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  1. Greatest meme ever was Mangino in the tipped donkey cart.
  2. What is your favorite Husker play of all-time?

    fullback trap against Miami
  3. Old offenses v “new offenses”

    Uhhhh, no. I meant the smash mouth offenses. Predominantly run, down hill style with gigantic lineman of Ala, Wisc, and Stanford. Ahman Green and Frost style. OR the new stuff Frost is bringing in. Either of those. NOT the big arm, 50/50 pass/run, status boring ass offenses. damn.
  4. Old offenses v “new offenses”

    Nice opinions and chat. I’ve began to believe the pro style, shifting sets, big arm QB style offense was looking very out moded by the time Callahan left. Not that it didn’t generate yds and points at times, but he and Riley’s offenses just looked out dated and boring. Give me either what Frost is bringing or what Wisconsin/Stanford/Ala do when they have the olines. Love that smash mouth. Excited to move into the modern era of offenses!!
  5. We’ve had Callahan, Reilly, Solich, Pellini...now Frost. I excpect us to at least move the ball and score points. The intangibles will have to wait. The superior blocking and open spaces will have to wait. Finding the right cogs in this machine to click may have to wait...but it will come. I pose this: is an “up to date, fast paced offense” that kids are playing since middle school, just exactly the thing we need to start clicking? Watching a Taylor Martinez and Roy Helu work, vs a Tanner Lee and JD Spielman run offense vs a SF offense just be that much better? Will it work because it’s new and fast and innovative; were the offenses we had just outmoded and stiff? I think we’re about to embark on a new set that is modern, yet relies on simple old football. Will SF offenses generate what we think it will, simply because it’s pretty cutting edge or are the Reilly and Callahan offenses just too damn “old”? Ive watched all the clips from SF offenses and the break downs therein and I’m excited, but how could those old offenses just suck so bad? Im excited but reserved i guess.
  6. Thanks. I thought parrella was a good recruiter? also, was he just doing what they told him? Im not attached to anyone, just was wondering
  7. Keyshawn Jr. Gone if Riley is Fired?

    Yeah well, change is hard. It was hard for us to realize KJJ needed a change of scenery to get his son’s head out of the clouds. But we accepted that and heaped praise on you for doing it. Change is hard for a program so thirsty for wins we get a “google who?” Head coach and swallow that and accept a guy who makes changes most of us thought was backwards. But still showed up every Saturday to cheer since 1968. Change is hard watching a program with so many “hasn’t happened since 1954” collapse slowly and surely over 20 yrs. Change is hard watching “why are you a Husker fan” threads. Change is hard watching Duke, Okl St, Iowa St, and Penn St come from damn near death to top 25 rankings and freakin bowl game status, we aren’t even bowling!! Changing ADs, Coaches, offenses, defenses, and what colors we should wear for games is hard. So, ya know Sr...watching your son change his school allegiance because a guy who loses to NIU, NIU!!! at home feels hard to you? Here’s your damn ball, take it and go to whatever school will take your kid and go play football there. We NEED a change. We should be bowling and counting on more than 2 fingers our B1G conference selections. Change is hard, but sadly something we’ve become accustomed to. So, go change schools whilst we change head coaches. Our change we’ll stand by. I hope your son has made changes and will realize success from that change, like we will realize success from our change.
  8. Whose the next McKenzie Milton?

    Let’s not forget a kid named Potts from Norton who led Pittsburgh State Gorillas to some damn good wins in Div2 a number of years ago. These are the farm boys Nebraska needs. Tough as nails, winners, on the border, comes from a god program, albeit small. I agree w you.
  9. Any other Husker/Bronco fans here?

    My son was in the hospital a couple moths ago. Trevor Siemian, on his off week after the bills loss came to visit the oncology floor. He came to my sons room and we started chatting. Really nice guy, I told him we were definitely broncos fans. But we were really huge Husker fans. Recalled him beating us while he was at NWU. We laughed a little and he said he lost a couple to us too. He noted there were several Huskers in the Broncos and the conversation took a nice turn (for my son and me) to Janikowski, Zaire, Potter et al. His assistant quickly noted that “all you Husker fans are like a cult following, every time we meet a Husker fan they always bring up their boys!” I duly noted, and after a couple autographs and pictures we shook hands and told each other good luck. He was great to my son and seemed to genuinely care. Thays my Husker/Bronco story. Football this season has SUCKED
  10. What did we learn?....Penn State

    I learned i watched the first game and saw us get picked apart by those passes to the flat and bubble screens. I thought: we’ll adjust. Nope. Then I watched the first half against Oregon. Haven’t watched a single down since. I’m not watching this crap. Until they get someone who can coach the talent we DO have I’m done. Im not fair weather or jumping ship. I still read all the news, box scores, recaps and on this board everyday. But I’m not tuning in to watch. #StayFrosty
  11. Diaco sounding off against Rugby Tackling

    As a guy who has just been too damn busy to follow Football like I used to and getting my Husker news and info from here; it’s a circus. I stop in here once a week or so to get the score, “what did we learn” info, and maybe stop by recruiting to see how the class is shaping up. This is bad. I don’t even care who is to blame. If i was Reilly I’d fire Diaco tonight for public comments subversive to the team. And If i was Diaco I’d start speaking my gut about the program. And if I’m Moos, I’m firing them all on Saturday evening. This is insane and I’m not embarrassed to be a Husker fan, but I’m ready for the adults to take over.
  12. Ed Cunningham Abruptly Resigns From ESPN

    I respectfully disagree. The size/maturity gap INCREASES starting in 7th grade. When the kids were in 4,5 grades they all just about looked the same and were nearly all the same speed give or take. Now we have kids in 7th grade that weigh 178 lbs. 5 kids who weigh over 160. And let me tell you, these kids can MOVE. I feel like kids who try and join our team with zero coaching up to this point are at a far far greater danger for injuries everywhere not just head, because they have no technique, no fundamentals, and are scared. We move kids down to the B and C teams who can't play. I've coached my sons team since 4th grade. We've had one kid miss one practice because of a possible head injury in 5 years. We teach rugby rugby style tackling, there are weight limits for ball carriers, rules on kickoffs for running starts, etc etc that greatly reduce injuries. And we embrace them. I feel like kids should start in 3rd or 4th grade when impacts are slower, kids are the same size /speed and you can coach them for 5-6 years according to ability. Kids who come to play in 7th grade are way behind.