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  1. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    Or Dickens
  2. O-line

    Thanks guys. I follow it, maybe not as close as I should I knew we had some guys coming up but was wondering about signees. Answers the question tho. Cheers
  3. O-line

    I see all these skill guys, I see a couple/few lineman. I know speed kills and SF offense relies on space and mismatches. When do we start land 3-4 Star line recruits? It’s allllll about the trenches IMHO. do we have some guys that are solid and leaning towards us? Don’t we need lineman??
  4. Who's Worse: Riley VS Callahan

    On the field they both suck ass. Dont want either of their crap. Off the field I’ll take Reilly. He built a great “after football life” for NU players. He made a “home” for players to like. He was a good ambassador. Callahan destroyed what was left of Cornhusker tradition and recognition. Callahan reorganized, took down, and bent basic Nebraska traditions. Glad it’s over and don’t want to dwell but Callahan truly was not a good fit. I’d take Reilly, even though they both suck balls
  5. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    I think they’ll be okay. They got proper treatment for an ailment and 100 other players are okay, sounds like it’s working. Weight room should be where guys get broken and come out stronger. To suggest they are pushing a limit that can’t be overcome is faulty thinking. They need to be pushed, period. Pushing beyond limits is normal. Two guys got sick, they’ll be back. Learn, grow, break, come back. Destroy Rebuild.
  6. Sunshine Pumping!

    Me too finally feel good
  7. DPE Highlights

    Yep. We have and have had talent. Let’s unleash these beasts.
  8. 3-5 yrs

    I think we have the talent and that it’s been underutilized. But watching these top teams I just don’t see us having a stacked stable of horses like they do...yet im really confident Frost can get some movement starting this next season and if things go right we can win/upset some good teams. But to just “know” we can compete with the top 5...I think we’re 2-3 yrs away from that. Just simply the eyeball test of the body type and mindset of those players tells me that.
  9. 3-5 yrs

    Could we play w Bama, Georgia, Clemson, tOSU, Okla? i see pros all over their fields. Will we be there in half a decade? We’ll sharpen up, we’ll win more games. But will we have those man-child’s they have ready to play for Conf titles and possibly Natty’s? Lets stop the Frost train for a second and be realistic of where we are. We are a ways off, no?
  10. Frost, Harbaugh or Urban Meyer

    Meyer for the assurance. Frost for the longevity. Lets not forget Harbaugh went home to his alma mater too. Michigan was reeling. He’s injected life but not their standard results. Frost has as long as it takes, long long leash. Young, new, fresh, N born and bred. Not only will he right the ship, but he’ll set reasonable expectations amongst the fan base; people will believe what he says because he has nothing to hide. Like Callahan or Reilly simply did not fit. Pellini was a good coach but too hostile for us. Frost will do everything they did right AND do it the way we expect. And people will live with that because he wants it for us as much as for himself and his team.
  11. Offseason Workouts

    At my college if you missed a workout for the next 5 days you had “dawn patrol”. 5am running up every basketball step in our coliseum. And your position coach had to be there too. Trust me, if your position coach has to get up at 4:30am to run your ass you weren’t missing any more workouts. Accountability can happen.
  12. Great article on new S&C coach Duval

    “Sometimes you have to go into a cave and then dig your way out” recent comment by a former Husker after he watched the team lift. Too many high fives, too much jubilation in his mind. The weight room is where you get BROKEN. Broken to pieces and either rise up and get your ass back in there for the next rep, the next set, the next day or GTFO. Turn off the AC, turn down the lights, blast some f’ing Metallica, rip your palms bloody, tear off your shirt, spit on the ground, bang the bars against the rack, and then look at who is left standing. Those men are who you trust when the s#!t is on the line. Ignite the fuse that is HUSKER POWER
  13. Huskers Offense Always in 'Attack Mode'

    One thing hasn’t been said yet...seems to me Frost and Co probly talked to him about coming here? Switch positions, film room guy, reliable, system...whatever. He’s coming cuz frost wants him here. End of story.
  14. Greatest meme ever was Mangino in the tipped donkey cart.
  15. What is your favorite Husker play of all-time?

    fullback trap against Miami