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  1. Breakout: Ron Brown and religion

    Love each other. Because He first loved us
  2. Watch List Season

    You choose: 2 OL on a watch list or 2 WR? 1 QB or 2 OL? 1 OL or 1 RB? I personally can’t wait until we start having OL back on trophy watch. All American OL would make me most proud.
  3. Can he help in recruiting? Besides meeting them when they are on campus, can he travel and recruit?
  4. What a great thing to pull off if that’s what they wanted. To coordinate classes, professors, meals, meetings, films, access, etc etc etc....is no small feat, especially with practices in the mornings. I hope it pays off like they want
  5. OT Michael Lynn

    I’ve seen him practice and play. He works real hard. Creek is a great school who plays good competition. I’ll probly go to 4-5 games this season and keep watching him. Dave Logan is the coach and they run a good scheme.
  6. Primeknit A1 uniforms

    I like these. I’d like it even more if they just went to the mesh jerseys. Just badass and shows my age, but those mid gut mesh jerseys are boss....this will do tho.
  7. That bar bending over the back with weights stacked.... they finally look like D1 athletes. HUSKER POWER
  8. Should the position be called Duck-R or Husk-R

    Should call it Ruskie
  9. HOL: Top 40 Huskers for 2018

    How does Wilson end up 36 when 3 of the writers didn’t even rate him?? Weird
  10. I know nothing about it, didn’t read or research one word of it, but it seems like they’re talking numbers and they have some solid names. I know from the past it’s damn near impossible to keep a pro league alive, but who knows?
  11. Why the posts about the league not starting? They’re getting all these guys to put their name out there, but it’s in danger of not moving forward? Also, glad we have Frost
  12. Do yourself a favor....

    THAT is how you build a mystique and a tradition. I hope he sticks around 15 yrs
  13. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    I remember watching Oregon about 9 yrs ago and hey just got the ball to like, 8 different guys who seemed ready to take it to the house every play. Didn’t know their names, whence they came, or follow them at all. But they were dangerous and effective. I think kids like this player are in that vein. Except, I love Nebraska football and know all about him lol cant wait to see all this talent.
  14. Huskers Road Schedule

    meh, they’ll have to adjust to us. Execution of a superior system outweighs some talent deficiencies