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  1. Frost

  2. Frost

    Does Frost dip? Sometimes it looks like he’s got a big chew in...
  3. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    For Those that we’re there or watched it live, what was the pace like?
  4. Steve Taylor. He was DeShaun Watson 30 yrs ago. He would win the Heisman in Frost offense twice.
  5. Steve Taylor. He was DeShaun Watson 30 yrs ago. He would win the Heisman in Frost offense twice.
  6. Post-Practice Presser - April 17

    Mo Barry is right. I hope the QBs get a little contact here and there. When your bell is ringing in front of 90k, how you gonna react in a fast paced offense? Also would love to hear the question posed to Davis to illicit that response.
  7. Spring Ball Video Recaps

    They look different. Man they were out of shape and soft. They’ve made noticeable gains, they look like D1 football players now
  8. For the first time in years

    Yep, that’s why they play the games. On paper, I’d agree with them, especially in years past. This season im excited to see what this team brings, win or lose
  9. For the first time in years

    I’m just excited to be excited. Haven’t had a good feeling of anticipation on many years. Apathy, I now know had set in for me.
  10. No sniff based on what? The coaching circle is actually very tight and very small. Is there something they all know (and won’t give him a P5 job) that you and the rest of them know that we don’t? Serious question
  11. You’ve had this narrative for years, I mean YEARS on this board that Pelini “burned it down on his way out”. I remember the speech to the players at a high school auditorium and all, but you seem to indicate that you know some other info about his exit that was so poisonous and and actually set the program back...yet you’ve never really expounded that info. Wouls like to hear an anecdote to confirm your thoughts on this burning by Pelini. (I was ready for him to leave after he chased his CB all over the sideline against Wisconsin for 8 straight minutes til the kid buried his head defeated. So I’m no Pelini apologist, just wondering how you bring this up so often)
  12. For the first time in years, maybe since Martinez was under center with Helu behind him, or perhaps Suh was on the line with Gomes and Prince backing him up I’m actually intrigued to to watch them play the game. The prognosticators have generally put the Cornhuskers at 4-6 wins. The last 3-5 years I’d generally agree with their assessments of how we should finish. The paper matched the product. I’m actually excited to see the changes, the new offense and defense this season. I’ll actually watch the games with interest, win or lose. I’m feeling like the team just needs to play; on paper we are predicted to lose. On the field, I feel like we have a shot. What has been brought in as “new” over the last several seasons made me wary and not excited that the team can win or compete on paper or the field. Finally, finally I feel like what’s on paper will be far exceeded by what’s on the field. A tangible gut feeling that makes me interested to see the product, not the paper. Finally. Anyone else ready?
  13. Spring Game Attendance Tracker

    “We’ll stick together (and fill the stadium) through all kinds of weather”
  14. Post-Practice Presser - April 10

    Bunch will never see the field. Get over it. Also, can they get a spot where they interview the players with a little better light? The lighting sucks during interviews.
  15. Versus Threads vs No versus threads

    I like them. Eventually they’ll fade away like 1998’s Thong Song. But they’re fun while they last.