went to medical a school I didn't feel any less prepared than many of my classmates that went to Notre Dame, Creighton and Northwestern......so on. Clearly there's something to the more prestigious schools but I do think it can be overblown as well
  2. Alex Davis Possibly Out for the Year

    Jones fractures are a little scary. There is a failure rate to them. Mine never healed. It ended my college basketball career and still causes me pain daily. Same injury that kept Kevin Durant out a full year. Failure rate is higher in basketball than football. Failure rates have improved as they have learned to use the biggest pin possible.
  3. SIGNED - OT Chris Walker

    This kid reminds me of the type the Iowa takes and turns into an all American LT
  4. No coaching changes for the 90th ranked offense?

    He would not have held up the whole year (he didn't anyway). The what are we stuck with? Fife running the option
  5. CB Quran Hafiz [Florida Atlantic - Signed LOI]

    Nevada I think your talking about Cottie College. The all girls school in NevadaCrowder has a satellite campus in Nevada. By the old state hospital. I think it actually uses some of the hospital's building's.
  6. I'll hit you in 10 minutes. Update: The talent analysis from the OP only contains data for the last two years, so the data isn't readily available That said, the last two national champions (Ohio St and Bama) are both in the elite category in their respective year Looking at the programs that won titles in the past 10 years it's safe to assume they were either in the elite or great category the year they won. Something I can give you... Average Recruiting Ranking of National Champion 4 years prior to national championship year: 2005 - Texas (8) 2006 - Florida (5) 2007 - LSU (7.5) 2008 - Florida (5.25) 2009 - Alabama (8.25) 2010 - Auburn (15.75) 2011 - Alabama (2.75) 2012 - Alabama (2.25) 2013 - Florida St. (5.75) 2014 - Ohio St. (4.25) 2015 - Alabama (1) Clearly, talent is important. If you say "elite" is top 10 recruiting, only one anomaly (Auburn) in the last 10 years. And that was Cam Newton. Nebraska has got some work to do FWIW, Nebraska's average recruiting ranking in the 4 years prior to this season is 28.25. Woof. Not a surprise. Imo this is the least talented team we have had in a while. I was saying that when we were undefeated. The talent(specially top end) is a little lower. I feel the coaches did well with what they had
  7. Ryker Fyfe Broken Wrist - Armstrong still out...

    Lots of assumptions and false conclusions in here. Stanton didn't fizzle under two staffs. He played as a RSFr then was left off the fall camp roster by the new staff. Don't know if how it would have turned out but I don't think those two are equivalent. And you're demonstrably false about Darlington because he is - in fact - playing. So assuming he would never play anywhere is false. Not to mention that LoMS is exactly right that there is a definite distinction between recruiting, development and on-field success. You can be good at any mixture of those but failing in one area doesn't mean you were bad at all of them. Has Darlington appeared in a game this year? According to this, he has not played prior to this year. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=209389182 Darlington had not. Stanton had. Stanton played this year? I think not. I could be mistaken but I don't believe we've seen Darlington on the field this year either. Darlington plays special teams. he scored on a 2 point conversion early in the year
  8. Ozigbo in the Doghouse?

    Hopefully he cleans things up. At this level of you aren't working you will be passed. The only way he will stay ahead/even with Tre is outworking him.
  9. Ryker Fyfe Broken Wrist - Armstrong still out...

    Playing in the big 10 doesn't change our mind about that. Quite the opposite. This year's team is one of the least talented Nebraska teams i have seen in my over 30 years of being a fan(the overall talent level is not THAT bad but the lack top end talent is staggering). I think Riley is a fine coach..... But he's not TO.
  10. 2017 Offense

    I wouldn't consider Lee a first year qb.
  11. 4 More Games

    i know this might sound crazy, but there is part of me that worries about 11-1. I feel that a large part of the fan base will expect a national title in 2017. its taken us a while to get to this point and its going to take a little time to get back.
  12. Good Luck Tonight!

    Good luck. I'm hoping for a hard fought injury free game.
  13. Embrace Your Inner Hawkeye

    I'm hoping we are more like last year's Michigan team