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  1. Heading up to Chicago for the Northwestern game and looking to book an airbnb. Any natives willing to give advice on which areas to stay in? Trying to make it without renting a car, looks like the red line and purple line can get me to ryan field?

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    2. Enhance


      I used the Metra once with my fiancée and her aunt. It was a lot quicker than the L (fewer stops) but I think it's more expensive and not as easy to figure out. @knapplc From personal experience, we stayed in Evanston a few years ago, took the L downtown and then walked to museum campus. It was probably 70 minutes of travel time overall. I've also taken the O'Hare train down to the loop and, IIRC, that was about 45-50 minutes.

    3. knapplc


      I'm looking at Airbnb's in the North Chicago area. Most of the things we want to do are around downtown, so a quick drive down Lakeshore should get us there.

    4. Landlord


      Also anyone's welcome to stay at my place on the cheap :P