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  1. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    He called you out on stating emphatically that we will lose to PSU while also saying that there aren't any guaranteed wins left. I think FTW saw that as either being logically inconsistent, or unnecessarily pessimistic. Then he very clearly articulated that, and you responded with, "You're going to sit there and tell me we have a good chance of beating PSU?" When, he didn't tell you that. Ever. He didn't even say anything like that. Just making sure we all understand what the other people are saying and not arguing against strawmen or talking past each other. Anyways, JJ, it's fine if you're not fully bought in, but I fail to see why. If UCF keeps winning, Frost is going to be the hottest name and most sought after commodity not just by Nebraska, but by every single program in all of college football looking for a new coach. One would logically assume that means he'd be our best choice too, especially because we could not so easily draw the same type of coaching talent that schools like Florida might be able to. One would also, I think, understand that Frost is the smart bet - if you win, you're set for decades of success and a return of the identity of Nebraska; if you lose, it's either because you hired him and he wasn't good enough, and you either gave it a good shot and you're no worse off than you were a few years ago, or it's because he went somewhere else to become an elite head coach and we forever are stuck thinking, "What if?"
  2. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Nobody is sitting there telling you that.
  3. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Sorry JJ, but what the hell are you talking about? First of all, obviously, the rationale for Frost is that he's the best option when you combine the factors of potential, results, and the "realisticness" of coaches coming here. He's the best option by a long shot. Why? His resume is almost picture perfect w/ success and growth, he's young, would publicly get a ton of attention and praise, is a former player, and has the closest you can get to a "sure bet" as far as his resume goes. Second of all, when you're an AAC school with an AAC budget, history, facilities, and name recognition, then you compete on that level. He's dominating that level. Did anyone doubt Chris Petersen was an amazing coach because Boise wasn't the caliber of a traditional blue blood? He's currently maximizing the potential of that program, (thus far) more than anyone else in history ever has. Third of all, what's the problem with his style of offense? I mean the results of his offense obviously work (#4, #4, #5 national ranks in PPG in his three years as Oregon's OC, #1 in the nation at UCF this year), and he runs a balanced, power spread. Again, even if you just happen to really personally enjoy the triple option or something, what's the issue when all of the data points say that Frost's offensive scheme is elite and incredibly successful?
  4. What Could Have Been....

    Isle of View said he was a great head coach and referenced his accomplishments at NU. While it's a bit of a semantics game, his results at Nebraska were really, really good. He was maintaining every bit of Nebraska success for his first 4 years, had a single mediocre (not even bad except in relation to the unrealistic standard set forth from 93-97) season, brought in fresh blood and improved the next year nearly back to the historical average of Nebraska football before being fired. He didn't get a fair shake, and his results ranked in the 90th percentile of the first six years of all coaches in college history. If that's not great, it's still really, really good (and, obviously, was impacted quite a lot by being able to take over such a dominating and well oiled machine).
  5. If they're a P5 Coordinator that used to be a head coach, that means they were a bad head coach.
  6. Chip Kelly is not realistic in that if he wants to get back into coaching in the college ranks, every big time program will be after him, and he'll go to one where the burden of recruiting and of PR (he hates both) are not as cumbersome. Kyle Whittingham is not realistic in that he's been at Utah for 23 years, his had was a coach at Utah for six years, and his Mormon faith is obviously a pretty big deal. That leaves the following 'realistic' options: 1. Hometown hero with a track record of tremendous success everywhere he's been. 2. A triple option coach who's the winningest coach in Navy's history and has been coaching there since 1995 minus a short stint at UNLV 3. An unknown who maintained the success of his predecessor at Toledo, and is currently at best, slightly above par for the course at Iowa State 4. The third most successful of Boise's last 3 coaches, behind Dan Hawkins, who was abysmal at Colorado COME HOME SCOTT
  7. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    "Frost or Bust" shouldn't be used to describe people who only specifically want him to be our head coach. It should be used to describe the state of our football program. Coaching hires are gambles and there's no guarantee of success in the realm of sports. However, when you factor in all of the elements in place, almost every other prospective coach is either A) Someone who realistically will not be interested in coming here, or B) Someone who doesn't have either the demonstrated success or the momentum/hot name factor to place a lot of confidence in. Scott Frost is the perfect candidate for our school. He's a former player, he's a young up and coming hot shot who would be a splash hire, and he's a coach who has done nothing but succeed everywhere he's been. Nobody else who we could actually get is going to come anywhere close resume-wise.
  8. Mobile QB - Requirement in CFB?

    This is a non-statement. It's a requirement for...what? If you don't have good linemen and skill players, you're not going to win championships, period, even with Johnny Manziel as your quarterback. Are mobile quarterbacks a requirement in college football? No. Obviously not. Are they helpful? If they're really good. The same way that traditional quarterbacks are helpful if they're really good.
  9. Not just 4th and long. It was 4th and 20, when we were up by about 30 points.
  10. Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    So who was surprised by the dozens or hundreds of your female friends posting #MeToo on social media this week?
  11. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Everyone always leaves eventually. Petersen turned down a LOT of jobs while staying at Boise.
  12. QB Max Duggan

    That highlight video was solid as hell. Seems like a good kid and competitor too.
  13. I'm filming a music video tongiht so I won't be around, but it's incredibly easy to start a channel. Just go to https://kiwiirc.com/client and type in whatever you want the channel name to be, join, and boom, there it is.
  14. Ticket prices falling?

    This will be the thing that does Riley in moreso than W-L record. I'm not implying that this isn't impacted by that, but if Riley went 6-6 and people were still showing out the way they always do, there's a decent chance he'd have another year. If he goes 6-6 with half the stadium empty in the back half of the season, that seems like a death sentence.
  15. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    You guys understand that rushing rankings are determined by yards per game, not the total quantity of yards...right? UCF playing two fewer games has no relevance towards any of that.