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  1. The Republican Utopia

    Lee fought in the Mexican American war, and was a colonel and then Major General in the United States army during the beginning of the Civil War.
  2. Trump and the Press

    There's plenty. • Most other independent bias and fact checking sources list them as centrist or unbiased: https://www.allsides.com/news-source/pew-research https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/pew-research/ • It's a non-profit organization, and a fact tank. • It has no policy positions of any kind, nor any kind of advocation work of any kind • They conduct random polling of American citizens - they don't offer assessments or interpretation of the data, they just categorize and present it • Here's the anecdotal perspective of someone completely professionally qualified to have a good perspective • If anything it should be biased to the right. One of it's funding sources is the Templeton Foundation, which has many conservative connections/causes and heavily promotes free markets. It's also a subsidiary of Pew Charitable Trusts, which has donated millions to TPPF, who is anti climate change, pro fossil fuels, and provided Trump's nominee for the position on White House Council on Environmental Quality. This is wrong. You're either lying, or you're mistaken. As far as broadcast networks, liberal programming on ABC/CBS/NBC have 32.8 million viewers compared to 8.5 million for Fox. On cable networks, Fox News and conservative networks have 12.9 million vs 9.6 million for CNN/MSNBC/etc. 80% of the of the top 20 radio talk shows are also conservative, and I can't find exact numbers on that but the conservative footprint there is massive. Conservative programming dominates local news as well, with Sinclair now owning so many local affiliates. Facebook is one of the main news 'sources' for both left and right people, and the amounts of likes and shares and comments and etc. for right-wing and left-wing Facebook content is also very comparable in number across the aisle. While CNN and MSNBC and other liberal news outlets tend to be anti-Trump, that's not universally the case. National Review, the site that self-advertises it's own conservative bias? No thanks. Even the study cited in your first link self-identifies as conservative. So this article is actually linking a study that I already linked you. So obviously you didn't read the study, either the first time or the second time or both, otherwise you wouldn't be linking it back to me. And the thing is..., aside from yet another unapologetically conservative source (when I've given you good reliable non-partisan data, and good reason to believe it's non-partisan and reliable)... the study doesn't say anything like what their article, or more specifically their headline (which I'm pretty sure is most of all that you read) is saying it does. It does give some pretty damning numbers assessments of certain sources, but it also paints a different broader picture: It also says things like...
  3. Barfknecht to Leave OWH

    Good riddance. Nebraska fans made a somewhat ugly showing for ourselves during his reddit AMA, but Lee responded in kind ten fold with his behavior showing everyone else how much of a clown he's capable of being.
  4. 85% and 15% adds up to..?
  5. All Frost Does is Win Games

    As a player (excluding Stanford) and as a coach Frost is 146-28 (83.9%)
  6. The Omarosa Chronicles

    That's such complete BS. At least 30% of the people here are relatively conservative Trump "haters", at least 10% of the people here are relatively moderate Trump "haters", and at least 60% of the people here are relatively liberal Trump "haters"
  7. Trump and the Press

    You're conveniently, and mistakenly, not including conservative media coverage, which is also mainstream. 'Mainstream media' is used by conservatives, learned by the media, as a coded label that really just means "any media that isn't partisanly conservative". Which is a convenient use of language, because it allows you to completely ignore the double standards as well as the hypocrisy of selective outrage by conservative media. You're also, which you continuously do, ignoring the actual variable of the President. If a President were to, hypothetically, lie 100% of the time he speaks, then fair news coverage of that President would be 100% negative. Trump doesn't lie 100% of the time, but he says verifiably false or misleading things far more than Obama/Bush/Clinton etc. The media shouldn't give every politician a 50/50 split of positive or negative coverage; the coverage should be proportionate to the politician's governing. You're also conveniently ignoring how even despite the more negative coverage of Trump (which I completely agree exists), he also has gotten multitudes more coverage in general which has benefitted him greatly especially during the election. You're also just way off on your anecdotal? or guess work numbers. Pew Research Center has done incredibly in depth studies on all of this. Here's a few links, and a few graphs: http://www.journalism.org/2017/10/02/covering-president-trump-in-a-polarized-media-environment/ https://shorensteincenter.org/news-coverage-donald-trumps-first-100-days/ https://www.npr.org/2017/10/02/555092743/study-news-coverage-of-trump-more-negative-than-for-other-presidents http://www.journalism.org/2017/10/02/a-comparison-to-early-coverage-of-past-administrations/ One thing I will give you, however, is that news media coverage has changed dramatically towards being more focused on leadership and character vs ideology/agenda than it had with other Presidents previously, which naturally (I think you would probably agree) hurts Trump more than it would have hurt Obama/Bush/Clinton. And that's also probably because of Trump. The media across both sides of the aisle has plenty of bias towards sensationalism and outrage. Another thing I will give you is that there is a longer leash for more left-leaning media to still be seen as legitimate compared to right-leaning media. However, three key caveats: #1 Left-leaning and mixed audience or neutral media have been shown to practice better journalism. #2 Coverage of Obama was not overwhelmingly positive, it was just overwhelmingly balanced. He most always received almost equal amounts negative, neutral, and positive coverage compared to opponents or to Trump. #3 The development of more hyper-partisan "news" organizations has grown and become much more of a phenomenon every year, so more extreme coverage of the most recent President compared to past Presidents makes perfect sense. You're trying to use this defense of "no it's more complicated than that" but then completely failing to embrace complexity in your understanding of news coverage, and resorting to a simplistic and elementary argument of "they were so nice to Obama and they're so mean to Trump". Come on, man. You've proven yourself to be capable of nuance, which is what makes it so disheartening and frustrating all the times you fail to acknowledge it.
  8. The Republican Utopia

