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  1. Mikale Wilbon

    The biggest issue I have with Ozigbo is that every tine the kid runs more tham 15 yards he taps his helmet and takes himself out of the game. Like wtf.
  2. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Minnesota (Game 8) **

    Lot of conparisons with Frost in the Minnesota previews... not sure why. A more comparable situation to compare Flexk to is Brohm at Purdue. Problem Minnesota has is that Brohm is an elite coach, Frost might be too.. but Fleck is nothing but a bunch of noise with no substance. Or to use an old one. He's all hat and no cattle. Be shocked if he isn't fired in 4-5 years. Brohm makes Fleck look like a highschool coach. I'm hoping he takes a job at a bigger school in a different conference soon.
  3. It would mean a disapointment. If this staff is as advertised 7 wins should be the expected floor: Nebraska should be 3-0 in the non con. Nebraska should be expected to win against Purdue, Minnesota and Illinois. Those are six games at home where Nebraska is the most talented team. You lose any of those you screwed up or just flat out didn't show up... like the last few staffs have shown. Nebraska should also win at Norhwestern. A virtual home game at 11am (the least intimidating road game you can get) who Nebraska is more talented than. MSU at home, Iowa on the road and Michigan on the road are the tossups. You can win these, but it wouldn't be an indictment to lose all 3.. as long as the MOV's are reasonable. (Michigan is a tossup even though its a road game vs a better opponent because it's Frost's first Big Ten game and the first road game - that actually tends to bode well as motivation.) Wisconsin and Ohio State on the road... win one of those - throw a party. New schemes, new staff, new whatever, That is seven wins you should have. You lose any of those 7 and it's a disapointment. You lose one or two of those 7 AND get no upset? Big disapointment. Iowa and MSU expecially are winnable toss/upsets. As for hotseat questions that quick? If certain units don't perform AND they are a 6 win team or ...worse? Yeah it's a potential hotseat for some guys and year 2 is a prove it year. Frost may be one of ours but if one of his assistants turns out to be Banker or Diaco or Cavenaugh or even just Bruce Read or Hank Hughes 2.0 does he get a pass because it's Frost? ... dear god that staff sucked... No. Mike Riley and his staff sucked, but just because that staff took a 9 win team and won 4 games, doesn't mean we should give Frost a pass for taking a similar team (granted with a tougher schedule) and winning 6. Even if it's year 1. Just like it wouldn't have been ok for Pelini to win 6-7 games in his first year simply because Callahan only won 5 the year before. Or ok for Riley to only win 6 his first year even though the previous year they won 9. The expectations for both were what the expectations are at Nebraska, regardless of what the last guy did. That said, I fully expect this staff will achieve a 9 win season (8 pre bowl game). With significant elevation instead of a cliffdive to follow. This looks to be a MUCH better staff. We win the 7 I said we should and score 1 upset.
  4. Actually Rivals did a five year ranking report prior to last season. Michigan was the 18th most talented team in the country. class ranks: 4, 4, 51, 31, 5 Their last couple classes were top 5 but their upperclassmen who weren't redshirts came from classes ranked 51st and 31st. But look at Penn State. Who happened to be the 21st most talented team. class ranks: 12, 23, 15, 25, 42 ONE spot ahead of #22 Nebraska. class ranks: 20, 26, 28, 32, 17 The gap has been widening the past few years but it isn't gaping - yet. Hopefully with this staff it closes right back up.
  5. It's hard to base anything on last years performance expecially when it was fairly obvious the Defense quit on Diaco following his actions and comments during and after the Northwestern game. That said strictly on recruiting talent we were already one of the 25 most talented teams in the country not counting incoming players. We added: The #1 Juco RB who is good enough that he probably starts Day 1. The #2 Juco WR who is probably one of the 5 fastest players in the country. The #6 Juco WR who runs a sub 4.4 and caught 7 td's playing for EMCC (aka Last Chance U) The #2 Juco Safety Who looks like an absolute headhunter. The #1 ILB Who already looks like he will be one of the best players on the team and an anchor in the middle of the defense. AND we added Breon Dixon who will start at the hybrid OLB/Nickel spot. This team has more talent than every team on that schedule everyone is worried about except Ohio State an Michigan. (And in reality Michigan is not much more talented than Nebraska.) As it stands 6 wins would be a big underachievement.
  6. Florida offer

