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  1. Huskers @ Husker Classic - Tempe, Arizona

    That’s an understatement. Great to see the kids doing well early. Let’s start finishing games and series strong!
  2. Bracketology

    Jesus TFing Christ...
  3. Bracketology

    I still worry about the optics of playing our conference tourney so early, especially when there's still plenty of good bubble and tourney games while our kids will be done (win or lose). It's not good to have the entire conference sitting on its hands while the rest of the nation goes at it--out of sight, out of mind and all that. As for scheduling...I'll just chalk this year up to a fluke. But if we continue to have our B1G schedule work against us, and we continue to see success, we're gonna need Moos to say something to the conference about how it creates schedules going forward.
  4. Bracketology

    Wow...Purdue sure is going down hard these past few games. All but MSU in the B1G looking rather winnable for DoNU right now in the tourney.
  5. Bracketology

    Thank you.
  6. Bracketology

    Current Status: What's good to eat in Dayton. Question: Are we *REALLY* going to consider it a NCAA Tourney win if we win a play-in game?
  7. Bracketology

    Yeah, his antics from the Nebraska/Baylor game didn't get national attention (mainly because everyone thought we'd be beat anyway), but they helped sway the game heavily towards Baylor time and again. It was games he was in charge of earlier in the season that were his undoing. I wish I could remember that as****e's name. I can't remember if he was terminated or simply forced to hang up his whistle...
  8. Bracketology

    And let's not forget the officiating angle--that official was dismissed for a history of poor calls and negative behavior/antics on the court. Can't remember his name...but he was a significant factor. I mean, FFS, he ejected Tim Miles because he was trying to alert them that the timekeeper didn't do their job.
  9. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    I think we’re getting better as a nation at handling this process loop—most of us have already skipped the bulls*** “thoughts and prayer” stage and went right into Facebook (nee social media) debates. #Progress
  10. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    Let’s also be thankful that the shooter’s second amendment rights were not infringed upon during any part of this ordeal.
  11. ESPN: Sold-out spring games and a 'rock star' coach

    And people think it's ridiculous that Frost won't deliver on a national championship in year one. And let's not forget our Women's Gymnastics team being off to a great start.
  12. Parrella

    I think it's as simple as this: if Frost had an opening on the D-Line he would have looked at and potentially kept Parrella. As Frost has stated, his loyalty was to his current staff and offering them first, and they decided they wanted to come to DoNU to help Frost. Let's not overthink this. Parrella is a Husker, and he was regarded as a great coach prior to his arrival. I have no doubt he'll land a gig, and we may even see him back on the sidelines of DoNU down the road again.
  13. Husker great Ralph Brown on the future of the Huskers

    But I thought California Speed < Florida Speed (mainly because of the population of bath salt zombies and meth heads that Florida kids have to outrun?)
  14. Okay...I'm not feeling this hire at all. But I'm willing to give Moos and Frost the benefit of the doubt... ...and let's be honest--they're not perfect and they're going to make mistakes. What will be telling about them is how they go about recognizing and fixing said mistakes when/if they occur.
  15. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    Sooooo...that’s a “no” to Redux’s question then.