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  1. Tomorrow's Headline?

    Blackshirts Shutdown Sooners.
  2. Suh nearly transferred

    Missed it. Thanks for setting me straight.
  3. Suh nearly transferred

    Suh stated that if Callahan and Coz were not fired he would have transferred to OSU. Can’t say I blame him. That was a one pitiful defensive strategy and coaching effort. I am thinking we have several offensive players thinking the same thing now under Watson…can’t say I blame them either… Thank God for the Pelinis and our defensive coaches! http://nebraska.statepaper.com/vnews/displ...8/4b1f3a0fa7153
  4. Gabert

    Gabbert was in Columbia today. I wouldn't count on him being our salvation. To get **** recievers and QBs here we're going to have to show that we have the coaching that will allow them to use those talents. It looks like we are going to be a 3 yards and a cloud of dust and let the defense do it sort of program. We need a servicable qb like Ganz or Taylor and an o-line that can protect him and open up holes for Burkhead & Robinson. I think Green can be that or better. To me Green looks nothing like the gamer he was chalked up to be. I know he's a frosh, but he was handed opportunities several times this year and he has looked nothing less than scared and or tight. He has some major growing to do. His pass on 3rd down was a prime example.
  5. Unbelievable defense. Horrific offense. Something has got to be done with the latter...and something more than one series....
  6. Add another one

    A friend of mine was one of the ref's in his Norfolk game....says he was a dominate force in the game...for whatever that is worth. Could they be looking at him as a DE, not at DL??? Plus, hard to ignore his size.
  7. Larry Asente?

    It’s Division 1 football. It aint intramurals, brotha.

    To make an argument against your position one could say the word "Thenarse". He is certainly the best athlete at the position. But, at times throughout the season he looked down right awful….because he "did not know the system"...or at least did not play as if he did. Once his knowledge of the ‘system’ caught up and he became more comfortable you could see the level of his play pick up dramatically. I feel a player must know the system first…athleticism can only take you so far.
  9. Watson

    Or maybe it was to get away from Callahan. No one thought it at the time, but that seems the most logical reason now. As for Coach Watson.... I truely believe he stays for atleast the next few years. He likes this state and has a great respect for Tom and even for Bo. Money isn't everything to him either... he proved that last year when he turned down the Alabama job that would have doubled his pay here. I hope he stays too, but I have a feeling teams like Auburn might come calling. If you could mix our offense with their defense...look out.
  10. Watson

    I always assumed it was for the bikini's....
  11. Watson

    I thought the same regarding Norvell a couple years ago when he was picked up by UCLA....
  12. Watson

    I read nearly every day, but I do not post much....but I got to thinking about Coach Watson. He has put together a real nice offense in the past several games. We are gelling and the scores and offensive production keep getting better. Here is how we stack up through 11/16/08: Total Offense - 10th Rushing Offense - 39th Passing Offense - 12th Scoring Offense - 19th I am guessing his stock is on the rise. My questions are: If Coach Watson chooses to go elsewhere who is the most likely candidate to fill the spot? Who would you most like to see fill the vacancy? What will the effect be?
  13. Thanks for not picking up the game in Colorado. Love ya! what a joke.
  14. Redshirt for Henry

    Coach Pelini confirmed that Henry is set for a redshirt “We'd like to red shirt him,” Pelini said, “but he's ready to go. We have experience there (at the guard positions), so we can hold off on playing him.” I was hoping for more playing time for him. I love the motor and how he pushes his teammates with his intensity. We need that. Do you feel this was a decision based on luxury...we already have enough depth and talent? Or, is he just not ready due to lack of knowledge of the offense? Either way, is it possible to make up for execution with intesity?
  15. Score: NU 41 WMU 10 Rushing Yards: 316 Passing Yards: 278