    It didn't matter what Florida or Tennessee offered. They could have offered more than what Nebraska did and let his whole staff come, he still wouldn't have taken either job. It was Nebraska or UCF. Period. Not only that had Frost stayed at UCF AND had Fuente decided to reverse decision and stay at VT (he was taking the Nebraska job if Frost didn't) The guy who was 3rd in line was Mullen and he also was taking the Nebraska job over Florida had it been available to him. Mullen only took the Florida job when the Nebraska job was off the table. Some college football fans might think Florida is a top tier job, most coaches do not. It's the 3rd best P5 job in the state with the toughest schedule and hardest admissions.
  7. We're Number 2

    It says why. The numbers are trash. For example, Maryland only has 3 arrests, Why? Because Maryland only tracks arrests directly related to Alcohol where some of the rest track ALL arrests. Maryland could have had half the stadium arrested during a game and none of them would show up on this list unless they were drunk. Some of the schools numbers on there are for the entire campus on gameday, others ONLY show data for inside the stadium... that's a massive disparity. As for Nebraska's number specifically, it says that reason too. The other schools differentiate between someone being ejected and someone simply being rejected (often temporarily) from entry. Nebraska's number does not seperate those figures. In Nebraska's number if you walked up to the stadium drinking from a glass bottle and they had to have you go throw it away before you then went inside it counts as an ejection, at the other schools on this list it would not. The numbers mean nothing because they don't tell the same information. Essentially the entire list is completely worthless and is junk journalism.
  8. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Colorado (Game 2) **

    "the former national championship-level superpower" ... lol wut? They had a really good 5-6 year stretch under McCartney where they were contenders, but a superpower? Not even remotely.
  9. The Nebraska Horseshoe in the locker room

    The horseshoe was found when they started tearing down the grounds of the old Nebraska field after the 1922 Notre Dame win (4 horsemen game) Which was the last game at the old field before moving to Memorial Stadium for 1923. So when the team played Notre Dame for the rematch in 1923 they tapped the horseshoe for good luck. Nebraska won again so they kept right on tapping that shoe.
  10. Sounds like a good excuse to finally renovate the Coliseum into real a Nebraska Athletics Museum.
  11. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    No, outside of a deal with Texas or ND that is equitable, The Big Ten's #1 target is UNC and it's not close. #2 is Virginia. #3-infinity is whatever schools let them land UNC. Kansas and Missouri are nothing to the Big Ten powerbrokers. They add nothing the conference cares about. (and yes Kansas Basketball is completely irrelevant to them) Oklahoma is also not very valuable.. football matters a lot but as far as the numbers, OU is still a very regional fanbase in a relatively weak market. All they are seen as is a potential wedge/chip to entice Texas or the SEC to make a move if the Big Ten feels that would lead to a favorable outcome to the BiG Ten's interests. The Big Ten would swallow and accept OU but only as a means of adding Texas. The same goes with Syracuse, Duke, UConn etc. They are only relevant in a package with UNC and Virginia. Thus, without UNC flat out requiring any combination of those schools be part of the deal they are completely irrelevant.
  12. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    The Big Ten has virually zero interest in Kansas, Oklahoma or Missouri. They would take Texas and Notre Dame in a heartbeat but neither side would have reason to agree to the other's terms so it won't happen. The Big Ten has two targets - North Carolina and Virginia. Unless Texas loses it's incentives to keep the B12 afloat nothing major will happen until those two are willing to move. Which won't be soon.
  13. I don't get how St. Johns is a bad loss. That was a road game and at that point they still had their star player Marcus Lovett. They suck mostly because he's out for the year. When Lovett went down they were 7-1 with a close neutral site loss to Missouri.
  14. NCAA Looks to Adjust Transfer Rules

    That will 100% kill the sport.
  15. Eichorst-really a Wisconsin plant?

    Lol. ok. How can I say it with clarity? practices did not change. Philosophies did not change Coming out of the bye, Depth Charts did not change. He didn't make any offers to JUCO's or other players he wanted that Eichorst/Devaney denied after Eichorst was fired. He didn't take over playcalling duties He didn't make any adjustments to a terrible special teams punt return scheme. Not everything is on Riley, a significant portion is not. However, those are just a few of the things he could have done. Those decisions above are 100% on him to make in an effort to save the season and hia job. He made none of them. He simply kept the status quo and that he does not get a pass for.