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  1. Scott Schreiber

    fantastic. improved from the 26th round last year.
  2. Huskers vs. Indiana - May 11-13

    i'm glad he pulled him. dude barely hits his weight. has had a terrible season at the plate.
  3. Huskers vs. Maryland - May 4-6

    keep running through their bull pen and the huskers might be able to take the series tomorrow.
  4. Huskers vs. Maryland - May 4-6

    who are these guys! 14 16 unanswered runs.
  5. Huskers vs. Creighton - April 24

    jeebus, maybe not. this team is crap.
  6. Huskers vs. Creighton - April 24

    i take that back. looked at the weather and it appears it is raining and the temperature has dropped to 47 deg F. brrr.
  7. Huskers vs. Creighton - April 24

    i think the huskers will show some pride and come out and put it to the bluejays tonight.
  8. Huskers vs. Creighton - April 24

    boy, i wish i was there.
  9. Huskers vs. Kansas State (4/17) & UNO (4/18)

    did he say it during the broadcast of the game or during post-game? you are right in that Rose is the biggest nebraska homer on the radio. when Anderson was struggling in his final seasons Rose never blamed the coach. Erstad might be a poor teacher, but besides a few players, I don't think this team has much talent. That ultimately falls on Erstad because he recruited them. I started regularly following Nebraska baseball during the 1980 season and this is one of the most un-fun teams to watch during this time. they commit bad errors, can't advance base runners, can't pitch, seem indifferent at times, etc.
  10. Huskers vs. Iowa - April 13-15

    hopefully this is a sign Altavilla will start to produce this year.
  11. Huskers @ Michigan State - April 6-8

    that and the fact that you have one of Omaha's favorite sons as your avatar makes me think i should
  12. Huskers @ Michigan State - April 6-8

    actually, now that i think about it, the points you bring up about those 2013 and 2014 teams were ones that had Will Bolt as the hitting coach. hmmm. i might be able to get on the fire Erstad, hire Will Bolt bandwagon
  13. Huskers @ Michigan State - April 6-8

    I realize the season is complete crap now and it is conceivable that this team will end up with a record that we haven't seen since the 75-76 teams, but don't see Erstad getting let go. he won the Big10 last year and has made several NCAA regionals. (Mr) Moos kept that half-wit Tim Miles for another season, so if he is consistent there is no way he gets rid of Erstad. It is too bad that Bolt left for A&M, but he won't come back unless he is offered the HC position and don't see that happening this year.
  14. Scott Schreiber

    The season continues to go down the crapper, but after this weekend's series, Schreiber is batting 0.413 with 11 HRs. I took a look at team statistics since 2000 and the last time Nebraska had a full time starter hit over 0.400 for the season was in 2001, which was still the era of the composite, aluminum bats. Makes what Scott is doing at the plate this year all the more impressive.
  15. Huskers @ Michigan State - April 6-8

    wow. wilkening flies out with the bases loaded and the cornhuskers lose another big 10 series. yeesh.