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  1. Predict our AP Rank

  2. Where did my post go?

    Not a chance, dude. And you should probably stop questioning the all-might mods. At the rate you're going, you're probably going to be grounded soon, mister.
  3. Where did my post go?

  4. *** Official Michigan Game Discussion Thread ***

    Yep, SEE YA LATER!
  5. *** Official Michigan Game Discussion Thread ***

    Ask Washusker.
  6. *** Official Michigan Game Discussion Thread ***

    This thread is done. That's what you get for saying your opinions! You'll learn eventually.
  7. Iowa State vs OSU

  8. Nyatawa's Stats - Taylor's Targets/Catches

    Correct. That analysis only works if you assume all of Martinez's passes are on target. (hahahaha) Edit: Actually, don't know if I agree with what you said, knapp. At first glance I did, but when I read it carefully I don't think I understand what you meant.
  9. Did I make a mistake with this one?

    I can personally guarantee that we will win Saturday. 100%.
  10. Sometimes I get conservative

    Man, if only that first-year OC at Clemson would have been interested in Nebraska! What a hoot that would be! We would hire him immediately, Bo would never turn a guy like that away if they were interested.
  11. The elephant in the room... where is Jamal Turner?

    Ya, Kinnie and his great hands are putting JT to shame. I'm not buying the practice line. There's more to this story... Do Kinnie and Turner play the same position?
  12. The elephant in the room... where is Jamal Turner?

    You aren't watching practice. He's probably being outplayed by others. It's really not that hard to figure out.
  13. The beginning of a beautiful friendship

    Beautiful friendship? Yeah that's definitely how I would describe a football game.