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  1. Nebraska Cornhuskers 2017 Coaching Carousel National Champions 'Nuff said.
  2. Assistants Announced

    Baseball—Van Horn to Arkansas and Childress to Texass A&M.
  3. Assistants Announced

    The 1% who wouldn't be freaking out:
  4. NCAA Round Three - Colorado

    Ughhhh...they aren't looking too good right now. Hope they get the kinks worked out...
  5. Assistants Announced

    "Josh Heupel is the coach that UCF deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll out-recruit him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our coach. He's a silent coordinator, a watchful instructor. A UCF knight." -UCF Athletic Director James Gordon
  6. Wow...Scott Frost as our new HC *AND* Warner Bros. just removed Zach Snyder from making any more DC Comic movies! Looks like some of us have been exceptionally nice this year...

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    2. Xmas32


      +1 to ZRod.  I've ridden in both the XC90 (SUV) and S90 (comparable to the Audi A6) both vehicles are fantastic.  The fact they are incredibly safe is an added bonus.

    3. Vizsla1


      Did not say it was a bad thing.. Volvo did get away from making "boxy" cars, just like DC went to having trailers.  I always wanted a Volvo. Tested the Audi Q7...went with another high end

    4. ZRod


      True. They did keep the box grille and overall chunky shapes though. 

  7. Assistants Announced

    Santa is envious of Held at this point.
  8. And frankly, there's nothing preventing him from running again in a few years. If he did a good job (which he has) and he's truly repentant (which he seems to be), then if the voters approve him going back...
  9. Tim Miles Separation watch

    Yeah...um...no. Let's wait and see how Miles handles Creighton and Kansas (four top-30 teams B2B2B2B) and if we manage to go 2-2 (with a respectable loss coupled with the blowout MSU loss) or 3-1, then maybe you can cancel the apocalypse.
  10. Charlie Mcbride podcast on Big Red Cobcast

    Wow...from a poster named 'Bulldogg', suggesting that we 'fix' players is quite extreme and just a tad bit hypocritical, don't you think?
  11. Charlie Mcbride podcast on Big Red Cobcast

    /Marsellus Wallace’s Wife approves //Don’t give her a foot rub though
  12. Assistants Announced

    That wouldn't exactly be the first time a leader at Liberty said something that was false... But yes, having Turner Gill back at DoNU would be better than where he's at currently for a number of reasons.
  13. Charlie Mcbride podcast on Big Red Cobcast

    There are some pretty damning quotations from Charlie regarding Riley and his staff's coaching ability: 9:28: McBride asks Riley why the scout team defensive players weren't actively trying to strip the ball from the offensive players during practice. Riley's reply was "I'll have to look into that" 10:15: McBride asks Cavanaugh why he only played five offensive linemen during games: "Because I only get five guys ready to play" says Cavanaugh, which McBride links to the Pro mentality of coaching There's other gems in here as well, like the lack of time in the practice schedule for individual work/fundamentals work (literally zero time according to what Parella told McBride) and the staff wasn't used to coaching 100+ players (the point that Riley routinely did not have a full compliment of 85 scholarship players at Oregon State also came up, but I'm not sure if that's valid...) All in all, seems like the past three years were a waste of time, resources, and (most importantly) these kids' ability.
  14. Merry +1Mas 2017

    Santa is the original pimp daddy, yo.
  15. 2018 Betting Props Are Out

    Maybe Scott has a year of eligibility left?