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  1. Just finished the first season of "requiem". British show surrounding the story of a woman trying to sort out her past. Good show, looking forward to seeing the second season.
  2. Farley was a BAD man! Fantastic athleticism.
  3. QB Position Switches

    Newcombe did not like contact. Crouch took a beating all year and was very durable. To put Newcombe top ten as an athlete in all of NU's storied years is a bit of a stretch. I'm not saying that Newcombe didn't have athleticism. He definitely was a better return man and receiver. Except of course the reverse pass Crouch caught vs the Sooners. Edit: you did say past decade, my bad.
  4. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    Someone didn't stay home on the end. ESPN right?
  5. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    Nice screen call
  6. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    ESPN right?
  7. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    Defensive line for UCF is getting mauled. Refs need to open their eyes.
  8. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    Lived in Mesa 3 years ago. Glad that we got out. Just another rat in the race. Back in Nebraska with wide open spaces and freezing temps.
  9. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    UCF defense is looking pretty salty vs an SEC team.
  10. Coming soon, at a stadium near you

    Watch Miami shut NU down in the 92? Bowl game 22-0.
  11. Frost Gets Huskers to B1G CCG When?

    Go home knapplc, you're drunk.
  12. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Fuente would be a meh hire. Campbell would be a thud.
  13. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    We thought you said Frost was N?
  14. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Just going to throw this out there for speculation. Not sure what age Moos is but say we land Frost. What's to say Moos retires or moves on for whatever reason. Does a new A.D. retain Frost if he is doing well? Or does he go with "his" guy? Will he let Frost keep building the program or not? Just a "what if" scenario.