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  1. 4-8 (or 3-9) Is Now Exceedingly Likely

    I had said 5-7 at the beginning of the year made a bet with a Kool-aide drinker who said 10-3. The fact is Riley really has no clue and you can see it on the sidelines during the game. I have been watching Husker football since 1962 and I no longer want to watch or listen. I dont think I have ever missed a game except maybe for a wedding but even then you were slipping out to catch a radio broadcast. This is sad but good thing is AD will be gone and along with Pedersen he is worst things to ever happen to Husker Football.
  2. Frost will not come to NE talk to some people who know him they will tell you - He is not nor does he want to be here!
  3. Gimme some crow

    You can bring up Frost all you want he will not come here!
  4. Tanner Lee

    He needs to sit for a while he is so easy to read!
  5. Who should we hire

    First Scott Frost will not come here you should listen to Damon Benning sometime! Second we have done such a poor job of hiring since Solich was fired that why would any one want to come here? Third I think it needs to be a young guy may be Zack Taylor in a few years! But it if a forgone conclusion that Riley will not leave on his own!
  6. Sunshine and Lollipops - not sure how rest of the song goes. Contracts mean nothing anymore they are torn up every day. Maybe Riley will be successful maybe he wont it is out of our hands.
  7. What did we learn-Game 2 Oregon

    Tre Bryant is the real deal but will he play the rest of the year? Tanner Lee is all hype! Diaco wants every one to have a trophy!
  8. Bob Diaco

    "We are so proud of our players, My Gosh.They just played so hard. They just played so hard.They never stopped. They never quit. They never let go of the rope. The just keep pulling and straining and grinding." Seriously is he coaching you men our a grade school team. We all need a trophy!
  9. Yeah get the caliber of teams down to his level and then get hammered by WI, OHIO STATE, Penn State wonder who else? He is a Statue!
  10. I guess we are over Tanner Lee

    This team offers up the same crap year after year since 2002! I was joking about routing for WI yesterday they have winners and have winning tradition. They will kick our ass! We might win the next 3 and everyone will get all high again only to sorely disappointed once again. I don't drink the koolaide sny more!
  11. Everybody just needs to settle down and...

    And if we are 4-8 or 5-7 what needs to happen? I know what I thing new AD, NEW Head Coach done with these guys
  12. Who should we hire

    I am on board with John Cook - he knows how to light a fire and evaluate Talent!
  13. I guess we are over Tanner Lee

    No one said it was the QB's fault although 4 int's is not good. We have coaches who have no sense of urgency and it tells in their demeanor! He is not what we were sold at all!
  14. I guess we are over Tanner Lee

    How many time in the glory days and even under Pelini did we absolutly feast on the Statue QB? I rest my case!
  15. I guess we are over Tanner Lee

    This kid has no ability to roll out that I have seen! Running and passing are like walking and chewing gum for him it wont happen! Like Riley it is time to think of a different option!