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  1. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    I agree, that is my bad.
  2. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    Let me explain a bit more. The guy was super engaged/involved with the program, both past players and the staff at that time. He was showing me pictures of him with former players at their weddings, talking about their kids, etc. He was some real estate guy from Oregon and I really don't have any reason to believe otherwise. Sure, he could've been blowing smoke but I choose to be optimistic, the same way you've been overly optimistic in the recruiting forum for the last umpteen years. Hell, at this point all we have to hang our hat on is hope. Most importantly he was the one that said he has heard numerous of those former players and others well connected with the staff mention that Frost would take the job if offered. Considered it his dream job.
  3. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    I believe this, the Oregon guy that I sat next to on the plane in 2016 is pretty adamant that Frost will take the job if offered.
  4. Ticket prices falling?

    Stadium was clearing out by half. Might not have shown it on tv, but it was bad.
  5. Other than the football game, hell of a weekend. 

  6. Come on Mike!

    did his name start with an s and end with an ock.puppet ?
  7. If we beat Ohio State

    All night. All-freaking-night! Ditto.
  8. If we beat Ohio State

    If we win, drinks on me at Barry's.
  9. Nice of you to show up, cm!
  10. TO already had his shot. He was a great HC, but I still question his abilities at AD and really wish he wouldn't be involved in this process.
  11. Does MR need to reshuffle the coaching staff or keep it the same?

    Every program in the world would love to hire a top ten coach with 12 years HC experience, but that s#!t doesn’t happen. Those type of coaches aren’t on the market, figured that’s pretty obvious. As for frost. He’s got the right type (i.e. not Bo’s) of fiery emotion to get players buying in and creating change. Look at what he’s done at UCF in a few years. Oh, he’s also a Nebraska guy, that never hurts. I tell you what. Go listen to his press conferences versus Riley’s and let me know who you’d rather play for / who would do a better job of getting player buy-in. So sick and tired of hearing people need umpteen years of experience. No, the university needs to s#!t or get off the pot. Tennessee and Florida are about to go knock on Scott’s front door and I’d rather beat them to the punch (‘97 style)
  12. That stat right there is about all you need to show this staff can’t develop. Raw talent and no development doesn’t lead to winning the west, or the MAC in our case.
  13. Potential HC candidates not named Frost

    Glad someone said it.
  14. Ticket prices falling?

    good thing I bought 6 tickets for nearly $200 a pop in the summer. Doh!