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  1. I am I

    Offensive Playcalling Thoughts?

    Turnovers and blocking
  2. I am I

    Let Us Pray

    we ask for a chance that's fair
  3. Crazy what anyone would expect with a walk-on. Srsly, a walk-on. Still have to run the offense you practice, can’t just “draw some stuff up”. Hope for limited mistakes and a few good bounces to even have a chance to win....with a walkon
  4. I am I

    Running Backs on Scoring Drives

    I like Washington. Considering he got here late even, he’s really exciting to watch.
  5. Turnovers. That’s all
  6. I am I

    Nebraska is not a “team” yet

    Washington is a total stud.
  7. I am I

    Nebraska is not a “team” yet

    Turnovers turnovers turnovers my biggest concern had become a reality.
  8. Many good parts. Some good individuals. Not a “team” yet. But it’ll get there.
  9. I am I

    Who all played vs Colorado?

    Did Honas make any noise? Didn’t hear his name called often, if at all. The Davis twins looked damn stout, and Mo Berry was everywhere. Ferguson played real well too. Bootle was active. Was fun to watch and keep track of!
  10. The schemes and pressure were very very nice to see. Adjustments too. Angles, tackles, guys all around the ball. Give credit to CU, they made some good plays in traffic and competed hard. I like tje the new look of our defense tho. It’ll keep getting better.
  11. I am I

    Colorado Game in under 40 minutes

    How silky smooth and explosive is Washington? He gooood!
  12. I am I

    Do we still miss the Big 12?

    After all of the 11-1 votes the teat suckers gave whilst giving power to texass? No. Don’t miss it at all actually. If we can begin to schedule some of our old Big8 opponents for home/home series every year, that would be satisfying enough. I like the B1G better
  13. ‘Vaney Tagge Vicka (Vic for short) Lucky Rex Wonderful (Wonder for short) Neil Smith Remmington (Remmie for short) Hipp Rozier Ozzy or Oz Prince Martin-ez Bo Frosty Hail Varsity (Hail for short) Gomes Barrett Blackshirt (Blacky for short) lots to choose from