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  1. beamout2000

    Baseball Season

    Actually in Baseball, Texas State is more of a powerhouse than you might think.
  2. beamout2000

    Baseball Season

    Eat em Up Cats!!!!
  3. beamout2000

    Sorry South Texas Husker Fans

    Got a message from them on Twitter this morning. KSAT WILL carry the game. Let folks know that their emails and messages made the difference. That's why they changed their mind. I don't post elsewhere so let the other boards know as well that they did it and the game WILL be on in San Antonio.
  4. beamout2000

    What We Open Tomorrow

    Texas State, not those pretend Bobcats
  5. beamout2000

    What We Open Tomorrow

    A couple more for you. Inside the club section: Fireworks after the game: While this was built as part of a total stadium expansion with the hopes of moving up to 1-A we are still a 1-AA program but this is certainly a good start in getting the program moving.
  6. beamout2000

    Week 1 Games To Watch

    Little school vs big school game to watch: North Dakota VS. Texas Tech. Tech is an unknown and North Dakota always plays up very very well, you can ask Minnesota about that.
  7. beamout2000

    What We Open Tomorrow

    Since you guys are fans of new stadiums, here is phase one of our expansion, reconstruction, that opens tomorrow. The athletic department is also announcing the largest single donation ever of 6 million dollars so we are moving in the right direction. Now if we can just play TCU decent in two weeks UGH.
  8. beamout2000

    Happy Birthday, beamout2000!!!

    Thank you so much. Had a great day. Now the best present will be if my Bobcats can clinch a spot in the FCS playoffs tomorrow with a win!!!!
  9. If you want to follow the women's golf retional in Austin here is a link with live stats. http://www.golfstatresults.com/public/inde...rnament_id=1194 It's very early but both Nebraska and Texas State are in the top 8. The top 8 at the end goes to the nationals. Eat em up Cats!!!!! Go Big Red!!!!!
  10. beamout2000

    Southern Miss series announced

    That is liable to be some pretty good games. Southern Miss is an up and coming program that is spending a lot of money on facilities, adding a new endzone section to it's stadium. It had arguably one of the best if not the best recruiting class in Conference USA this year and if they continue they will be a good opponent by that time.
  11. beamout2000

    Season Grade

    Considering where you are coming from with a coach in his second year I think you guys had a great season. The men's program at Texas State is on the same track with a second year coach and it still has a LONG way to go to even make the NIT let alone the big dance. Congratulations and hopefully next year will be a real break-out year.
  12. beamout2000

    Husker Women NCAA Prediction

    http://proxy.espn.go.com/ncw/bracketology Found this interesting. Nebraksa could play Texas State in the second round, although as good as the lady Bobcats are this year I doubt they could get past Stanford, but who knows that's why they play the game.
  13. beamout2000

    So, you want a D1 football playoff?

    To address a couple of points: The reason that few people follow FCS and lower division playoffs is the same reason there may never be a true FBS playoff. That is money. The FCS and D-II and III schools are not household names because they don't have the huge money and PR machines working for them like a major FBS program does. They also don't have the traditional large fan-base because they are traditionally smaller schools (Texas State is FCS but has 28 thousand students so we are the exception to that rule). Having been through D-II playoffs three times while I was in college and FCS playoffs in 2005 I have to say it's a lot of fun. As to the argument that people would't follow FBS playoffs because people don't follow FCS playoffs you can't make that assumption because people will follow post season FBS play whether it's bowls or playoffs because these are the big schools with big names and big money and weekly television coverage, all of which as mentioned earlier FCS and below teams don't have, (and many FBS teams as well like teams in the Sunbelt and MAC).
  14. beamout2000

    Texas vs. The Nation

    The latest All-Star game is this weekend from El Paso. It's called Texas vs. The Nation and Nebraska LB Steve Octavian is on the Nation team. Kickoff is Saturday at 3pm and it's televised on CSTV for those of you that have it, I don't unfortunately. Texas State punter Chris MacDonald is on the Texas team so hopefully Octo will have a good game and force Texas to punt a lot.
  15. beamout2000

    AAFL Draft

    From what I have heard about the league the idea is to create a "college" atmosphere with pro players. Also there is a cap on pay for each player and each player must have graduated college. I am not sure how well this will go down either, although it will probably draw better here in Texas than the team that normally plays in their stadium (Rice) which puts an amazing 12,500 in what used to be a 70,000 seat stadium that was reduced in size to 44,000. I know I will watch a couple of games if they are on TV because Larry Haden, a former Texas State defensive back is on the Texas roster.