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  1. Trump's America

    kind of weird to say that i agree with richard spencer
  2. Trump's America

    Equally to blame, in general? Hell no Equally to blame in regards to specific provocation in a single event? Maybe. Completely absolved of blame? No Worthy of really spending much time focusing on in relation to other problems? Not really, imo
  3. Wisconsin "May have separated from the rest of the West"

    Redux, you literally said it's easy to beat Wisconsin if people make one simple decision.
  4. Wisconsin "May have separated from the rest of the West"

    You make it sound like winning 10-12 games a season is the easiest thing in the world and opposing coaches don't even think about how best to scheme against the team they're playing.
  5. Solar Eclipse 8-21-17

    Here's the best pic I got of it yesterday - the pic looks awesome, but boy does it fail to do the experience any sort of justice at all. I'm glad I spent very very little time behind my camera.
  6. 2017 Alternate Uniforms

    Likely just a fan option - they wouldn't be careless enough to accidentally put those for sale without an announcement.
  7. Solar Eclipse 8-21-17

    We went to a place 30 minutes west of Carbondale called Kincaid Lake Spillway. It's a pretty well kept local secret - a big lake with some really cool waterfalls. Not a cloud in the sky until after the eclipse was way past over, not a huge crowd, no problems with it being packed or with traffic on the way down. Then it took us 12 hours to drive back to Chicago. I just now got back to my apartment (we left at 3am last night and I didn't sleep at all). Holy crap I'm pooped but what a breathtaking and once in a lifetime thing to experience. i got some really cool pictures of the area and of the totality, will try to post tomorrow.
  8. ESPN 30 for 30 on 90s Huskers....

    They never are when all you're doing is winning
  9. Solar Eclipse 8-21-17

    Couldn't. Leaving at 3am driving down to Carbondale, aka point of greatest duration. Really hoping for some clear skies - that'd be the biggest buzzkill ever.
  10. Fall Camp News & Notes

    I can honestly say I can't even think of a single opinion of yours from the past. I truly do not pay any attention to who says what outside a small handful of people, so I guess the answer is that I usually think your opinions are wrong, even though I couldn't for the life of me tell you what any of them are. But me going after you about your high-and-mighty "derp whos kendrick lamar lol definitely not art" shtick is not personal to you, I promise. I'd let anyone who had that perspective know that I think it's ignorant.
  11. Board Announcements

    How typical that we lose functionality in the upgrade that we then have to pay extra for. Capitalist pigs!
  12. Board Announcements

    Is it in the works to make it so we can reply to and see replies of status updates on the main page again? Annoying having to click through to different pages to interact with them.
  13. Fall Camp News & Notes

    Is it because this didn't go how you planned and you don't want to play anymore? The topic at hand was Kendrick Lamar Pretty cool deal for the players. What's funny to me is if a booster bought these tickets for the players there'd be hell to pay, but if a booster buys these tickets for the athletic department, who gives them to the players, nobody bats an eye.
  14. Fall Camp Updates - Receivers & Tight Ends

    McNeill and Reed were both great pass catching TE's who didn't have the throwers to let them shine as much as they could. They weren't healthy-Herrian-level, but not many are. Mike McNeill broke the single season TE receptions record as a sophomore with Joe Ganz.
  15. Fall Camp News & Notes

    People are jealous. It's a natural human response to people having more than you and specifically having what you want.