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  1. Huskers vs. Cal Poly

    Yep, we just need to get some postseason mojo going for once. Feel like hosting a regional could do wonders. Really hope we get Eddins back soon. Is there any word or anyone know if there is medical redshirts?
  2. Huskers vs. Cal Poly

    Pitching has gotten better as the year has gone on I believe with Silva as coach. Would have to research.
  3. Huskers @ Wichita State

    Is it time we let Alvarado hit? Because this is just abysmal...
  4. Huskers @ Big Ten/Pac-12 Challenge

    What are the rules with medical redshirts? Or are they even offered?
  5. Huskers @ Husker Classic - Tempe, Arizona

  6. Huskers @ Husker Classic - Tempe, Arizona

    It was good to see them able to respond after having the lead cut. Some very clutch hitting, just hope it continues throughout the season.
  7. Time to do our part

    All of the bullsh!t we have been through will make future moments sweeter. Here's to Frost coming home!
  8. NCAA Round Two - Washington State

    0-4 Kentucky over WKU in the 5th set.
  9. NCAA Round Two - Washington State

    https://twitter.com/Huskervball/status/937131208479297536 WKU leads 2 sets to 1
  10. NCAA Round Two - Washington State

    Western Kentucky is up 15-14 in set three and already leading Kentucky 2-0 in sets. If Kentucky loses Nebraska hosts, assuming Nebraska wins.