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  1. Trump Foreign Policy

    You're right.
  2. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    That's the entire reason the 1st Amendment exists - to allow open discussion about our policies and politics. I think we need socialism in parts of our society and economy like law enforcement, fire fighting (cue teachercd complaining), the military, infrastructure (roads, bridges, airports), etc. The discussion shouldn't be about whether capitalism or socialism is good or bad or whatever - it should be about what policies we should implement to solve our problems and make our society and country a better place for us. Various "-isms" can give us ideas to form these solutions and to debate their merits, but none of the "-isms" will ever be the end-all, be-all for all of our issues.
  3. Star Wars Episode IX

    I can't see how they can put this story back together after the last one destroyed most of the things setup in episode 7. Maybe just go back to the traditional hero story of Rey vs Ren
  4. Justice Kennedy Set to Retire

    Will this be a new low: confirming a Supreme Court nominee who has committed perjury in Senate testimony?
  5. Star Wars Episode IX

    My 7yo is never going to let me miss a Star Wars movie.
  6. I wouldn't get a charging stand different than the one that comes with the Switch - you just have the stand plugged into the TV and you're good to go.
  7. I really like the split controller, so I wouldn't get the Pro controller, but that's just me. But you should get at least one more controller because they have to be connected to the Switch while it's charging for the controllers to charge. There's also a free app for your phone that's useful for limiting the amount of time your kids on playing but it's pretty useless otherwise. Enjoy!
  8. Recording Video Game Play

  9. Trump Foreign Policy

    I do. I also know that those struggles are separate from the discussion at hand.
  10. Trump Foreign Policy

    let me know when you have some facts to divert to
  11. These posts being back-to-back made me laugh
  12. Again, pot meet kettle. But we didn't see any of the planning that led up to the clones suddenly being controlled with a single command. And somehow also being too much for the Jedi when all previous evidence showed that the Jedi should have massacred the clones. It's an unearned twist. Those things you're mentioning all fit together, I agree. And I'll give you the rise of Palpatine as a plot. But the the eradication of the Jedi could have become a plot - I'm saying it wasn't as I explained above. But I'm done bashing episode 8 and the prequels. Hopefully episode 9 exceeds my expectations like Solo did.
  13. So episode 1 doesn't have either overarching plot. And the downfall of the Jedi is literally just an order given out and executed - takes about 3 minutes of screen time. Which of us is the pot and which is the kettle?
  14. "A glorious lack of sophistication" -Jeff Foxworthy
  15. Bourbon, Whisky and Scotch

    It's good, but I also like Canadian whiskey.