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  1. Random question, we are taking in our first Nebrasketball game on Saturday - figured we might as well since we are in town for the Maryland game. Wondering, do they make the parking lots at Hawks field available for basketball games? Looking for an easy and cost effective place to park for the game. Thanks in advance! GBR!
  2. Fan Day Info....

    Appreciate the info! I hadn't seen this article yet. Any suggestions on when to get to the Stadium? Do people line up early?
  3. Fan Day Info....

    We are bringing our girls (4 and 7) down from South Dakota for their first Fan Day on Wednesday. Both my girls are really hoping to meet Nathan Gerry since we all hail from the Sioux Falls area - he's their favorite player. My youngest really wants her picture with him. Wanted to know if anyone had some good tips for the day, about how long before the start should we try getting to the stadium, etc. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Random question...

    Ok...so I realize this is pretty random and trivial, but does anyone know if its possible to find the 'winning tradition' patches for sale anywhere? I know I have looked at most of the stores and online avenues I can think of. Just wondering if theres anyway to get a hold of them besides taking it off a jersey....thanks guys!
  5. Game Link

    My cable provider doesn't do watchESPN yet.....anyone know if its being replayed on BTN or ESPNU at all?
  6. Need some advice for Saturday...

    Thanks for all the input guys. I think she would completely 'geek out' if she got to see him (and lil' red' for that matter) up close and in person. I'm definitely trying to raise her right she loves her Huskers! Thanks again!
  7. I realize this post is completely off topic in regards to our play against UCLA and how we'll perform this weekend, but was looking for some advice for Saturday. My wife and I are bringing our daughter down to Lincoln for the game this weekend and I'm wondering if there is a good place where we might run into Herbie Husker? We get down for one game a year usually and last year we attempted to take her down to the Husker Nation Pavillion thinking he might have been there, but no luck. I realize this is a pretty trivial post in comparison to the others on the board, but I think it would make my daughters day to 'meet' Herbie.....well and Rex too... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hoping someone can help me out...looking for the little 'jingle' they play on ESPN when they show the games coming up on their family of networks. All I can find is the sportscenter sound, and I'd like the college football jingle for a text alert....
  9. Wondering if someone in Omaha or Lincoln would be able to tell me if any of the local stores like Husker Hounds or Best of Big Red would have some Nebraska Suspenders in their store. I haven't been able to find anything online, but I know that Husker Hounds has a lot in store that is not online (and vice versa). Would anybody know where I could find some? I'm looking to get them for my Grandpa for Christmas. Thanks
  10. Looking for 4 tickets

    Hoping to find 4 tickets to the September 3rd game against Tenn-Chattanooga. Looking for 4 tickets together (preferably) Please let me know if anyone has any they're willing to part with. Thanks!
  11. Live Wallpaper for Android

    Sweet! I have the Verizon HTC Incredible 2. I've got a few ideas for some live wallpapers I'd love to run by you.
  12. Does anyone have any experience making live wallpapers for droids? While watching the BTN they played the 'teaser' for Nebraska football and it was a shot of the 'Go Big Red' banner thats waived over the band section during the pregame routine....thought that would make a really sweet live wallpaper if thats even remotely possible. I can dream these things up, but don't have the tools or skills to make them reality...
  13. Exactly what I was looking for. I think this version will work well for NCAA 2012. Thanks!
  14. When I was watching the BTN replay of the Nebraska/Missouri game, there was a song the band played & the fans waved one hand up & down with it. I'll try & record the sound to post here since its still on the dvr; but I wondered if anyone could help identify the song or even better, have a good quality recording of it. It's not 'wreck 'em up' & I believe its played in between plays. Sound familiar to anyone?
  15. Droid Wallpaper

    Not quite what I was thinking...I guess I was thinking more along the lines of a high-res red background such as what is seen on this phone not exactly like that, but something cool and red based. And then a something like the 'N' found on Huskers.com or on huskeraddict's schedule wallpaper.