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  1. Lavonte David vs. Terrell Farley vs. Demorrio Williams

    David for one his last name is my first name and him on that drive at Penn State when they got that stop was epic!
  2. Still wish NU went with Nike or UA.
  3. Curt Dukes vs. Harrison Beck

    Wow he got fat as f#*k!!!
  4. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    Like other's said depends on the offense. I think in a Solich/Pelini and dare I saw Frost's offense TA is the guy.
  5. Dave Humm Passes Away

    Sad day. RIP
  6. Can't Miss Any Games This Year

    Stay away from Sling as they just can't get nothing right.
  7. There could be a possibility that some on the team might use this as motivation to give a big FU to the NIT and NCAA tournaments and go on a run and win this thing.
  8. Here's something to chew on regarding this issue that happened at Wisconsin a few years ago and was the reason why Gary Anderson left. https://www.foxsports.com/wisconsin/story/temple-academic-admissions-an-issue-at-wisconsin-but-andersen-should-have-known-better-121114
  9. Duval's conditioning starts Monday. UCF players share.

    Someone get down there with a camera asap!
  10. ESPN's Todd McShay on Scott Frost

    Clicking on the link and looking at the tweet there I'm more intrigued about how that tug of war match went down.
  11. WWE Checking in at Husker Power

    I was at the WWE even last night. Dana Brooke could get it anytime!
  12. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    What a game! Interception to seal it!
  13. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    I thought I saw Roseanne! LOL Another bs penalty
  14. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    Milton balling out!
  15. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    That was total bulls#!t!