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  1. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Colorado (Game 2) **

    "the former national championship-level superpower" ... lol wut? They had a really good 5-6 year stretch under McCartney where they were contenders, but a superpower? Not even remotely.
  2. The Nebraska Horseshoe in the locker room

    The horseshoe was found when they started tearing down the grounds of the old Nebraska field after the 1922 Notre Dame win (4 horsemen game) Which was the last game at the old field before moving to Memorial Stadium for 1923. So when the team played Notre Dame for the rematch in 1923 they tapped the horseshoe for good luck. Nebraska won again so they kept right on tapping that shoe.
  3. Sounds like a good excuse to finally renovate the Coliseum into real a Nebraska Athletics Museum.
  4. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    No, outside of a deal with Texas or ND that is equitable, The Big Ten's #1 target is UNC and it's not close. #2 is Virginia. #3-infinity is whatever schools let them land UNC. Kansas and Missouri are nothing to the Big Ten powerbrokers. They add nothing the conference cares about. (and yes Kansas Basketball is completely irrelevant to them) Oklahoma is also not very valuable.. football matters a lot but as far as the numbers, OU is still a very regional fanbase in a relatively weak market. All they are seen as is a potential wedge/chip to entice Texas or the SEC to make a move if the Big Ten feels that would lead to a favorable outcome to the BiG Ten's interests. The Big Ten would swallow and accept OU but only as a means of adding Texas. The same goes with Syracuse, Duke, UConn etc. They are only relevant in a package with UNC and Virginia. Thus, without UNC flat out requiring any combination of those schools be part of the deal they are completely irrelevant.
  5. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    The Big Ten has virually zero interest in Kansas, Oklahoma or Missouri. They would take Texas and Notre Dame in a heartbeat but neither side would have reason to agree to the other's terms so it won't happen. The Big Ten has two targets - North Carolina and Virginia. Unless Texas loses it's incentives to keep the B12 afloat nothing major will happen until those two are willing to move. Which won't be soon.
  6. I don't get how St. Johns is a bad loss. That was a road game and at that point they still had their star player Marcus Lovett. They suck mostly because he's out for the year. When Lovett went down they were 7-1 with a close neutral site loss to Missouri.
  7. NCAA Looks to Adjust Transfer Rules

    That will 100% kill the sport.
  8. Eichorst-really a Wisconsin plant?

    Lol. ok. How can I say it with clarity? practices did not change. Philosophies did not change Coming out of the bye, Depth Charts did not change. He didn't make any offers to JUCO's or other players he wanted that Eichorst/Devaney denied after Eichorst was fired. He didn't take over playcalling duties He didn't make any adjustments to a terrible special teams punt return scheme. Not everything is on Riley, a significant portion is not. However, those are just a few of the things he could have done. Those decisions above are 100% on him to make in an effort to save the season and hia job. He made none of them. He simply kept the status quo and that he does not get a pass for.
  9. Eichorst-really a Wisconsin plant?

    Nowhere did I say everything was all on Riley. What I said was that even if all those things were true, how Riley handled it both before and after Eichorst was fired is on him and therefore he doesn't get a pass.
  10. Eichorst-really a Wisconsin plant?

    This may all be true but when Eichorst was fired did Riley change any of that? Did he make any significant change at all to try to change the trajectory of the season during the bye week when he was about to play two below average teams that could have shown the leadership to attempt a turnaround effort to save his job? Did he take any personal involvement in gameday responsibilities for any of the phases of the game that were constantly failing? Did he stand up and say enough is enough? To his team, to the media to the fans or to either of the new AD's? No he did not. That isn't on Eichorst or Perlman or Alverez or Diaco or the Boogeyman. It's on Riley.
  11. Quarterback

    You don't need an elite QB to run this system. Milton is not an elite runner or thrower but he's smart and just good enough. He's basically Joe Ganz 2.0 The guys on the roster can be that atheletically - it's wether they have the football IQ that will make the difference.
  12. ESPN-How Nebraska Got Scott Frost

    Was it tough for Frost? Sure it's always a tough call to make a huge decision. Expecially when you are undefeated with a young team. But it wasn't THAT hard and it wasn't all about emotion either. Dan Mullen has zero ties here. He was our 2nd choice and had an offer from Florida too. Mullen was taking the Nebraska job over the Florida job if it was offered to him. Our 3rd choice was Justin Fuente. He also said he wanted the job and would leave Virginia Tech for Nebraska. He just turned down FSU. All these it was hard stories are nothing but lots of overinflated PR fluff and weak conjecture, this wasn't a pity hire.
  13. Reaction to Frost Hire Thread

    Yeah who would have guessed benching one of your best safeties to move your nfl caliber corner to safety so the #1 safety recruit in the country could play corner would be a bad idea.
  14. Can we get JUCOs to beef up the defense?

    Yep. They have a stud OT (which we need badly) with offers from OU, MSU, Georgia etc. and he's going to TCU. He was interested in Nebraska... the staff didn't even look at him.
  15. Can we get JUCOs to beef up the defense?

    FWIW, UCF had just one defensive player on the roster that weighed at least 300 lbs. They still handled Maryland's line better than a couple B10 teams. They wouldn't handle a full season of that but still. We always need more beef but we aren't in dire straits either. The Twins, D. Thomas, G. Thomas and D. Daniels form a solid core and I wouldnt be shocked if Freedom and Alex Davis swap positions.