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  1. Cameron Jefferies

    no, worst of the modern era is right. when you have no confidence, as a fan, in the defense stopping any offense just once, you know the defense flat out sucks. and that was the feeling i had when those three were the DC.
  2. if moos was smart he'd ask for a home/home with ku basketball to make any game with their football team worthwhile.
  3. Engelhaupt No Longer With Team?

    it's not dead yet. we have at least 15 more pages to go.
  4. Engelhaupt No Longer With Team?

    possible scenario, engelhaupt doesnt want to make an announcement. and after conversing with the coaching staff both parties felt it would be in everyone's best interest if the coaches announced it.
  5. Last to post wins

    you're welcome
  6. Last to post wins

    if it was too spicy, milk or beer will counteract the spiciness.
  7. LB Nick Henrich

    guess you dont know how to play tennis then.
  8. Last to post wins

    thats just wrong.
  9. Husker related dog names

    so you named the cat after every iowa player, or fan? weird, never knew hank williams jr was spelled garth. and why would you name your dog after an oklahoma st football player? poor thing.
  10. Our Finish in Big10 West

    damn, i dont even have the old ones down.
  11. Who's Next?

    wasnt any hate towards him. i was clarifying that his answer was to stroke his ego. but if that is considered hate, then so be it.
  12. Who's Next?

    gotcha, purely to stroke your ego.
  13. Last to post wins

    front of what?
  14. Who's Next?

    why wouldnt juco recruits count? other than to feed your ego.
  15. QB Luke McCaffrey [Nebraska Commit]

    i hope that isnt self love and you are doing it in the privacy of your own home.