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  1. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Right...and the big takeaway from that article, is this: Remember: Scott has a young one on the way. Being a dad is going to be more important than being a head coach, and being able to drive home and see the kid when you're recruiting? That's gonna matter. And that may be a problem for us.
  2. Disappointed nothing changes till end of year

    Perhaps instead of Read, we should have hired Count? Then we wouldn't have that issue...
  3. Is this guy high? Neb to B12

    He's not on crack or meth--it's all about the prescription painkillers now. As for expansion, the timing for the B1G deal was to see where Oklahoma and Texas were at the end of the Big XII's current GOR. Texas may very well not have a network any longer, considering how much ESPN is trying to trim budgets and no one watches it anyway (we have it parental blocked in our home). And there's a reason Oklahoma blocked expansion, and it's because it would have most likely come with an expansion to the GOR. IIRC, expanding the GOR requires a 3/4ths majority, and there are three schools (Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas) blocking discussion of it. Add two or four more teams that want to discuss it, and their GOR blockade is gone and they're locked into a future with whomever they expand with. There's some merit to what he's saying about the Pac-12 and Mizzery, though. The Pac-12 TV deal is a cluster, though I don't believe it will sink their ship or break them apart before discussions regarding a new NCAA replacement come around--too much money, and the alternative isn't that attractive (join B1G, Big XII, or a non-P5 conference?) But we have heard things like Arizona State and Colorado potentially joining the B1G for hockey, which could set the stage for other movement down the road. And we know that Mizzery has had buyer's remorse with the SEC for some time now--as I understand it, adding Mizzery to the SEC did more for SEC recruiting than it did help Mizzery's fortunes, both on and off the field. And don't think for a minute that Mizzery's degradation, both on and off the field, has gone without notice by Oklahoma leadership. But yeah, he's reaching on quite a few things. Namely Nebraska coming back to the B1G. The academic progress we've made in such a short amount of time, quite honestly, is not something we could accomplish or sustain in another conference.
  4. Disappointed nothing changes till end of year

    Ernie approves.
  5. Disappointed nothing changes till end of year

    What words do you want these folks to learn instead? Would incompetent suffice? Or... Impotent? Malfeasant? Inept? Ineffectual? Incapable? Useless? Ham-fisted? Ineffective? Blundering? Unproductive? Mismanaged? Just let folks know which word you'd rather they use so they can start using it and not offend you, please.
  6. ***Purdue Prediction Contest***

    Nebraska 23 Pur-f******-due 48 Passing: 225 Rushing: 150 Lee INTs: 2 for 10 points.
  7. Disappointed nothing changes till end of year

    I've said this since BYU 2015. Plus, Riley shoving 'Dorf to the side is not unprecedented--Riley did this very thing at Oregon State and called/ran the offense himself, IIRC. I'd suggest terminating 'Dorf and having Riley front the offense. Hell, there's little Riley could do to make the situation worse after all... As for giving Riley one more year, we don't have the time to give, and the SEC will snatch up Frost or anyone else that we think can come in and do a good job here, because if they can win at DoNU, they can sure as hell win in a conference where morals are loose and the women looser.
  8. Keep the Kids at Home

    If there's a new coach whose last name is 'Frost'...yeah.
  9. Keep the Kids at Home

    Do we though? And considering how these Nebraska kids have done well elsewhere, is our valuation of what is the 'best' in-state talent flawed somewhat? I'm not trying to be flippant here, btw--it's just that we've heard ad nauseam that the best Nebraska teams were local kids anchoring the team peppered with talent from across the nation. (Paraphrasing here). It seems we may have gotten away from that, which may be part of the reason our program is seeing the problems it currently has.
  10. A lot of this has to do with the deliberate erosion of our public education system--there's less emphasis on critical and scientific thought processes, and more of an emphasis on regurgitation and test taking due to standardized testing and the focus on trying to put a simple business metric on a complicated process like education. This doesn't seem like much, but in the long run, it severely impacts a person's ability to use cognitive thought processes to absorb and critically evaluate news and information presented to them. This leads to the regurgitation of data via echo chambers and the tribalism we experience today. Additionally, we've already heard from college professors that kids coming into college are woefully under-prepared to engage in critical thought compared to 10 or 20 years ago. Couple the erosion of America via its public education system with easy to digest news media from the right that predicates its messages on fear, intolerance, tribalism, and hatred--concepts that are easy for those not accustomed to critical thought to latch on to--and it's not a shock we're sliding this way. And I'd suggest that if we don't start at the base of this problem and get back to what made public education great, we will continue to see further erosion to where we reach the point of no return.
  11. Bill Moos named AD

    Dunno. I could see Moos giving Riley another year and requesting that certain coaches be terminated (e.g. 'Dorf, Cavanaugh). I honestly would prefer we terminate Riley and go after someone that can turn the program and its culture around, but that 2018 schedule...it's a bad one.
  12. I’ve seen posters banned for posting less offensive statements than this.
  13. Not a pipe dream now that we have money to spend.
  14. ***Official Ohio State Game Discussion Thread***

    Bulls*** on the talent part. It’s already been proven multiple times over in other threads that we have better talent and depth than all but two/three of the teams on our schedule. This is purely coaching malfeasance and incompetence of the highest order on the part of Riley and his staff (with one or two exceptions). We have the kids-they just don’t have the knowledge and coaching to win.
  15. ***Official Ohio State Game Discussion Thread***

    We are changing. I’d just prefer the rip-the-bandaid off approach, especially when the kids take their cues from the coaches and amble onto the field like a dead team walking...