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  1. Hello, Mike Riley

  2. Hello, Mike Riley

    nailed it
  3. ***Official Ohio State Game Discussion Thread***

    yes he is. doesn't appear to have improved during his time here. still a statue that can't move his feet
  4. ***Official Wisconsin Game Discussion Thread***

    as if on cue
  5. Put Up or Shut Up Time

    i'm also tired of people making up cutesy names to refer to other schools, e.g. Whisky, Sparty, etc. Dumb as F*%k!
  6. ***Official Rutgers Game Discussion Thread***

    40 years? about 57 years.
  7. ***Official Rutgers Game Discussion Thread***

    it will empty at halftime if the game continues like this
  8. Do you miss the Big 12?

  9. Farniok has Broken Hand

    yeah, that seems likely. even if Evil Knevel is ready to go this week, you can almost bet he will re-injure his ankle early in the game and then be out a couple more games. don't know if its just bad luck or his body can't can take the contact, but don't see him playing much ever again.
  10. Mike Riley Apologists

    you don't actually believe Riley would do this, do you? no day, no way that Riley resigns on his own volition.
  11. Simple: Will Riley be back for a 4th year?

    he will be back next year. without question.
  12. ***Official Northern Illinois Game Discussion Thread***

    northern illinois is terrible