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  1. hawkeyes game

    Lets not get caught looking ahead. We've got a game to win this weekend.....
  2. Offensive line coach

    We have an offensive line coach?
  3. I cant take it anymore

    Steve Petersen was a terrible AD.
  4. I cant take it anymore

    Mike O'Reilly is really driving this program into the ditch.
  5. What is the key to making millions while being little better than average? Do these principles apply to other careers or just head football coaching?
  6. 2018 Draft

    I just spit coffee all over my keyboard.
  7. Penn State Week Pressers

    That would require a coach to understand what a 1st down is and how to get one.
  8. How bad?

    Curious what peoples thoughts are on how bad this game against Penn State is going to get? I honestly think Barkley will set an NCAA record for rushing yards....lets just hope it doesn't happen in the 1st half. If they want to score a C note they probably could.
  9. Penn State Week Pressers

    Agreed. This shouldnt even be in the realm of possibility. Run wildcat if you have to. Penn State is going to do bad awful things to us either way.
  10. How have you managed to remain a head coach for 30 years in a profession you have no business being in? Is the CIA involved? If so, to what depths do you have knowledge of aliens?
  11. Poll: When to fire Riley (In Your Opinion)

    Fixed that for you.
  12. Poll: When to fire Riley (In Your Opinion)

    Halftime of the Purdue game was not an option.
  13. Turn Around - How long?

    We are going to find out......
  14. Turn Around - How long?

    The Riley experiment buried us. It's going to take a minimum of 5 years to recover and in the back of my mind we may never recover from this one. Apathy has set in and we have lost everything we once stood for which took decades to build.
  15. What did we learn?....Northwestern

    Whoa what?