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  1. Andrew Ward Leaving the Huskers

    Agree 100%. Forcing players out via “pain management” is the SEC method of roster control/turnover, and it’s bound to burn them down the road when the wrong kids get forced out and finger bagmen in retaliation. At at least what Frost is doing (per the reports on the boards, FWIW) is forthright, honest, and no bulls***. After all of the shoveled manure these kids get via recruiting (in general, not from DoNU), a no manure approach is probably welcome.
  2. Decker Stepping Away from Football

    Thanks to Cavanaugh, any of the kids he coached can have a second career as a matador. ¡Olé!
  3. Oklahoma Fans Also Lament Missing Nebraska Series

    Agreed. And Barry actually covered that in an article either last year or the year before, and why it would behoove Oklahoma to join the B1G over any other conference (read: the SEC). Sure, football and baseball may prosper in the SEC, but at the expense of Olympic sports and any sort of academic growth as a University.
  4. Oklahoma Fans Also Lament Missing Nebraska Series

    Right, but there's also been a secondary objective with these pieces, many of which are commissioned indirectly by the OU AD Leadership--stoking the fires of a potential conference move in the next few years. There's still no GOR renewal for the Big XII, after all. Better to remind fans about your old buddy Nebraska, who may not be doing as well as they had in the past, but at least they've got firm footing underneath them and a TV deal showing all of their games.
  5. Holy hell...my youngest is graduating preschool today, and I've got all sorts of feels. 

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      You know what that means right? Time to have another youngest.... ;)

    4. VectorVictor


      Who says I haven't done that already. ;)


      Just don't tell the wife. :D

  6. Worst Loss of the Riley Era

    We've all been awful Purdue teams once in our lives. It happens. Don't be so hard on yourself, okay?
  7. Worst Loss of the Riley Era

    Pffffttt...that ball was rolling with the loss to BYU in 2015. Couldn't convert multiple 3rd and shorts to seal/win the game, and the play selection was gawd awful. It was a very representative look at what we would be dealing with for the entirety of his tenure. And I selected BYU 2015--when we let that mediocre of a team, on their third string QB (IIRC) come in and win like they did, Riley had a LOT to questions to answer that he either left blank or just wrote in "Hip Hip Hooray" during his all-too-long tenure.
  8. I'm being sarcastic, of course. Kinda.
  9. FFA Even if we go undefeated, we'd be hard pressed as a program to crack the Top 40, but I appreciate Miles' enthusiasm and willful naivety. We just need to realize we're not Duke, Kansas, North Carolina, Villanova, Michigan, or any other basketball school that has failed to obtain base competence in another sport, and that we'll be on the outside looking in for the NCAA Tourney if we don't lose to anyone.
  10. Trump hired Israeli intel firm to gather info on Americans

    Well, Nancy Pelosi already said she won't step down from her leadership position...which right there doesn't help things.
  11. Huskers @ Creighton - May 8

  12. Trump hired Israeli intel firm to gather info on Americans

    O'Rourke's campaign is using an app platform called Act Blue, and it takes PayPal. All of the money goes to the campaign, but you can leave a tip for the app developers to use to pay for their services and upkeep. https://betofortexas.com/ https://secure.actblue.com/donate/beto-homepage?refcode=header-homepage&_ga=2.36948965.472123905.1525811357-1066720557.1525811357
  13. Trump hired Israeli intel firm to gather info on Americans

    Yup, I messed that up. Fixed it. It's O'Rourke that isn't taking dirty, dirty PAC money or money from corporations. Just voters like you and I. BTW, he's down with even $5 if you can spare it.
  14. Trump hired Israeli intel firm to gather info on Americans

    Thanks. And to be clear, there is plenty of fault to go around for both sides...but if we were to sit down and objectively tally how much improvement to the greater good was passed by these politicians, you'd find that the ones that skew towards doing more right than wrong tend to be our more liberal politicians. But even they aren't without problems--narcissism (e.g. Nanci Peloisi) and selfishness springs to mind. But I am encouraged by folks like Beto O'Rourke in Texass, who is literally traveling to every single county in person and holding town halls with everyone, regardless of political affiliation, to get their input and let them know that his goal is to do the most amount of good for his constituents and the country while he is in Washington. He's pretty moderate (he's a gun owner IIRC, but wants background checks, local law enforcement directly involved in evaluations and notifications, and to restrict ownership of semi-automatic non-hunting rifles (e.g. AR-15), but most importantly, he believes in the rule of law and working towards the greater good. Frankly, the fact that it's a race that's too close to call (Cruuuuuuz was leading by 3%, which is within the error of margin) is a testament to the excellent ground game and energy O'Rourke is putting forth. Oh, and have I mentioned that O'Rourke is taking nothing from PACs or Corporations, and his campaign is relying solely on donations from voters? Oh, and that O'Rourke is consistently outrasing Cruz every quarter? Agreed. Our cultural standards and integrity should not vacillate based on the political affiliation of whomever the office holder is. And yes, people are human and prone to err and messing up, so I'm also calling for every small/little failure to be punished to the fullest extent. The offense, the offender, and the scope all need to be taken into consideration.