    Here's some assorted quotes from his wikipedia page: "When Virginia declared its secession from the Union in April 1861, Lee chose to follow his home state, despite his desire for the country to remain intact and an offer of a senior Union command." "Lee rejected the proposal of a sustained insurgency against the Union and called for reconciliation between the two sides." "In 1865, after the war, Lee was paroled and signed an oath of allegiance, asking to have his citizenship of the United States restored." "in that position, he supported reconciliation between North and South.[9] Lee accepted "the extinction of slavery" provided for by the Thirteenth Amendment, but publicly opposed racial equality and granting African Americans the right to vote and other political rights." "Lee opposed the construction of public memorials to Confederate rebellion on the grounds that they would prevent the healing of wounds inflicted during the war.[9] Nevertheless, after his death, Lee became an icon used by promoters of "Lost Cause" mythology, who sought to romanticize the Confederate cause and strengthen white supremacy in the South." "Lee's objection to secession was ultimately outweighed by a sense of personal honor, reservations about the legitimacy of a strife-ridden "Union that can only be maintained by swords and bayonets", and duty to defend his native Virginia if attacked.[108] He was asked while leaving Texas by a lieutenant if he intended to fight for the Confederacy or the Union, to which Lee replied, "I shall never bear arms against the Union, but it may be necessary for me to carry a musket in the defense of my native state, Virginia, in which case I shall not prove recreant to my duty"." "Lee resisted calls by some officers to reject surrender and allow small units to melt away into the mountains, setting up a lengthy guerrilla war. He insisted the war was over and energetically campaigned for inter-sectional reconciliation. "So far from engaging in a war to perpetuate slavery, I am rejoiced that slavery is abolished. I believe it will be greatly for the interests of the South."" Seems like a quite morally ambiguous person who can't simply be dismissed so easily as all hero or all villain.
  9. Trump and the Press

    You're needlessly taking an analogy and applying literal interpretation to it, but the point is that Trump is very dramatically different than past modern Presidents in decorum, habits, communication and strategy. The press treating him the 'same' as other Presidents is a misnomer, because he's hardly like other Presidents. Now, if the question you were trying to ask but failing to do so successfully was whether the press is holding Trump to a similar level of accountability as past Presidents, and if by 'the press' you meant an aggregate of the ENTIRETY of major news channels/publications, then yes, they absolutely do.
  10. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    My biggest bold prediction is that Stanley Morgan won't get 1,000 yards receiving. There's some voodoo that makes it an impossible accomplishment at Nebraska. We end up ranked #20-25 for at least one week.
  11. Nothing wrong with that quote at all imo. Riley had to have known he was toast at that point, and was giving the kid solid objective advice.
  12. Cleanest Programs

    Dantonio's teams have had perceptions in the past of behaving pretty unethically on the field (not to use racially coded language but 'thug' behavior), but Dantonio has always seemed like a pretty ethically driven coach imo
  13. Trump and the Press

    Does a school principal treat a good student who gets good grades the same way they treat a bully who cusses out teachers and smokes cigarettes in the bathroom and tags the building with graffiti?
  14. 2018 Alternate Uniforms Thread

    The helmets haven't been cream in agesssssss. For a long time they were cream under artificial lighting but as white as can be in daylight, and now they're pretty much just completely white.