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  1. DirecTV Now Streaming TV service is $10/mo. for three months for their base package--good enough to watch 63 of the NCAA Tournament games. 


    Great price if you already have a streaming device and want to try out the service. 

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    2. Enhance


      @knapplc Minimum two years of indentured servitude.

    3. VectorVictor


      @Enhance Incorrect. You can cancel any time after the three months are up or during the three months, penalty free. You're probably thinking of terrestrial DirecTV.

    4. VectorVictor


      @knapplc they also have the Apple TV 4K deal going on as well--prepay three months of service at regular price, get an Apple TV 4k 32GB sent to you for "free".


      And with this package too, you can cancel any time after your three prepaid months are up.