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  1. ** 2017 Opponent Previews: Wisconsin (Game 6) **

    Again, Nebraska will win. Nebraska won't lose at home... At night! #GBR Reported
  2. Analytical Season Projection

    Just play the game and win.
  3. Congrats, One of the few things I really want to do in life
  4. College football playoff selection.

    Phil Steele has a great write up about why 4 is perfect. Brief: Regular season matters, no two loss team in 'final four' yet. All games matter. He then says: "When you are arguing over the #4 spot next year, keep this question in mind: if this were a two team playoff would this team have a legitimate claim to a #1 or #2 spot.?" Can't say I argue with him. I think 4 is best.
  5. BTN Bus tour to visit Nebraska on 8/15!

    I know, right... it doesn't make sense to abbreviate Northwestern University as NU. /sarcasm About as much sense as calling a place located in the middle of the country Northwestern. /s Since the the school's original purpose was to serve what was once known as the Northwest Territory, I think they named it correctly. Agreed and it will stay that way, NWU would sound like a ACC team. It's funny you say that. Until the Huskers joined the B1G, I always saw Northwestern abbreviated as NW. It's weird to me to call them NU, so I always use NW, and it will probably stay that way. For you guys in the B10 for years, I'm sure it's the reverse. Yea, old habits, I do use NW here though, when in Rome and all that.When in Rome, eat all the Romans?
  6. Huskerboard members game list

    Updated my list as well
  7. Let the kool aid flow

    Win all the games
  8. College football playoff selection.

    Also helped that Ohio State won it all.
  9. ** 2017 Opponent Previews: Ohio State (Game 7) **

    Only thing you need to remember is 19 straight home night game victories. Could be off by 1 or 2.
  10. Benning on Banker

    Does week 2 @ Oregon count?
  11. Taylor was nice, but I think Lee has quite a bit more potential if you believe those in the know. I don't even believe myself half the time
  12. Nebraska Games without cable?

    Where there's a will there's a way
  13. I just want Lee to be like Zac Taylor, except you know be a little more mobile. I miss watching home throw the ball.
  14. Stanley Morgan

    Gosh Nate Swift and heck Todd Peterson you wanted a first down you go to them. Really miss those two guys.