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  1. Cleanest Programs

    probably just as easy. those hundred dollar handshakes can grace the hands of ncaa employees as well.
  2. Frost’s QB Room

    we only serve kool-aid in the offseason. no punch.
  3. The Running Back Room

    they sucked at passing too but they never abandoned it.
  4. The Running Back Room

    he also abandoned the run before giving it a chance to work. which kinda led to being behind and not very close in score.
  5. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Is it an ad recruiting students or one recruiting student athletes? I dont think the ncaa governs recruiting students.
  6. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    courtney smith's mom questions validity of texts scroll down to the bottom of the link. popcorn sales must be through the roof with this s#!t show. sad part about this is, the focus should be more on getting courtney the help she needs so she can get through this. because this whole mess will be with her the rest of her life. once that is taken care of, feel free to take down tOSU all you want. just stop trying to do it at the expense of someone else.
  7. Fall Camp

    the way he is carrying the ball might have something to do with the qb's playing 2 hand touch.
  8. Post-Practice Presser - August 10

    they're worse.
  9. Huskers Land 2018 JUCO F Dedoch Chan

    had he continued to improve at the JUCO he was at, he probably would have garnered more major offers. most schools are done recruiting for 18. also dont think most schools have evaluated their need for 2019 JUCO recruit, unless he was just too good to pass up.
  10. ***2019 Recruiting***

    shouldn't you be monitoring the watt situation?
  11. naw, it'll be on the field due to all the pick 6's, fumble returns for td's and special teams td's. eventually they'll have to tell the guys to just fall down on every return.
  12. ****Official 2018 Season Countdown Thread****

    we'll just move this post down here and use it today too.
  13. Primeknit A1 uniforms

    Adidas pays off basketball players not football players.
  14. LB Owen Pappoe [Auburn Commit]

    nm, i just shouldnt be trying to post.