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  1. Dems Rebuild

    The Dems tilt the field in favor of the establishment: PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS FIGHT FOR ACCESS TO THE PARTY'S VOTER DATA
  2. Peach Bowl

    There was worry by UCF fans about what the coaches would wear. The whole thing is silly.
  3. DT Bryson Williams [Wisconsin Commit]

    Based on the photo, I'm guessing he's pro-Wisconsin.
  4. QB Run Game: the Myth of the Frost Offense

    Joe Ganz would be amazing in Frost's offense.
  5. Honest Expectations (Frost and Co)

    Bowl game next 2 years. Compete for B1G West by year 3. Win West by year 5. Then each year the goal will be to win the West, which gives a chance to win the conference, which gives a chance to make the CFP.
  6. QB Run Game: the Myth of the Frost Offense

    Passing probably had a bigger effect: 2016: 297 attempts, 6.09 ypa, 9 TD 2017: 360 attempts, 10.5 ypa, 35 TD
  7. Assistants Announced

    Did he ever get out of the ICU?
  8. Why would he? He'll be the returning starter for an undefeated team.
  9. What has 2 thumbs and is going to

    My family is coming for Christmas, so we're waiting until the second weekend to all go see it together.
  10. Assistants Announced

    Haha! I also went to Catholic school
  11. The Republican Utopia

    ALABAMA HAS THE WORST POVERTY IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD, U.N. OFFICIAL SAYS So why do Alabamans continue to support the GOP? How bad does it have to get before voting in a different direction?
  12. Assistants Announced

    I grew up in Omaha and we did square dancing for PE in 5th grade (I think? maybe 4th grade).
  13. Extremely impressed with the new staff on the recruiting trail

    If you look back, my first response was just a single sentence. I didn't think there'd be any push back against what I assumed was an obvious conclusion, and that @Nebfanatic would respond with a clarification as he did.
  14. Extremely impressed with the new staff on the recruiting trail

    I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, so let me pose the question to you. Is it possible for the Huskers to win the B1G multiple times in a decade without consistent top 18 recruiting classes? For example, if the Huskers had recruiting classes ranked #20 every year, it would be impossible to win the conference more than once every ten years.
  15. DT Bryson Williams [Wisconsin Commit]

    Yeah, I'd put the Huskers chances at less than 10%.