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  1. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    This of course is just a guess. But doesn’t Frost have 3 Nebraska guys already on his staff? It would be very hard in my opinion to believe that if given the option to come back to Nebraska that he wouldn’t do it. 1. More money. 2. More money for his assistants and 3. He and 3 of his coaches could come home to Nebraska. Plus Rittenburg is showing that Nebraska will push hard and make him an offer he just might can’t refuse. I don’t agree with Damon Benning for many reasons. 1. I don’t believe the job will be open the next time he might want it. 2. I personally think Damon holds a grudge internally that Frosts involvement with LP gf and what happened led him down the path to LP demise. Just a theory on why he is dismissing Frost.
  2. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Did anyone hear what Matt Davison said on tbl with sevier? I was driving and missed it. Appreciate a synopsis. Ty
  3. Mods. If sock isn’t gonna post. Let’s close this thread. Same stuff being mentioned elsewhere now
  4. Boneyard. Unfortunately yes it is same guy
  5. Except for those two coaches in major conferences fired already. Yeah. Doesn’t happen
  6. Parella. It’s addition by subtraction. You get rid of Riley and it shows fan base you care. Right now it appears that moos will wait irregardless of how this team or coach performs. It screams apathy. They don’t care so why should we???
  7. Our fan base is Not impatient. It’s embattled. It’s embarrassed and rightfully so pretty pissed off. I have no doubt he will let Riley finish the year. Is that a mistake? I think so
  8. I respectfully disagree. There is no reason NOT to fire him. Letting Riley stay accomplishes nothing. Some say neither does firing him. Yet inability to act when your house is on fire in my opinion makes you a fool. You do Something!!! You say Riley will not be back. Inability to make a decision gives most Husker fans pause that once again they will make another horribly spectacular bad decision. Once again my opinion
  9. Moos has put himself in impossible position eithier he fires riley and he is deemed a liar or he doesn’t and is deemed a fool. He has to cut out the cancer...now. I’m seriously worried sellout steak ends at Iowa game
  10. Tenn just fired their coach. And we still have our giant nice failure. I’m ready to storm castle with pitchforks.
  11. The failed paradigm of Mike Reilly

    We suck. The end
  12. “Turn out the light the parties over. It’s time for all good things to end”. Nail in Riley’s coffin. This team has given up defensively.
  13. Dilly dilly. I think your correct in your assumptions
  14. That off the wall pick could be retaining Riley cause he couldn’t secure Frost. Fans will revolt. All I know is that it seems he has painted himself in a corner by not ditching Riley now. But
  15. If true. My opinion but Husker Nation implodes upon itself. Most will hate who moos picks. I think if this happens that Riley stays. Then all hell breaks loose. Only pick moos can do that we give a chance is Frost. But this guy seems to do what HE wants. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another off the wall pick