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  1. Fall Camp Updates - Offensive Line

    Thanks. That makes sense...
  2. ***Arkansas State Prediction Contest***

    Nebraska 41 Arkansas State 27 Passing yards: 325 Rushing Yards: 170
  3. Trump's America

    What did Hillary's emails say on this matter?
  4. This video has to be the best one concerning a total eclipse...



    ...of the heart. 



    1. chamrocck


      Correction...this is the best "eclipse" video.  There's a few absolute gems in here...hahaha!  



  5. Wisconsin "May have separated from the rest of the West"

    While the BTN Crew has been rather on point with some of their assessments, they're only assessing what they see at one practice, one day, and with what the coaches want to show them. It's like looking through the knothole trying to watch the game--you may catch a brief glimpse of something cool and exciting, but you're hardly seeing the whole picture. Wisky does look like the team to beat in the West, but I don't think they're heads and shoulders above where we are. After all, they were one play away in OT from losing to a decidedly above average (9-4) Nebraska team last year...and frankly, I don't see where they may have improved on their roster over last year, save for their O-Line.
  6. Fall Camp Updates - Offensive Line

    Question--will the offense continue to play only the five starters on the line this season without switching out/subbing kids, or will they be working in some of this second string talent we keep hearing about?
  7. Nintendo Switch

    I have both a WiiU and Switch, and I'd suggest going with the latter. I have a 4 year old and a 9 year old that both adore the system and use it without any issues. The 9 year old could use the WiiU without problem, but not so for the 4 year old. IMO, the Switch UI is better (faster, cleaner) the unit is fully portable (so you can buy a car charger and take the Switch with you), and frankly, the majority of the WiiU titles that did well or had strong critical response are making the leap to the Switch in an upgraded form (e.g. Mario Kart 8 EX, Pokken Tournament DX, Splatoon 2) or are rumored to be ported rather soon (Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 1 & 2, Super Smash Brothers, Mario 3D World, Super Mario Maker are all rumored titles that have had strong hits for future ports). Also, the Switch is set to outsell the WiiU install base in less than a year (likely this Holiday season), which means you'll start seeing more AAA titles being ported over. There's even been rumblings of games like Overwatch and Diablo 3 being ported over (the former would need a downgrade of certain assets in order to maintain speed and fluidity though). And Nintendo has been rather indie-friendly, so there's already a lot of good games available on their marketplace. Anyway, just my $.02.
  8. Bray on His Decision to Stay

    Um...no. I'd rather Diaco cut his teeth as a head coach at another mid-major before seeing him take the reigns of our program as a HC. Hopefully without trying to concoct another crappy trophy game where the prize gets eschewed by the winning side.
  9. Will There be War wt N Korea next 4 years

    We have a policy against assassinating foreign leaders. "Policy"
  10. LJS: No Excuses for Cav's Line This Year

    That McNeese State was a tough out though.
  11. Shatel's TBL

    Who was the reporter? I remember this story kind of being a thing but I never really heard exactly what happened. I'll give Carl a pass though cuz he was probably coked up. Bo on the other hand. No excuse. The story is fiction and in the fictional story it wasn't a reporter but it was a booster. The story gets more amazing every time it gets told. There is another good one of Bo being "kicked out" of his sons middle school basketball game when he went crazy on the refs, of course, there is no video of it even though clearly that would be big news. Also there is the one of Bo and Carl finding out the true names of posters and stalking them. Yes, but the Bo and Carl finding out true names of posters and stalking them happened. Video proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuBWbpTJRqk
  12. Except that we play Rutgers, so in order for your dollar to pay off, we have to take the L
  13. 2017 Schedule Wallpaper

    Excellent job, Sir.
  14. Anyone use Sirius XM to Listen to Games?

    Sirius XM is great for following the Nebraska in-conference games and OOO home games...but I think we have problems with OOO away games not being covered by any of the channels sometimes. I doubt that will be the case this year (since our away OOO is Oregon), but it's worth noting for future seasons.
  15. Cowherd Giving NU love...

    Neither. 10-3 with losses to OSU, Wisconsin and Iowa and Riley's seat will be scorching. 0-6 against Wiscy and Iowa is not okay. Not even a little bit. Wanna bet. Eichorst brought Riley in to win. Going 0-6 against our biggest competition in the west that happen to be very average teams will get boosters riled up. My guess would be Eichorst is out if we don't win the west and go 0-2 against Wiscy and Iowa. Man you got to ever over this. Wisconsin is not an average team they have proven this over and over for the past 10-15 years. You may not like that, but they are a good football team. Iowa is cyclical team. They will pop up and have a couple of great season's and then go back to winning 6-7 games a year for 3-4 seasons. Again it may hurt your ego a little but Iowa is a well coached team that doesn't make a lot of mistakes. They usually are talent challanged. Frankly I don't see that 9-10 win season out of Iowa this year. There defense should be decent, but offensively other than the RB returning they are short on skill players. I don't like losing to Iowa or Wisconsin anymore than the next Nebraska fan, but I realize that they are programs to not look down apon as some average inferior teams. Wisconsin always plays tough and in conference play they are even better. A night game at Camp Randall is about as tough as it gets in college football. Somehow they typically play way above their talent level. At home. They've given up some head scratchers on the road..though they did play well on the road last season.