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  1. Over the next 2-3 if the answer isn't qb we are in trouble
  2. WR Andre Hunt [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    This is bizarre. There's nothing online about his choice however it was supposedly a televised decision.
  3. OT Jalan Robinson

    Can a kid still take official visits during that time?
  4. OT Jalan Robinson

    3 https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/signing-day-who-s-announcing-when--2
  5. Athlon: Grading CFB Head Coach Hires

    In the NFL I was felt like he was a pretty good evaluator of talent
  6. WR Nikko Hall [Colorado State - Signed LOI]

    Who is visiting? I've seen this question asked about numerous prospects. It seems like just washington and Montgomery
  7. Cap space could change a lot. Gonna be an interesting offseason.
  8. RB Ta'zhawn Henry [Texas Tech - Signed LOI]

    I'm not seeing anything that at abnormal for an 18 year old....
  9. 3-5 yrs

    I would look at Texas this year. They had the hot young coach from the year before. They also have way more talent and an easier conference.
  10. 3-5 yrs

    My hope is to catch Iowa in a year 1 or 2. Wisconsin in 3-4. Ohio state in 5-6. It took a while to fall this far down. Its probably going to take some time to get back. Plus we have a young coach. He's probably going to need to time to learn. None of this takes into account theother programs improving. I could see osu getting back to elite and wiscy knocking on the door in that time frame. This is a tough conference.
  11. Frost, Harbaugh or Urban Meyer

    Anyone that doesnt say Meyer is crazy. You take the proven choice. If people are being honest.....i can't see Frost's absolute ceiling being much higher than what Meyer is.