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  1. Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    So who was surprised by the dozens or hundreds of your female friends posting #MeToo on social media this week?
  2. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Everyone always leaves eventually. Petersen turned down a LOT of jobs while staying at Boise.
  3. QB Max Duggan

    That highlight video was solid as hell. Seems like a good kid and competitor too.
  4. I'm filming a music video tongiht so I won't be around, but it's incredibly easy to start a channel. Just go to https://kiwiirc.com/client and type in whatever you want the channel name to be, join, and boom, there it is.
  5. Ticket prices falling?

    This will be the thing that does Riley in moreso than W-L record. I'm not implying that this isn't impacted by that, but if Riley went 6-6 and people were still showing out the way they always do, there's a decent chance he'd have another year. If he goes 6-6 with half the stadium empty in the back half of the season, that seems like a death sentence.
  6. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    You guys understand that rushing rankings are determined by yards per game, not the total quantity of yards...right? UCF playing two fewer games has no relevance towards any of that.
  7. Yeah I guess it wasn't spelled out explicitly that it was Ren, but Han very clearly makes reference to Luke trying to rebuild the Jedi order, but exiling himself when an apprentice turned to the dark side and slaughtered all the other apprentices/destroyed the temple.
  8. Wasn't that very obviously understood/explained in Ep VII?
  9. Thank You Fans

    We should all strive to be way more like you man
  10. Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    I've heard/seen plenty of fragile men get very defensive about female athletes and feel the need to disclaim and let everybody know that "x" female athlete is only one of the best female athletes, and most certainly doesn't belong in the conversation about best athletes period. Again, it can be pejorative when you take men's sports and casually perceive them as being default, with women's sports being a special unique category. When we talk about GOAT athletes, without context of gender, the answers are 99% of the time men. Are we actually just talking about best male athletes but not saying so? Maybe we should get in the habit of disclaiming that. Or are we implying that in an assessment regardless of gender, no women belong in the list? That could hypothetically be true, but could also easily be insulting.
  11. Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    I think it's being used as both, tbh (not that I think there's anything wrong with it, unless someone uses it in a pejorative way).
  12. Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    It's not my term, but I don't know what would describe it better tbh. We all, at least to start, are extremely fragile about race, or as men about gender, and the privileges associated. Not that I would utter that in front of my uncle from Hartington, though
  13. Bo Pelini & Ma'Lik Richmond

    How many people in a row need to read it the same way before it's your issue?
  14. Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    It's white fragility. When you grow up with a paradigm that your experience is the default one, you naturally assume that you are in control of all the things that effect your life, and the same is true for others. A lot of people feel really threatened and attacked by being exposed to the idea that they've benefitted from a system designed to give them an advantage, often on the heel of other people. They hear it as someone dismissing their accomplishments, attacking their self-worth, blaming them for the things that have hurt them, etc. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/anna-kegler/the-sugarcoated-language-of-white-fragility_b_10909350.html
  15. People hate nice homes?

    I'm actually acquainted with Kate Wagner she was at a Christmas party I was at in Seattle last year She's an unabashedly uber-liberal leaning lady, which I'm sure comes as no surprise, so part of the idea is that these homes are excessive, cheap and wasteful. Part of the idea is millenial angst and jealousy because none of us can afford to buy anything But a big part of her blog is just for humor.