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  1. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    I think they assume Go Big Red must be a nod to the Chinese Gov.
  2. Bryan Brokop...

    On to the next. Not everyone is going to workout.
  3. So I don't know the details but is it a given that Dixon is in if Patterson is in? I have assumed that is the case but it's been just that an assumption.
  4. Husker Power - 1986 vs. Illinois

    I love the swarm of Huskers on top of the guy, that everyone to ball mentality has been missing for too long.
  5. Great read, I like his candor and his leadership as it is described by others around him. Very impressive.
  6. Font used in weight training facility

    I once saw a verbal fight over the use of Comic Sans ,,,,,,, It was Great
  7. Or on the highways when the sun goes down.
  8. I'm all for 3-Stripe life. They make great soccer shoes, so we can support a Kicker U rep. and Adidas seems to be on the uptake. For me it is rare to find Nike's that fit well they seem to be built for narrow feet not stud lineman.
  9. Kinnie vs Paul

  10. POB...still in the QB room?

    This is the great thing about competition and communication, the guys can see how they rank and they self select to go find a better fit. This is best for everyone. I respect POB for seeking new challenges.
  11. My first thought was the same as perhaps others here, a bit of an oh know here we go again. Of course I think the position is much needed in today's big time college football world so I hope he fits in well with staff.
  12. Top 25 feels like grade inflation, it used to be top 20 that was listed, after that it really didn't matter.
  13. Top 25 is a good place to start, I think its a reasonable year one goal but for sure year two. In the long run top 15 or better is the place the Huskers need to live.
  14. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    Boom awesome way to close out the day.
  15. Great way to get started with the relationship coach .