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  1. Post-Practice Presser - April 19

    That would be your imagination.
  2. No more Pound the Rock

    It was before 2006, or going into the third year of his tenure here. That was the mantra for the offense all offseason and in camp, because we had Marlon Lucky, Brandon Jackson, Cody Glenn and Kenny Wilson all vying for snaps and we were gonna ride our RB by committee to a conference championship.
  3. Bill Walsh also kind of broke Frost, to a certain extent, as a quarterback. Started toying around with his throwing motion and trying to get him to change his muscle memory. If my memory serves correctly.
  4. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    Not sure you understand how this works.
  5. It's something that (imo) the stats don't tell the whole story with, but if you take those INT numbers and average them out over number of attempts, Taylor threw a pick every 30.667 passes, Ganz every 38.18, so there's something there. Also, Ganz was usually good for one-ish a game, while Martinez had two 3-pick games and two 2-pick games. But I digress. Regardless of the stats, Martinez never gave a sense of having any kind of intellectual mastery of the offense, or having a fundamental understanding of what he was doing and why, and that was in an offense designed to not make a player think as much. Joe Ganz very obviously was in total control and knew what he was doing and why. His short (thus far) coaching career is more evidence of that.
  6. Spring Game Attendance Tracker

    What I'm saying is that the sold ticket number is the same for every game (if we sell them all out, right?), and the number of non-ticketed people there (media, players, team staff, etc.) does not vary by 1,000+ from game to game. I don't venture to say if the Northwestern game did or didn't have 90k people, but per this picture and this video I don't have any reason to doubt that the attendance reported was an accurate count of people present:
  7. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    Good news about the weather, but bad news finding out the spring game is at 11am :'(
  8. Dems Rebuild

    That's not a burn at all. That's part of the problem. They're 'winning' because of unity against something worse. Not because they're something noble. They're just less bad. Notice how her tweet says 'Correction' - correction of what? There was no assertion in the tweet she's quoting, other than the question of what's wrong with the Democratic Party? What are you correcting? The idea that there is anything wrong with your party? You're proving the problem.
  9. Yeah I went and scrolled back through some of his stuff. Not only is his humor pretty worthless in the year 2018 (never understood a huge draw for him anyways), but he's retweeting stuff about how the OWH should hire him back. Making a right ass out of himself.
  10. The Walking Dead

    One of them is very obviously white, and the other very obviously isn't...? That should be an easy clue at least as to which name belongs to which
  11. Poll- Curved bill cap vs Flat bill cap

    I've got a pretty good hunch what the results will look like.
  12. It's a pretty simple formula of the best academic resources possible to any students (no non-student athletes get the level of tutoring and aid and support that athletes get), and you combine it with a lack of incentive to make a high-paying career in athletics, along with the lack of incentive of others to help fake/cheat/skirt through it all.
  13. On a 10 point scale of good decision making, Ganz was an 8 and Martinez was a 4. Related, on a scale of being able to trust your QB to be smart and reliable and safe with the football, probably similar numbers of comparison. Marcus Mariota and McKenzie Milton, before anything else, are savvy, smart quarterbacks who don't make a ton of mistakes. Martinez had way more 'wow' moments that were great and 'wow moments that were headshaking. T-Mart was closer to Ganz in throwing ability than Ganz was to him in running ability, but he also had a penchant for being a turnover machine. Didn't he lead the nation in fumbles every year or something like that? But yes, he did carry the team on his back often.
  14. Spring Game Attendance Tracker

    I know that. That's what I'm responding to.
  15. I think Joe Ganz is the best answer. He was mobile enough (had 4 games with 40+ yards rushing his senior year, in a WCO), accurate as all get out, and generally a pretty heads up player with mental mastery of the playbook. Had notably better numbers than Big XII Offensive Player of the Year Zac Taylor did, and probably would have been in the consideration for similar honors if he wasn't going up against demigods in the form of Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford.